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Leslie Golich

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Leslie Golich is the Director of Public Affairs and Brand Communications for Kaiser Permanente. She became a member of THE Rotary Club of Bakersfield in 2015.  She serves on a number of non-profit boards and enjoys volunteering in the community. She also enjoys supporting local theatre and swims for the Gold Wave Master's Program at CSUB.  She and her husband Greg have been married for 36 years and they have 2 grown children.
Invocation:  Dave Turner
Flag:  Chad Tongo
Song:  Brand Hannick
Roving Mic’s:  Kurt Wingate and Sam Newland
Garro was welcomed back to the club after his extravagant trip to Europe where he was provided a few final moments of mentoring and encouragement as our incoming President.

Good News:    

  • Jeff Chandler shared that his son graduated from college and was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy.  In addition, he gave a BIG shout out to Tracy Kiser for saving the day to have his daughter’s wedding dress altered!
  • Sheryl Barbich shared that Lou completed his term on the board of CAMICO, the liability insurance company for CPAs that he helped co-found 31 years and served as Chair for 26 years. They named the Boardroom for him.
  • Jay Rosenlieb shared that the Boys Scouts will once again be holding their Distinguished Citizen dinner on October 3, 2019.  This year’s recipients:  Gene and Linda Voiland
  • Eddie Payne wanted us all to know that his son graduated from the University of Utah and is a PHD candidate in something that Eddie can’t pronounce and that his son was very pleased with having his first paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


Steve Sanders gave us a brief update on the virtual work that the club did in Nicaragua this past year.  Due to the political violence in Nicaragua, President Ray’s dream of returning there this year just was not possible.  However, he did organize a “virtual” project, and last October our Club raised $14,000 to be able to build 29 latrines in Mombacho, Camoapa. 
That is 29 families that will be impacted in ways it’s hard for us to imagine.  Each double-pit latrine costs around $500.  The average annual salary in Nicaragua is $370 US.
THANK YOU!!  Rotary truly changes lives!
President Ray gave his final Club Address today.  A nostalgic look back on his Presidency.
Special thanks to his Sponsor and loyal Friend Rogers BrandonSheryl Barbich and Dick Porter mentored and supported him as a new Board member.  And then there were the Steve’s: Sanders & Williford who nominated him to the Presidency role and Roach, the one who came before him. 
Special thanks went out to all those that made this year successful.  Too many names to mention and you wouldn’t read them anyway.  Special call out to the Social Committee and Havana Nights, the Program Committee, Special Projects including the Christmas Party, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, the Business and Ethics Conference, the All Club Service Project, the weekly Spoke Editors and those who were voluntold to answer questions about “How’s Business?”
And finally, those who really make the meetings happen including our amazingly talented Sergeant at Arms Justin Leland, Joe Gregory for his IT and Tech skills and equipment, the many volunteers who did the prayer, flag salute or song and Girish Patel as our Photographer Extraordinaire!
And then, one huge shout out to Mary!  We couldn’t do all of this without YOU.
It’s been fun!!! 
  • Steve Sander’s guest was none other than our very own Jeff Verde
  • Ben Taft brought his 2 favorite kids – Riley and Ethan
  • Jay Rosenlieb’s guest was Alex Dominguez

Photos by Girish Patel

The Jeff Green you seek is not here.
Mike Willis' face is so white he almost blends in with the wall. Girish does not have that problem.
Cutting things close, right at the end of his term, president Ray found out he could give out awards. Pat Collins and some others spent some time locating where these plaques were stored and added Jon Sampson's name to the "Service Award" plaque.
Joe Hay accepted the Community Service award on behalf of Jim Burke Ford. Unfortunately you don't get to keep the plaque, or even hang it in your office for awhile. From what I understand, you get to take a picture with it, then it's hidden away for another 5 years.
Last October our Club raised $14,000 to be able to build 29 latrines in Mombacho, Camoapa. 
A toilet in Mombacho costs $200, the average yearly income is $300. So a latrine, the next best thing, is a luxury. Think about that next time you sit on your porcelain throne.
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