Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Sam Newland
Invocation: Jeff Chandler
Flag Salute: Kurt Wingate
Song: Garro Ellis
Greater: Jeff Gutierrez

Good News and Announcements:

  • No good news today…just silence.

Other excitement:

President Justin Leland shared about Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky in “This Week in National Park Service History.” With more than 400 miles of passages, this is one of the largest caves in the world. I believe Justin could survive this 400-mile trek with sufficient tuna fish and Skittles.
We celebrated two enormous birthdays today. Past Presidents Ray Watson and Ken Beurmann were both born on July 15th. They turned 82 and 21, respectively.
In other exciting news, President Justin is giving out gifts to those who read the Spoke. If I lost your attention already, then there will be no gift for you.
Rotary Reach: Rotarians were called to support The Lemonade Locks Boutique during the month of July. The Rotary Reach program was launched in an effort to help Rotarian-owned businesses get back to business post-pandemic.

The program:

The program was presented by R. Todd Littlejohn, head coach of the Bakersfield College football team.  Coach Littlejohn is a former Renegade football player (defensive back) who returned home to lead the program he is so passionate about.  Littlejohn comes with an impressive coaching resume.  His experience includes various coaching positions at big-name college football programs including UCLA, CAL-Berkeley, and Syracuse.  During his coaching tenure, Littlejohn saw several of his players rise to the ranks of the NFL, some becoming Super Bowl Champions. 
Coach Littlejohn began the program with a big “good afternoon” to the club.  He shared various life skills he instills in his players, including delivering a proper greeting such as “good morning” and “good afternoon.”  “What’s up big dawg” did not make the appropriate greetings list.  As Coach said, the players and coaches of the BC football program are “Built Different.”  The hot weather in Bakersfield burns a unique layer of character into the players.  The players are taught not to complain about things they cannot change; now that is a philosophy to live by!
Coach Littlejohn’s football program is all about:
  • Providing the players with an experience consistent with that of a four-year university.
  • Pushing the players to succeed academically.
  • Putting the most competitive and prepared athletes on the field.
  • Encouraging the players to succeed socially.
The four-year experience includes exposure to media coverage, quality support staff, community support, and top-notch athletic gear. 
Academically, the players are provided with the support needed to succeed and are required to take 15 or more credit hours per semester and attend study hall weekly.  Athletically, the program is all about competing.  Athletes are developed thru film study, organized team activities, and practice.  Socially, the players are taught etiquette, respect, professionalism, leadership skills, and how to treat a woman.  Various incentives are awarded to players who excel in these areas, including the “Tough 22” award and the “Black Card.”
Coach Littlejohn reminisced on the days the stadium at BC was full and lively on Saturdays. Personally, I recall vividly the days the stadium was packed and rocking.  Through the eyes and ears of a young football fan, it was a spectacular experience.  The excitement has not been the same as of late, but that doesn’t mean it won’t return.  Coach encouraged the community to support the team and fill the stands.  I will be there this fall and hope to see many of you too!  Coach Littlejohn has high expectations for the football program and its players.  He also realizes that his position comes with high expectations.  In response, Coach says, “No one will expect more of me than I do of myself.”  The football program is in good hands.
Bea Barmann’s solo rendition of the happy birthday song was outstanding! Move over Garro, we have a new voice in the club.
Mammoth Cave National Park is located in Kentucky. Like the chicken.
Justin's new lighthearted game "Two Truths and a Lie" turned ugly real quick when Molly Busacca pointed out that Justin spelled her name wrong on the slide. The implication was that it had better never happen again. Justin promptly fined himself $50 and changed the subject.
Spontaneous clapping broke out for no reason.
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July 28, 2016
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