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Sam Newland


Sam Newland, CPA - Halle Porter Newland & Rickett, LLP
Sam Newland is a CPA and partner at the accounting firm Halle Porter Newland & Rickett, LLP (“HPNR”).  Sam is experienced with a wide range of clientele including real estate developers and investors, construction contractors, agricultural businesses, professional service providers, oil and gas service companies, manufacturing companies, and retail companies. His areas of expertise include financial assurance and attest services as well as income tax planning and compliance services. In addition, Sam’s experience includes consulting with closely held businesses regarding a variety of organizational, operational, and personnel issues.
Invocation: Win Eaton
Flag Salute: Justin Leland
Greater: Jon Sampson

Good News and Announcements:

  • Dave Weldon provided an update on the Bell Ringing. The various locations are set. December 11, 2020, is the big day. Contact Dave if you’d like more information.
  • Mike Willis plugged Jennifer Sampson’s book again at Jon’s expense.

Other excitement:

  • Club update: In-person meetings? Not so fast. President Ken plans to monitor the situation closely but expects to be on Zoom for a while…stay tuned.
Rotarian Joe Gregory was interviewed by a local TV station while wearing his Rotary pin and received unlimited pardons from fines!
Mini-Kenny’s Millennial Words of Wisdom: In lieu of the typical nonsense…Mini-Kenny honored the many Veterans who served and are serving our great country. Thank you to all past, present, and future service members. We salute you!
Rotarian Dave Oliver was highlighted for his service in the Navy, including tours on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. Dave was a skilled pilot, capable of launching and landing on the aircraft carrier. Thank you, Dave, for your service!
Rotarian Jack Gotcher was highlighted for his service in the Airforce. Jack was a pilot, flying large aircraft carrying enough ordnance to do some serious damage. Thank you, Jack, for your service!
  • Did you know that the Bakersfield Veteran’s Day parade was once highlighted by junior ROTC member, Jon Sampson? President Ken has pictures to prove it. I’m beginning to wonder why Ken has so many pictures and videos of Jon…

The program:

Keeping with the Veteran’s Day Theme, the program was presented by Kevin Stark, a retired Navy SEAL speaking from Southern Alabama.  Kevin is an executive leader and 22-year Navy SEAL, veteran.  During his 22-year career, Kevin served multiple roles including tactical operator, SEAL training instructor, Naval Academy SEAL candidate selection manager, and innovation team leader.  Kevin founded Transcendent Summits, an organization with an explicit mission: To inspire and empower others to reach their own summits.  Greatness is not reserved for Navy SEAL’s after all.  We all have the ability to be great! Kevin provides coaching, speaking, and team building events that incorporate lessons learned while serving on SEAL Teams.  Kevin stated that he is a family man first.  He also admitted that in his experience, nothing is hard than raising three kids.  I used to agree with that sentiment, that is until my fourth bundle of joy came along.  
Kevin described common characteristics of an elite teammate, including the Three Summits of a Teammate: humility, mental toughness, and trust.  Humility was the focus of the presentation.  Kevin shared a story of him nearly drowning after being overly confident when diving into the sea.  Luckily, a fellow SEAL was there to help.  A lack of humility could have been disastrous for Kevin, but he survived the situation and learned “humble pie is best served cold and wet!”  Kevin described humility to be the ultimate strength in a leader and the foundation of a team. 
Jack Gotcher used this photo to pick up hotties in bars.
Our guest speaker, Kevin Stark.
Navy Seal Fun: Tie your hands and feet together and throw you in a pool. The object of the game is to not drown.
A terrorist's worst nightmare.
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