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Ken Beurmann
I was born and raised here in Bakersfield, attended Liberty High School, and then went to Cal State University of Bakersfield for my undergraduate degree. While there, I was elected student body president and it exposed me to leadership at a young age. I found I enjoyed having a vision, creating a strategy and having others follow me.
Invocation: Ken Beurmann
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Ken Beurmann, guest of Ken Beurmann.

Good News & Announcements

[Editor's Note: The rest of this newsletter was compiled by Josh Shirley.]
President Ken showed another rerun from the Ginger Ale commercials. David Dennison snuck in late just in time to experience the laughs his performance commanded.
Then-President Ken talked about himself a lot, but I don't think anyone was really listening.
One interesting fact is that President Ken holds (held) a black belt in Karate.


Allison McClain (President) of Bakersfield Angels, gave a heart-felt presentation about her organization which specializes in supporting foster children and foster families. Allison shared her mission statement which is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship. This mission statement is what separates Bakersfield Angels from other foster care programs. The goal of Bakersfield Angels is to provide a holistic approach to support not only the foster kids but the family’s which are fostering these children. Allison mentioned that the family’s that foster these children often times get neglected through this honorable service. This is where Bakersfield Angel’s is striving to fill the gap!
However, in order for this organization to fill the gap in our community, they need many family’s support. Allison provided three ways that the community can get involved. Love Box, Dare to Dream, and Financial Partnering with this organization with one-time or reoccurring donations.

What's a Love Box?

The Love Box program provides fostering families (caregivers, children in foster care, and biological/adopted children) with the community and holistic support. This wrap-around support enables caregivers to continue to do the important and meaningful work of being foster parents. As a Love Box group, you will be matched with a local foster family based on location, compatibility, and scope of needs. When our families are matched with committed volunteers who show up monthly, parents feel supported and children gain a greater sense of normalcy, relational permanency, and self-confidence.

Dare to Dream

The heart of the Dare to Dream program is to walk alongside youth as they navigate through life's challenges. The youth in our Dare to Dream program need the wisdom, advice, encouragement, and community that mentors can provide. Mentors meet practical and emotional needs as well as provide guidance through developmental milestones. The goal is for youth to be engaged and to feel supported and equipped to navigate life. A mentor commits to meeting with the youth every other week to set goals and help them achieve their dreams. These relationships will hopefully last a lifetime, but the program is a year commitment. Mentors matched with a high school student are strongly encouraged to stay with the youth until high school graduation.


Our goal is to take a challenging system and build a beautiful, strong community around it that mandates love, transforms lives, and invests in a better future. As a non-profit, we rely heavily on donations from the community to continue this life-changing work. Your support allows us to change the way children, youth, and families experience the foster care system.
If you’d like more information about this organization, please click on the link below
Karate man Ken Beurmann and Super Stud Josh Shirley in the Octagon- who would you bet on?
Mike Willis' short reign as Rotarian of the Year was short-lived when someone more deserving showed him up. Congrats Jon Sampson!
This week Willieboy suffered a Damian eclipse while trying to watch the presentation.
Bakersfield Angels and today's guest speaker, Allison McClain, pictured with another angel not listed on their website yet.
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