Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis
Invocation: Jeff Chandler
Flag Salute: Brad Barnes
Song: Joe Gregory
Greeter: Jon Sampson
Roving Mics: Kurt Wingate & Gerald Epp


Kathy Abernathy's daughter, Madaline, placed 10th out of 100 in a national History Competition.

Steve Roach found the plaque that we were supposed to give to Ray Watson at his demotion. It was a bit anticlimactic, but there were tears in Ray's eyes.

Garro carried on the tradition of profiling members with a  thing he calls "Getting Down To Business". Thursday's profile was Ken Secor. He's had a lustrous carrier and can righteously brag that he's been a Rotarian for 51 years!

Jason Cator is in charge of volunteer signup for the positions of praying, saluting, and song leading. If you think signing up for one of those positions will get you out of being a Spoke editor... don't fool yourself.

Jason is also in the early stages of putting together a trip to Zion National Park in the near future. If you're interested, hit him up at jcater@bakersfieldcity.us 


Ron Saylor is a California based, Gold Medal Award Winning Professional Magician that blew away our Rotarian lunch crowd! He specializes in Close-Up Magic but also performs Large Stage Illusions. He performs at Private Parties to Theatrical Productions and is a regular at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.
His first trick, my table mate Steve Illingworth had figured out. But the next one, all bets were off. The floating table was amazing! 
Ron is a "mentalist" as well. Yes, he claims to be able to read minds. In his next trick, he walked us through how he can tell if someone is lying. So, he wasn't so much reading minds as reading faces.
For the finale he chose husband and wife, Ben and Connie Taft, to go through a series of steps that led to a jaw-dropping finish.
It's no wonder that Ron is the #1 Rated Magician by one of the World's largest magic agencies. His love for the Magical Arts is clearly expressed in his enthusiasm during this performance.


Jorge Barrientos guest of Ken Beurmann
Braeden Burrow guest of Bryan Burrow
Connie Taft guest of Ben Taft
Brett Schuler guest of John Shuler
Jennifer Henry guest of Joe Gregory
President for a year and all I got is this plaque.
Ray Karpe celebrates a Makeup Day reward for answering a random question Garro threw out to the crowd.
Chip off the ol' Burrow block.
I was literally three feet away and could not see how this table was floating. Musta' been magic.
Some people fly kites, Ron Sailor flys tables.
Magician Ron Sailor had to guess the liar. It wasn't hard, everyone knows Rotarians can't lie!
Little did Ben Taft's wife, Connie, know she was sitting on the answer all along.
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July 21, 1994
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July 26, 2018
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July 27, 2016
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July 28, 1994
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July 28, 2016
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