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Good News and announcements

  • Amanda Frank from Bakersfield East Rotary gave us a report on this year's RYLA program. The BHS Interact members Emily Frank and Ellie Davis got to attend the leadership conference and shared what a valuable experience it was. These are our next Rotary members- support them!
  • Steve Roach shared that his wife left him for another man. Well, a new born man weighing 8lbs. 4 oz. Apparently his wife is going to be a live in nanny for a month. Meaning, his best meal of the week is going to be on noon, Thursdays.
  • Lyle Martin made a pitch for their "Sergeant Dennis Moore Memorial Dinner" happening November 2 at 5:30 at Lexus of Bakersfield.For more info call Bryon Sandrini at 661-342-0444.


Luckily this was a police presentation, so Lyle Martin was kind enough to attend a meeting. Once again at the dias.

Lyle gave a little background on the police department's K9 program then introduced our guests Captain Chad Haskins and officer Jason Ashby. They shared with us what it is like being a K9 partner. They fielded some questions and then took us outside for a demonstration... and boy what a demonstration it was! The dog's names are Jax and Phoenix. Phoenix is a smaller breed of shepherd from Slovakia. Jax is a much more intimidating BIG German Shepherd... so much so that Dave Morton was ready to confess to crimes he never committed.

Some interesting facts about the dogs:

  • Dogs live with their handlers. At their retirement, usually about 4-5 years, the handlers can pay to keep them. One dollar is all it costs them. 99.9% of the time, that's what happens.
  • Because the breeding stock in Europe is so high for this type of dog, nearly all of them come from European countries. Their basic instructions are taught in their native language, so the American handlers will use those commands in that language.
  • The cost for a K9 is $8,500. But they are not yet trained for apprehension, explosive or drug finding.
  • The way they are trained is by giving them a reward. It is a toy that the dog will do anything for. The dogs are not at all aggressive by nature, they just want the toy. So when the handler gives a command, they do it with total commitment, for to fail means not getting the toy. I should have tried this with my kids. They got the toy regardless.
  • They wear a collar with an electrical device. Basically, an on-off switch. It's never used for punishment. It is also a radio in case the dog gets out of range for verbal commands.
  • These dogs put their life on the line every day they are out on patrol. And their only reward is the praise and love of their handlers. And a dog toy.

Visitors and guests

  • Amanda Frank, Emily Frank and Ellie Davis guests of Mary Barlow
  • Jason Matson, Chad Haskins and Jason Ashby guests of Lyle Martin
  • Shelly Freesman guest of Jeff Green
  • Sandra Reider guest of Larry Reider

Photos by Girish Patel

Steve Roach and Kristin Barnes sharing a moment.
BHS Interact members Emily Frank and Ellie Davis.
Captain Chad Heskins with his dog Phoenix.
This is what a human dog toy looks like.
Ellie Davis was the only one present brave enough to ask to pet Jax.
They're really just big puppys at the end of the day.
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