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Good News & Announcements

  • Jon Sampson reminded everyone that there are still tickets available for his wife Jennifer Sampson's Theatre in the Garden at the BMOA. For tickets to The Very Ecstasy of Love, call the BMOA at  (661) 323-7219.
  • Eddy Paine somehow managed to dodge a penalty for not signing in his guest... who happens to be his father-in-law.
  • Tracy Kiser reminded us there are still tickets and tables available for our BIG Waterman Foundation fundraiser on April 20th "Havana Nights". Register by clicking here.


The “One in a Million” Bernie Herman, Downtown Rotary’s past president who now lives in Murrieta, CA, gave a heartfelt and informative presentation on living with Parkinson’s Disease. Bernie was diagnosed with the disease after retiring in 2013 as executive director of the Bakersfield Museum of Art.


After doing extensive research on his condition, Bernie learned that there are 10 million people in the world with Parksinson’s, which used to be known as “shaking palsy.” The disease is a chronic, progressive disorder of the nervous system that effects movement and will be found in one in 30 people over the age of 65. There are medical treatments for Parkinson's but they result in some unpleasant side effects and often lose their effectiveness over time, Bernie said.


Symptoms include tremors, uncontrollable movement, slowed movement, rigid muscles, impaired posture and balance, loss of automatic movements, among others.  Bernie said he learned that the cause of the disease may be genetically related but head injuries and exposure to toxins may also contribute to the development of Parkinson’s . Bernie said he accepts his condition and is living with the disease, trying to keep his lifestyle as healthy as possible with good nutrition, exercise and by continuing to do daily activities. He takes great joy in being with his three grandchildren in Murrieta.  His doctor tells him he believes that a cure will be found soon, which is good news for a Rotarian near and dear to many in Downtown Rotary.


  • Jennifer Sampson guest of Jon Sampson
  • Eddy Paine's Father-In-Law

Photos from Girish Patel

Jim Blom, Signee Hoffman and Jeff Green share a laugh.
Colleen McGauley, hamming it up with Greg Gallion, led in song for the season... Peter Cotton Tail.
BHS Hall of Famer, Josh Sherley, looks pensive as president Dave levels his fine for his new found fame.
Congratulations to new Paul Harris Fellow, Kristen Barnes.
Bernie Herman receives his CALM shirt from President Dave.
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