Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Jason Cater
Greeter: Ken Secor
Invocation: Pete Pankey
Flag Salute: Doug Hayward
Song: Jon Sampson (Substituted for Mike Mares)
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Napier Hill, wife of Bart Hill
Ray Watson – President Ray gave an update on club meetings for the month of November. The schedule is as follows:
Nov. 8th – Veteran’s Day Tribute by Madeline Abernathy

November 15th – OFFSITE meeting at the Bakersfield Homeless Center. Please sign-up no later than this week with Mary Castenada for an accurate headcount
November 22nd – DARK. Happy Thanksgiving!
November 29th – Veterans Village: Tim Terrio
Ben Taft – First pop-up party was hosted by Rogers Brandon last week and was a success. Rotary will continue these pop-up parties as an opportunity for club members to get to know each other in a more intimate setting. For more information on hosting/attending a pop-up party, please see Ben or Tracy Kiser.
Pat Collins – Pat gave a shoutout to President Ray and his company, Kern Travel, for their excellent work in getting Pat from Croatia to Ireland in a timely manner to see Van Morrison. Pat and family, while preparing to return home to the states, contacted Kern Travel (with some liquid courage) and requested a re-route to catch Van Morrison on Sunday in Dublin, Ireland. As such, Kern Travel was able to change their flight plans, hotel accommodations, and get them tickets to see Van Morrison within the drop of a pin. Thanks, Ray for your excellent service and thank you, Pat, for living life to the fullest!
Joe Hay – Joe announced that the Ford Dimension program was looking for 5-6 community members to sit on a panel on Monday, November 11th from 7-8:30 PM to give feedback to program participants and their proposed community projects for the upcoming program year. Interested members should contact Joe for more information.
Ray Watson – President Ray announced that Havana Nights will is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th at Dr. Shambaugh’s home. He also requested that Dr. Shambaugh clear his calendar for the day so he will be ready to host the event.
Kristen Beal introduced our panel of speakers as well as the moderator for a respectful, yet spirited debate about the upcoming mid-term elections.
Moderator: Ralph Bailey, Born in Atlanta, Ga and raised in Los Angeles, CA, has been working in local media since 1982 and has been on the radio for the past ten years.
Dr. Mark Martinez – Currently serves as Chair and Professor for the Political Science Department at Cal State University Bakersfield. Dr. Martinez received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics from CSU Chico before going on to get his masters and Ph.D. in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara.
Cathy Abernathy – Fellow Rotarian who needs no introduction. Cathy’s political involvements and activities in Kern County, California, and at the national level are too numerous to state here. Frankly, we would need another spoke just to cover them.
Panelists were asked about their positions and predictions of some of the most contested local races, measures, and big picture topics of the upcoming November 6th, 2018 Mid-Term Elections. While there was much to cover from the discussion, here is a summary of the items discussed:
Measure N: Local City of Bakersfield initiative to raise the sales tax by one percent, from 7.25% to 8.25%, to pay for city services.
Martinez: Supports the initiative and believes that citizens need to pay for the democracy they desire. Further, we cannot be anti-taxation for the purpose of opposing taxes and rather, we need to look at added value certain taxes provide. Prediction: Believes the measure will pass.
Abernathy: Opposes the ballot measure due to the states pension system and its fiscal impacts on California cities. Despite the wording of the ballot measure, growing pension costs and pension obligations are responsible for the proposed measure. Rather than passing a tax, the public needs to have a discussion about the unionization of public employees in the 1970’s and its impact on growing wages and pensions before solving the city’s financial issues. Prediction: Due to the way the measure is written and has been presented to the voters, it has a chance to pass.
Re-districting of Kern County Board of Supervisors 4th District: Was the effort reverse discrimination?
Abernathy: The lawsuit and efforts of those who pushed for the redistricting presented the effort as necessary based on the issue of race, when in actuality the move was about paving a way to get another Democrat on the Board of Supervisors. Prediction: Incumbent David Couch will retain the seat given his campaign efforts and past work as a Supervisor.
Martinez: The effort was not reverse discrimination. Rather, the efforts was about ensuring the districts represented the makeup of the community. The redistricting was something that needed to be done a long time ago. Prediction: No prediction was given.
California’s 32nd Assembly District: Are Justin Mendes ads against Rudy Salas valid?
Martinez: Believes the ads are disingenuous. The accusations and stories against Rudy Salas are questionable. Further, he is supported by local law enforcement, which would make it difficult to validate the stories and still garner their support. Prediction: If Salas gets 40% of the vote in Kings County then he will win the seat.
Abernathy: Salas’ support from local law enforcement is about Justin Mendes willingness to challenge law enforcement unions, which is why they are supporting for Salas. Further, Salas supports the California High Speed Rail project and, although he will occasionally vote for the interest of oil and agriculture in Sacramento, he will side with Sacramento Democrats on most issues. Prediction: Too close to call at this point.
Prop 6: Proposition to eliminate the gas tax.
Martinez: Opposes the initiative and supports keeping the gas tax in place, stating that we need to pay for the infrastructure we use in our state and it’s crucial to support and improve the conditions of our roads. Prediction: Too close to call.
Abernathy: Supports the initiative, stating that the gas tax is disingenuous and is not being used to only fund infrastructure. Rather, funds from the gas tax are being used to fund other projects, such as walking paths and more studies to analyze traffic. Within the funds currently being collected only 80% of the funds can go to highways.  Prediction: Too close to call.
Future of Congress: Will Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate?
Abernathy: Republicans will hold the House and pick up extra seats in the Senate.
Martinez: Democrats will take control of the House and Republicans will retain control of the Senate.
California Governor’s Race: Who will win the Governor’s seat in California?
Martinez: Gavin Newsom will win the Governor’s seat.
Abernathy: John Cox is the best candidate the Republicans have had in a while in the race for governor, however Newsom will most likely win the Governor’s seat.
Cathy abernathy and Mark Martinez laugh off moderator, Ralph Bailey's urge to trade punches.
President Ray and his son Justin Leland.
Note the concentration of Bryan Burrows and Jon Sampson in their salad selection.
Jason Cater killed it at his first time being Spoke Editor.
Happy hungry eaters.
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