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President Dave made us sit through yet another bout of rapping by Jon Sampson, who performed at the All Club Meeting – the story of Paul Harris “rap” style.


Our guest speaker was Georgette Hadvina.  She was born Georgetta Gergely on July 18, 1939, in Petrozseny, one part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  She was only 3 years old when the Transylvania province where her family lived was annexed to Romania, causing her Hungarian parents to move to the capital city of Budapest Hungary.
Growing up, she witnessed the destruction of the Second World War, the brutal Russian takeover of her country, the oppression of the Communism, and the outbreak and defeat of a revolution.  Indulging in her childhood passion, reading was the only way she was able to escape and survive the cruelty of life around her.
In November of 1956 she and her family were able to escape and arrived in New York City.  Today, she is a proud to call America home.

Visitors & Guests

Jason Cater lead us in Prayer, Beth Pandol in the Pledge and Steve Illingworth lead our song. 
Guests of Lynn Blystone included:  Patti Blystone, Jon Blystone, Roger Yates and Marlu Prouty. 
Justin Leland’s guest was Rachel Magnus, Jim Damian hosted Andrae Gonzales, Pat Collins brought Stilian Kirov and Steve Sanders guest was none other than long time member Ken Secor.  Visiting Rotarian was John Pryor from the West Club.
Speaker Georgette Hadvina and Lynn Blystone
President Dave and Pat Collins make sure conductor, Stilian Kirov doesn't leave Bakersfield. 
Ken Beurmann, Rachel Magnus, curator for the BMOA and Justin Leland.
Jeff Johnson, Dave Plivelich and rapper Jon Sampson aka Notorious J.O.N.
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May 22
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