Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Michael Lightfoot
Invocation – Josh Shirley
Flag Salute – Jon Sampson


Gianna Buermann
Jennifer Sampson
Judy Salamacha – Sheryl's guest
Laura Hill, CEO of Pinnacle-  Bryan Burrow's guest

SPOKE editor profile:

Michael Lightfoot
I recently joined the Grapevine MSP team as an Account Executive but I am also a DIY laborer for my wife, and a custom cabinetry maker in my free time. I am a graduate and former athlete of Cal State Bakersfield, Go Runners! I currently serve on the board for Kern Alliance for Non-profit and prior to COVID I enjoyed traveling and going on adventures with my family.

Good News and Announcements

December 3rd back to in-person meetings (hopefully)
Millennial Kenny is still trying to figure out Technology – still no hope for the Millennials
Apparently the Dodgers Won the World Series thanks to Red Heads – Turner and May
Jason Cater 5 yr Anniversary in Rotary
Steve Sanders Birthday – Ken the Millennial had a gift for everyone since it isn’t fair for just one person to get a gift and not the rest. None of us know what the gift is, apparently Ken is still waiting for his parents to pay for it.


National Ginger Day
Sponsors for the day is Modelo Negro and Ginger Ale. Ken wanted Coke to be the sponsor but Coca Cola marketing people said their can is too red.
Ken Beurmann claims to be a redhead but during the presentation it was apparent he was trying to cover up the false color.
2% of people have red hair which has made them an endangered species. The San Diego Zoo is opening a new exhibit and sanctuary for any remaining redheads. It will be mostly covered and indoors with the outside observatory only open at night to help prevent sunburns and freckling. They worked with Sylvania on a light bulb that will not cause sunburns since Gingers burn that easily.
Ken decided to self-proclaim himself the 8th wonder of the world since he not only has red hair but also blue eyes. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the accurate count before this can be true, but don’t worry, we have hired the group counting votes in Nevada and Arizona so we should expect the total sometime early 2022.
Ken also admitted he is afraid of sunlight, leading us to believe he is actually a Vampire.

Mini-Kenny Millennial Words of Wisdom:

  • They are descendants of the Greek god Prometheus
  • First ginger came from his fire
  • Freckles are not a bad sunburn but it is the charred skin from the fire. AKA SUNBURN

Myth vs Fact

#1 Myth – Redheads are Mutants
Fact = They are actually Ninja Turtles in disguise
#2 Myth – Redheads have fewer strains of hair
Fact = Ken was bored and wanted something to do so he started counting his hair.
#3 Myth – Mike Willis did not have a girlfriend in High School
Fact = Willis did not have one, but instead had 83 girlfriends in high school
#4 Myth – Only Redheads can reproduce Redheads
Fact = Not sure if this was the answer, but Ken had to stop and call his parents when he realized neither of them had red hair
#5 Myth – Women love Red Heads
Fact = A particular breed of women do love Redheads called Cougars.
Ken made the big surprise announcement that he has officially signed up for FindaGinger.com
and #gingerstrong bracelets will be sold at all meetings moving forward.
In honor of Ginger Day, Sheryl Barbich died her sandy locks.
Some jokes just right themselves.
Great Gingers of the present and the past.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Chris Machado
November 1
Kristin Hagan
November 2
Jordan Kaufman
November 4
Steve Sanders
November 5
Josh Sherley
November 9
Toni Harper
November 10
Dick O'Reilly
November 12
Nikolas Boone
November 13
Jorge Barrientos
November 14
Dave Whelden
November 16
Jeff Gutierrez
November 17
Peter Hunt
November 18
John Phil Bentley
November 19
Girish Patel
November 21
Mike Allen
November 29
John Nilon
November 30
Spouse Birthdays
Jennifer Sampson
November 16
Phyllis Oliver
November 23
Mary Castaneda
Raul Castaneda
November 3
Dave Plivelich
Kym Plivelich
November 21
Ken Beurmann
Gianna Beurmann
November 22
Join Date
Michelle Chantry
November 3, 2016
4 years
Jason Cater
November 5, 2015
5 years
Lyle Martin
November 5, 2009
11 years
Gary T. Friedman
November 6, 1975
45 years
Sam Newland
November 9, 2017
3 years
Steve Roach
November 13, 2003
17 years
Girish Patel
November 15, 2012
8 years
Joe Gregory
November 16, 2017
3 years
Jay L. Rosenlieb
November 29, 2001
19 years

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