Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Molly Busacca
Today’s meeting was off site at the CSUB Multipurpose Room at the Residence Hall
Invocation:  Jeff Gutierrez
Flag Salute:  Jim Damian
Song:  Bea Barmann
Guests:  Mike Chertok – Stilan Kirov, Holly Arnold.  Jeff Gutierrez – Cristina Camacho.  Kristin Watson – Aaron Wan.  Win Eaton – Sandy Corral.  Molly Busacca – Tonya Sterling.  Dr. Lynnette Zelenzy – Martin Vector.  Steve Loyd – Chris Clements.  
A Croc eating a Croc. Hilarious.
National Park Highlight:  Everglades National Park was established in 1947.  It is the 3rd largest national park and is the only place where the American alligator and American crocodile live together. 
Please RSVP TODAY to Mary to staff@bakersfield-rotary.com for this week's Margarita Party at the Barbich household (3801 Claremont). We don't want to run out of tacos, and conversely, we don't want to waste a small village's worth of food either. Mike Willis will still probably bring a Tupperware container. 
Mary will order the food on Tuesday.
There will be no meeting during the day- this is the meeting... be there.
  • Mary Castaneda
Paul Harris Fellows:
  • Bill Lever and Scott Hamilton were recognized for their contributions that give them the distinction of being Paul Harris Fellows.
New Rotarian Inductees
Dr. Zelenzy inducted our two newest members of the club.  They are both rising stars at CSUB and will bring great value to  the club.  
  • Dr. Vernon Harper, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. S. Aaron Hegde, Department Chair Professor of Economics
Good News
  • Mike Chertok - Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra has a concert on Saturday.  The infamous conductor, Stilian Kirov and Executive Director Holly Arnold were at lunch with free tickets in hand!
  • Jeff Gutierrez – introduced Cristina Camacho, the director of Big Kern, who announced that $385,000 was raised this year which was comprised of 2400 donors.
  • Sheryl and Lou Barbich donned their “UCLA themed” sombreros to remind everyone of the “Margarita Meeting to be held at their home this Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.!
Jeff Gutierrez introduced today’s speaker, Bob Matthews, Business 
Bob Matthews, aka The Oracle of Shafter, gave a rousing presentation on the merits of the City of Shafter.  First up some great factoids about what Shafter has in its city limits:
  • Home to Wonderful Industrial Park (WIP)
  • Minter Field 
  • 3rd of July Fireworks Show (because they could not get the fireworks on the 4th one year so it became their “thing”)
  • Fastest DMV in Kern County
Bob considers himself a “connector” and he has used his prior banking experience, gregarious personality, and love of Kern County to promote Shafter.  There is a lot of exciting development going on in Shafter including housing, retail and industrial development.  They are looking for businesses to come into the city to provide medical, restaurants, and other shopping opportunities.  And the former Shafter Prison is a perfect opportunity for some creative entrepreneurs to take advantage of this very, very secure space for a business.  One suggestion has been a “pints and prison” brewpub (genius idea) since there is ample space to sleep off the effects if the patrons imbibe too much.   Shafter is flourishing and has gotten even more attention due to its geographical position as the exact center of California – which makes it a hub for businesses looking to store and ship their manufactured goods.  Look for more exciting news about Shafter as it continues to grow and prosper!  And if you have land or opportunities you think might be right for the city give Bob a call!

This week's Spoke Editor Profile:

Molly Busacca
Molly Busacca owns and operates Secure Systems, a local alarm company,  along with her husband Bruce.   A Bakersfield native, she is proud Driller who went on to UCLA and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with a Business Emphasis.  That degree has come in handy while working with her spouse, and raising their now 24 year-old triplets.  She has been involved in numerous community organizations throughout the years including the Alliance Against Family Violence, Kern County Tennis Association, American Heart Association and a plethora of school affiliated Parent & Teacher Club Boards.  Her passions include travel, reading, a daily run and eating whatever gourmet meal her husband cooks for h
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