Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Justin Leland
Invocation: Cathy Abernathy
Flag Salute: Kristin Hagan
Song: Ken Secor
Greeter: Rylan Rozell
Roving Mics: Chad Tongco


Justin Leland brought Lizette Patterson from Rand Corp.
Pete Pankey brought his son Edgar
Andrae Gonzales brought Jeremy Blackwell
George Granger brought his better half Juliet
Lynette Zelesny brought Michael Lukens

Good News and Announcements:

In "not good news" announcements today, Joe Hay informed the club that he has been battling cancer. The Good News is that his prognosis is good and the cancer is treatable. You are in the Club's thoughts, Joe!
Winn Eaton is back from Oregon and now that he is home is ready to "practice" law again. On another note Oregon lawmakers contemplating building a "wall" along their southern border to keep immigration attorneys out.
In Good News that wasn't announced to the club, Jeff Green, aka Jefe Verde, got a job! He gets to wear a reflective vest, and its not because he committed a crime. He will be cleaning up after ne'er-do-wells in Red Rock Canyon Park. 
Program: For our program, Andrae Gonzales, City Council Member, Austin Smith, owner of Sage Equities, and Jessie Blackwell, owner of Dot x Ott Restaurant had a lively discussion about the happenings and growth of the East Chester area of Bakersfield. Mike "Willie Boy" Willis attempted (feebly, this Spoke Editor might add) to moderate this distinguished panel, but was outclassed and underdressed for the occasion. From Cafe Smitten to Dott x Ott, microbreweries to entertainment venues, upscale living spaces to lowly Immigration Attorneys; East Chester has something for everyone, and the vibe is infectious. 

Eat My Words

by Mike Willis
Last week I posted a photo of David Denison flashing the Hawaiian "Shaka" sign (see photo above) with the caption "Shaka, from the most un Hawaiian looking dude ever." 
Well, just to teach me a lesson, David visited the Rotary Club of  Lahaina that weekend and was invited to the International Conference next June in Oahu, HI. I, clearly, was not invited.
Always Love Over Hate Always = ALOHA
Oregon lawmakers contemplating building a "wall" along their southern border to keep immigration attorneys out.
Joe Hay, in good spirits about joining the "smooth dome club" with members Ben Stinson, Mike Willis and Pat Collins, among others.
A moment of spontaneous narcolepsy.
Mike Willis yucking it up with the panelists of East Chester.
The un-offical boundaries of East Chester.
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