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Good News and announcements

They say "No news is good news" There was no news. So that's good- right?

The program

Kern County's new CAO, Ryan Alsup joined us to give his take the economic state of Kern County and on the future Kern County’s parks including Hart Park.
Ryan started by sharing some fond memories of growing up in Bakersfield. One particular memory was of his, then neighbor, Duane Keathley giving him wedgies when he was about 4 years old.
The county’s new chief administrative officer has only been back here 7 months. He's inherited plenty of problems, including a budget crisis that could humble ambitions in even the most determined of men. 
His strategies to achieve his goals include:
  • Eliminating structural deficit
  • Ensuring strong public safety
  • Developing, retaining and rewarding workforce. Attract new talent.
  • Infrastructure investment where it benefits the community most.
  • Make decisions that strengthen their fiscal outlook, create jobs and grow the economy.
  • Strengthen and diversify the tax base.


  • Balanced through spending reductions, use of a balance carry-forward... and use the minimal reserves. (12million less than was planned at this time LAST year. Due to property tax revenue coming in higher than projections)
  • Prioritize countywide strategic objectives stated earlier- public safety, programs, parks infrastructure, and pays for increased pension obligation for the next 3 years- and will be a consensus budget-- keeping them on their path.
  • General fund deficit of 19.8 million; Fire Fund deficit of 8.5 million, a structural problem down 50% from just a year ago.
  • Must continue to find year-to-year cost savings.
Hart Park:
County supervisors put a hold on a proposal to charge a $5 parking fee at Hart Park. Alsop said he and his staff are working hard to develop a vision and a plan for the parks. Sheryl Barbich and Geoff Hill donated their help with focus groups. They are going about discovering things like:
  • Where is the money being spent?
  • How is it being spent?
  • Is it being spent as efficiently as possible?
They are asking the community for their input on what they'd like to see in Hart Park. The suggestion of a water park keeps popping up and there is a private party looking into building one.
Emails coming in favor of the idea of implementing some sort of usage fee, in fact was 16 to 1. Other popular ideas are concession stands with food and activities and more trails, both bike and running.

Calling All Aspiring District Governors

On behalf of District Governor John Weiss, there will be an informational meeting for all those who are considering becoming a District Governor at the following date/time:
HOME OF: DGE Sandi Schwartz
ADDRESS: 2405 Snowdrop Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93314
PHONE: cell 661-706-6663
The District Governor Line and more will be on-hand to discuss the duties, expectations, personal expenses, and more that you will find of interest as you consider this wonderful opportunity. Spouses are indeed welcome! Bring your list of questions and enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Bakersfield (remember: it's a dry heat).
Please RSVP no later than WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16th to:

PDG Jim Bell

jimbelldg1516@gmail.com or cell



DGE Sandi Schwartz

sandischwartzdg1819@gmail.com or



Visitors and guests

Robin Mangrin-Scott guest of Jon VanBoening

Chris Frank and Geoff Hill guest of Sheryl Barbich

Speak Ryan Alsup with "wedgie master" Duane Keathley and Steve Sanders.
Jim Clarke and Leslie Golich.
Celebrity guest, Robin Mangrin-Scott guest of Jon VanBoening.
Too cool for name tags- Ray Karpe and Rogers Brandon.
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