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This week's program was held off-site at Bolthouse Properties. Our speaker was Tony Leggio. Tony has worked with the Bolthouse family for over 35 years, and has been involved in the real estate development business his entire life as an attorney and as an active owner and investor.  Tony joined Wm. Bolthouse Farms full-time as Vice President and General Counsel while also assuming the responsibility of managing the Bolthouse Family Office and on January 1, 2006, following the sale of Wm. Bolthouse Farms, he became President of Bolthouse Properties.

Bolthouse Farms started back in Michigan, the year was 1915. 1n 1974, with a desire to be able to have a year around growing season for their vegetables, they looked all over the nation, before settling on Bakersfield and focusing on carrots. Here they were able grow in different regions, extending their growing season and still be with in a few hours of their processing plant.
The advent of the cut and peeled carrot changed the industry and carrot consumption soared.
In 2003 they came up with the genius idea of taking the waste product from cut and peeled carrots and turning it into juice.
In 2005, Campbell Soup Company bought Bolthouse Farms for $1.55 billion dollars... but they retained their land rights.
At this point they got out of the farming business and proceeded to dominate the property development industry. While continuing to acquire agricultural land, their real passion was commercial development that would "have a long-term positive effect on local communities."
In another genius move, during the construction downturn, Castle and Cooke decided they had plenty of land and decided to sell it to Bolthouse. When the market turned around, Bolthouse proceeded to build that land into a masterplanned community with endless walking trails and nearby commercial shopping centers.
COOL FACT: The residential areas in this development don't have stop signs, rather they use roundabouts to keep traffic flowing.
Whether it be homes or commercial buildings, they use only the highest quality materials because they build with the intention of keeping those assets in their portfolio for the long term.
COOL FACT: Tony negotiated the deal to donate 5 acres of land to Houchin Blood Bank to build their huge 45,000 sq.' building.

Visitors & Guests

Mike McCoy guest of Dave Whelden
Laurie and Kaylee Barnes guest of Brad Barnes
Brian Conner guest of Anthony Leggio
Marty Starr guest of Ben Taft
Tony Leggio is serious about the Bolthouse legacy.
The backdrop of this meeting is one of the many commercial sites waiting to be built out.
Highgate is one of the many masterplanned communities Bolthouse is involved with.
New Rotarian, Sam Newland, wears his newbie name tag proudly, pictured here with Jon Sampson.
New celebrity Rotarian, Robin Mangarin, needs to figure out how to wear her newbie name tag! : ) Pictured here with Kristin Barnes.
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