Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Josh Sherley
Biased Driller Reporter
Invocation - Jay Rosenlieb 
Flag Salute - Win Eaton
Song - Garro Ellis

Guest Editor Profiles:

Josh Sherley
Josh Sherley is a graduate from "THE" Bakersfield High School. While in attendance he played Football, Baseball and Wrestling...as well as went to school (most of the time). Josh Sherley is now a Director at Cushman & Wakefield where he specializes in selling, leasing and developing commercial real estate. Josh strives daily to live up to the most famous quote of all time, "Once a Driller, Always a Driller!"
Jim Baldwin
Jim has been a member of the Club since 2002. He worked at Bank of America for years before starting at BARC....The Bakersfield Arc in 2001. His wife Brenda and Jim met when they were in Camelot. Brenda was Guinevere and Jim was Lancelot.

Good news announcements 

Jeff Chandler was excited to announce that his daughter got engaged. However, we don’t know if Jeff was more excited over the fact that his daughter found a good man or the fact that the groom is a doctor and therefore his daughter will be off of the Chandler’s payroll! 
President Ray Watson tried to be the “one-upper” and announce that his daughter also got engaged! However, his “one-upper” fell flat when he stopped by saying simply that his daughter got engaged. Hopefully, for the Watson’s sake, the groom is gainfully employed and doesn’t plan on occupying the spare bedroom for the first few years of their marriage!
Kristin Hagan announced the upcoming All club service project on 5/4! We are calling for 75-90 volunteers to prepare 20,000 meals in a 3-hour span! Please come out and support our club from 9 am - 12 pm!


  • Our program was lead by “THE” Bakersfield High School virtual enterprise team
  • Ryker Solano leads the virtual enterprise program at “THE” Bakersfield High School where he has led this program to their 3rd consecutive State Championship
  • (I know it’s old hat for “THE” Bakersfield High School...just add another State Title to our collection of championships!) 
  • The virtual enterprise team leaves for NY this week to compete on the national stage!
  • Current Threads is the name of the company that they are pitching
  • The virtual business had a grand opening on 10/1/18 
  • Current Threads is a clothing and fashion store which uses all natural fabrics to make their products. 
  • Recycled Plastic, Bamboo and Hemp are the natural products used to make their clothing.
  • By using recycled plastic they can cut down on the ocean pollution
  • By using Bamboo and Hemp products, they can reduce water usage by 50%. Bamboo and Hemp uses 50% less water to grow and harvest than the traditional cotton product
  • Not only is Current Threads a clothing brand that is environmentally friendly, but their price point will be 25-45% lower than their perceived competitors
  • Leave it to “THE” Bakersfield High School students to continually strive for excellence and not settle for what the standard has always been! 
  • We wish the “Drillers” the best of luck as they represent our city and our name on the National platform!

Visitors and guests

- Dave Whelden brought Captain Kevin Pope
- Ken Beurmann brought Mike Lightfoot
- Jon Van Boening brought Ken Keller
- Rob Noriega brought Scott Kenney 

Photos by Girish

The Virtual Enterprise team, from left to right; Elisabeth Hayward, Nick Oosthuizen, Fatimah Ahmed, coach Ryker Solano, Margo Kuney and Mazuengele Kulungu.

Havana Nights Update!

Photos By Tracy Kiser
Downtown Rotary hosted it’s second Havana Nights this past weekend at the beautiful home of Dr Shawn and Theresa Shambaugh.  It was one of those perfect evenings in Bakersfield to have an outdoor event.  Guest came dressed in resort casual Cuban attire, enjoyed mingling amongst members and friends while sipping mojitos and Moscow Mules.  The cocktail portion could have lasted all night while listening to great salsa background music and eating savory appetizers.  Later, you couldn’t ask for a better sunset to welcome everyone to the wonderful buffet by Lisa Borda.  Toasting Lou and Sheryl Barbich on their 50th Anniversary kicked off a lively auction thanks with our own Garro Ellis as auctioneer. Guest bought fun items like Train with the Triathlete Jim Damian, A Day at Mel Atkinson’s Ranch, Fishing on Dave Whelden’s Boat, Train with the BPD SWAT Team, take a Weekend Trip in a Lincoln, A Dinner Party at Rog Brandon’s Home or the most hysterical auction item of the night…Hanging with the Orange King himself Ben Taft.  Mento Buru came back with dancing music, the dance floor was packed, Ben passed around LaRosa bars punched with tequila and rum, the cigar lounge was lighting up and the bars were packed.  The night was a success and ended too early! 
Havana Nights was created for two purposes: one to bring members together in a fun, relaxing environment and two to raise monies for scholarships and signature projects.  This year’s Havana Nights supported just that.  Through the club’s Waterman Foundation, it funded 20 scholarships at Bakersfield College and CSUB along with a complete solar installation at the new Lee & Krystna Jamieson Recovery Home for Women & Children; The Mission at Kern County. 
Thank you to our Havana House host Shawn & Theresa Shambaugh for opening up your home to us.  You are so gracious and generous to our club and to our community!
Five star resorts would be envious!
Mr. Cool, Garro Ellis and the Queen of Havana Nights, Tracy Kiser.
This pair of cigar-smoking trouble makers were in charge of the guest list. Colleen McGauley and Jeff Gutierrez. 
Mento Buru in the house!
Barbacks Joe Gregory, Jason Cater, Joe Rosenlieb and Jesse Lopez helped out bartender Larry Reider and Steve Sanders (not pictured).
Full house in Havana! Thanks to Dr. Shambaugh for hosting our party!
President Ray and Kristen Beall enjoy a cool one together.
Dave Whelden's legs made their debut for the first time this year.
Ben Taft manning the La Rosa ice cream bar cart.
Even Evelynn made it a point to be at Havana Nights!
Larry Reider, hustling to restock an overactive bar.
Perhaps Ben can explain ,at our next meeting, these signs were all about. They were posted at the bar, the men's room, etc.
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