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Good News & Announcements

Sue Benham has a new granddaughter

Jeff Gutierrez gave a long explanation of why he was wearing University of Arizona gear.

Bart Hill promoted the Museum of Art's event, Art After Dark

Jim Damian introduced newest Downtown Rotary member Andre Gonzalez who was inducted into the club.


Our guest speaker was Sam Van Kopp, a military hero, who was raised in Bakersfield, attended Bakersfield High School and went to West Point. He was commissioned as a Cavalry Lieutenant where he led a platoon in Afghanistan in 2012. Van Kopp gave a compelling story of how his platoon sought out dangerous IEDs in Afghanistan and all the equipment, including Humvees and MRAPs, and strategy involved in removing IEDs to protect U.S. troops. Their job was also to support the Afghan troops so they could learn to protect themselves. Deaths to U.S. troops by IEDs far out number other causes of death, he said.  

Van Kopp described the battle that led to a critical head injury and his courageous efforts to heal. He commended the treatment he received at military hospital Walter Reed for helping to get him back on his feet. He said the captured terrorists who were involved in injuring him were released on 2014.

Van Kopp then worked for Congressman Kevin McCarthy in Washington, D.C. for two years and is about to start his second year of law school at Georgetown.


Visitors & Guests

  • Kurt Wingate hosted his wife, Stacy
  • Kristin Hagan hosted her husband, Chris
  • Ken Jones brought Joe Gregory
  • Bart Hill hosted his wife, Napier
  • Jim Damian brought Am Patel
  • John Schuler brought his sons, Cole and Brett
  • Jack Gotcher brought his grandson Jeffrey Dodge



Photos by Girish Patel:

New member Andrae Gonzales.
Rotarians posing with a true American Hero.
Jeff Gutierrez gave a long explanation of why he was wearing University of Arizona gear. Photo with Kristen Barnes.
Jim Damien with his first Paul Harris Fellowship certificate and pin, Leslie Golich with her +1 and Girish Patel with his +2. President Steve couldn't be prouder.
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