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Steve Williford

What happened last week...

This week’s meeting was opened by Past-President Pat Collins, as our former leader fired off a potato joke before leading the group in a round of prayer.
Ken Secor then took the baton and led the club in the salute of our great flag. 
Andy Barkate was next as he strolled to the podium to show off his vocal chords, as “The Grand Old Flag” was the patriotic song of the day.

good news and announcements

  • The good news started rolling when Ken Secor informed the club about a local production in which his daughter and grandson were involved.  Congratulations Ken. Sounds like a talented crew!
  • Dr. O’Reilly then delivered some good news, including the fact that he would be officially retiring from his practice.  Congrats Doc! Well-earned! Dr. O’Reilly then slipped in a plug for the Military Officers Association.  Nice work!
  • Doc Ervin was then honored with Rotary’s highest designation, as President Steve awarded the Superintendent with his first Paul Harris Fellow.  Terrific job Doc!
  • Next on President Steve’s list was Jeff Gutierrez.  Mr. Gutierrez, who was “President for the Day” a couple weeks ago apparently was overly liberal with his make-up distribution, giving President Steve some serious budget concerns!  That’s what you get for leaving town Mr. Prez!

The program:
Dick Porter - The Spud King!

Steve Sanders was this week’s Program Chair and Past-President Sanders got things rolling with a well-orchestrated video which gave the club a snapshot into the life of the very diverse and well-rounded Dick Porter. Mr. Porter, who happens to be a Rotary Past-President himself had a stint as a dolphin trainer in addition to being an accomplished musician, before finally landing on the family farm.  The rock-n-roller even signed a contract with Capital Records in his heyday, as Dick was once a member of the infamous Hollywood Vines.
Dick’s talk gave us an interesting perspective of how our own Kern County found Potatoes and became a major player in the market. Who knew!?  We learned about potato chips, French fries and even learned that carrots and oranges are a piece of cake to compared to challenges of raising  potatoes.  Jeff Green and Ben Taft – Is that true?
In the end, Dick gave us a very interesting take on the history of the potato and what it’s like to be a potato farmer.  Thanks Dick for a terrific program!

Visitors and Guests

Robin Mangarin Scott guest of Jon Van Boening
Andrea Selvey guest of Doc Ervin
Sam Newland guest of Dave Morton
Doc Ervin was then honored with Rotary’s highest designation, his first Paul Harris Fellow.
Dick Porter and President Steve pose next to "creepy Boy Scout" Luke Skywalker.
The biggest and baddest Rotary club in Bakersfield.
Setting up the introduction of Dick "Spud King" Porter. Creepy Boy Scout looks on.
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