Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Michelle Chantry
Invocation – Josh Shirley
Flag Salute – Jordan Kaufman
Roving Mic – Jorge Barrientos


Steve Roach – Jim Lawitz
Jim Damian – Morgan Barnes from Stria
Diane Duquette – Patric Hedland

Guest Spoke Editor

Michelle Chantry
Michelle is currently the chief financial officer at Dulcich & Sons in McFarland. Formerly CEO & CFO of The Bakersfield Californian until it sold in 2019, Michelle maintains her downtown connections via the downtown rotary and other foundations. "I am so thankful we returned to in person rotary meetings. Basic human contact is so mentally and emotionally fulfilling."

Good News Announcements

Pat Collins 1st grandchild born and handed out trophies to all millennial Rotarians.
Kristin Beall Watson – next Tuesday support Big Kern
Garro Ellis – Bakersfield’s own Corbin Burnes, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, headed for history to beat Kenley Jansen’s all-time 51 strikeout record, was scheduled to play this weekend against Dodgers. By the writing of these minutes, he was placed on the injured list without specifying an industry. Should we NOT charge Garro for this GOOD news announcement??!
President Ken "Terrio's #1 Butt Kisser" Beurmann bragged about a bunch of "Bakersfield Best" awards he had nothing to do with.
Other WORTHY Rotarian
"Best Of" winners:


Guest Speaker – Barry Zoeller, Tejon Ranch Company Senior VP Corp Communications & Investor Relations.
About Tejon Ranch:
Tejon Ranch Company is a diversified real estate development and agribusiness company committed to responsibly using its land and resources to meet the housing, employment and lifestyle needs of Californians. Through its ownership of 270,000 acres of contiguous land in the prime Southern California market, the Company is unlocking value through a fully operational commercial/industrial real estate development, and three large-scale master-planned communities currently entitled and in various stages of pre-development.
Barry spoke about many of their existing and planned real estate projects:
Tejon Ranch Commerce Center (Industrial/Commercial) located at the gateway to Southern California, and is home to major distribution centers, outlet stores and travel-oriented fuel and food operations. TRCC has approximately 14 million square feet of monetizable industrial space and 319,000 square feet of monetizable commercial/retail space available for development, with 5.3 million square feet of industrial space and 638,000 square feet of commercial/retail space already built. All is leased!
Mountain Village at Tejon Ranch (Resort/Residential) designed to embrace the area’s natural beauty and act as a private escape for city residents. Project entitlements include 3,450 homes, 750 hotel keys and 160,000 square feet of commercial space. The Company is currently exploring capital strategies to help fund development.
Centennial at Tejon Ranch (Mixed-Use Residential) A large-scale residential and mixed-use community in Los Angeles County that will address the region’s housing and local service needs, while embracing sustainability and conservation. The project comprises more than 19,000 residential units, primarily family-oriented and active adult market-rate homes, and 10.1 million square feet of commercial space. Centennial’s development is projected to create more than 23,000 permanent on-site jobs, and nearly 25,000 construction jobs.
Grapevine at Tejon Ranch (Mixed-Use Residential) Located adjacent to TRCC at the base of the foothills in the San Joaquin Valley, Grapevine will support and expand the economic development activity taking place at TRCC. Grapevine is entitled for 12,000 residential units, primarily family-oriented and active adult market-rate homes, and 5.1 million square feet of commercial development. The Company has identified 7,000 additional acres available for future development (Grapevine North).
Cindy Pollard going for a personal best of two meetings in a row, pictured here with the rock-solid, Ben Stinson.
Millennial segregation.
Color coordinated Rotarians, Jerene Battisti and Mary Castaneda.
Toni Harper and Ashley Sodergren share a fake smile.
President Ken: "Thank you Ashley for joining our Rotary, here's an empty blue bag I found in the parking lot."
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Duane Keathley
April 4
Joe Hay
April 4
Gary T. Friedman
April 7
Bernie Herman
April 8
Ray Karpe
April 9
Signee L. Hoffman Swartley
April 9
Jack D. Henderson
April 12
Nick Ortiz
April 15
Dan Hay
April 16
Mike Braun
April 16
Michael Lightfoot
April 18
Michelle Chantry
April 20
Rylan Rozell
April 20
Steve Roach
April 21
Tracy Kiser
April 24
Jim Damian
April 28
Steve Illingworth
April 1
Joe Hay
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April 9
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April 10
Sheryl L. Barbich
April 12
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John Phil Bentley
April 7, 1977
44 years
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April 7, 2016
5 years
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April 9, 1987
34 years
Mike Chertok
April 14, 1994
27 years
Dan Hay
April 19, 1984
37 years
Kevin McCarthy
April 19, 2001
20 years
Jeff Chandler
April 22, 2010
11 years
John B. Bentley
April 22, 1982
39 years
Jeff Johnson
April 25, 1985
36 years
Joe Hay
April 25, 2013
8 years
Michael Lightfoot
April 25, 2019
2 years
Tom Smith
April 25, 1968
53 years
Bryan Burrow
April 29, 2010
11 years
Shawn Shambaugh
April 30, 1998
23 years

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