Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis

Invocation: Brian Burrows
Flag Salute: Ken Secor
Song: Jordan Kaufman

Good News & Announcements

  • Dave Wheldon gave us one last reminder about Bell Ringing on Friday
  • Congratulations to Eddie Paine on his first grandbaby- a little boy
  • Jeff Johnson encouraged us to visit Temblor brewing to see our piano player tickle the ivories there every Tuesday night.
  • Garro Ellis announced the Alta Sierra slopes are open for skiing
  • Jeff Green invited everyone to the annual Hannukah celebration
  • Congratulations to Ray Karpe's son getting married.
  • Kurt Wingate proposed to president Ray that Sheryl Barbich's pop up dinner count as a meeting since it falls on the same week as the CALM Christmas party. It was politely turned down.


Before the official Cybersecurity program, Brad Barnes gave a great little presentation on the Rotary Foundation's Gifts & Endowments program. There are many great tax saving opportunities to give. For more information visit rotary.planmygift.org.

Savvy Cybersecurity

10 threats every person and business faces and how to fight them
Jon Sampson and Joe Gregory gave a timely presentation on cybersecurity and how to protect ourselves.
The following are some suggestions they covered.
Enable 2-Step verification on email and financial accounts. This requires some other verification in addition to a password.
Secure your home wifi network to keep out hackers. Change the default router name and password.
Use public wifi with caution. Better yet, learn how to make your phone your own personal hotspot.
Freeze your credit with the three credit agencies. It's free to do nowadays so unless you're applying for a loan or a credit card, you should do it. BONUS TIP: Freeze your child's credit and do a SSN search of your child's at all three bureaus.
Your information has most likely been exposed at some point. It's a good idea to use a password management application so that all of your passwords are unique and hard to crack. In addition, you should change them from time to time.
Create a secret email address for your financial accounts.
Back up your files to the cloud. You should have an on-site backup as well. But backing up to the cloud prevents hackers from ransomware extortion.
Beware of email scams! Never click on links or files that you suspect. Better yet, call the person and verify they sent you a file.
Get instant text or email alerts for your credit and bank cards. Set notifications for when your cards are being used. Report lost or stolen cards immediately. Stick with known bank ATMs.

Visitors & Guests

Rick Kreiser joined us
David Milazzo guest of Mike Willis
Rick Jones guest of Ken Jones 

Photos by Girish Patel

Jon Sampson & Joe Gregory gave a timely presentation on cybersecurity and how to protect ourselves.
Our piano guy Tony Rigadi plays jazz piano every Tuesday at Temblor Brewing.
A rare look at Ray Karpe's soft side. Here with Colleen McGauley.
Fellow triatheletes Jim Damian and David Milazo, one of the Bakersfield Marathon organizers.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Dick Porter
December 3
Jim Blom
December 3
Mary Trichell
December 4
Shawn P. Kelly
December 9
Thomas Hoffmann
December 9
Doug Pierce
December 13
Diane Duquette
December 15
Mike "Willieboy" Willis
December 16
David Oliver
December 19
Bob Allison
December 20
John B. Bentley
December 20
Ed Western
December 24
Jesse Lopez
December 24
Lynnette Zelezny
December 25
Spouse Birthdays
Pragati Patel
December 15
Carrie Leland
December 30
Jim Baldwin
Brenda Baldwin
December 5
Rogers Brandon
Esther Brandon
December 15
Jon Sampson
Jennifer Sampson
December 18
David Oliver
Phyllis Oliver
December 28
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Kurt Wingate
December 2, 1999
19 years
Mary Trichell
December 3, 1998
20 years
Edward R. Paine
December 5, 1996
22 years
John I. Kelly
December 5, 1963
55 years
Sheryl L. Barbich
December 5, 1987
31 years
John M. Brock
December 8, 1977
41 years
Mary Barlow
December 11, 2014
4 years
Rob Noriega
December 14, 1989
29 years
Diane Duquette
December 16, 2004
14 years
Mike Allen
December 28, 1995
23 years

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Bakersfield East

at Bakersfield Museum of Art

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