Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis
Assemblyman, Vince Fong gives it to us straight.

Good News & Announcements

  • Ben Taft gave solid praise to McKinney's Air Conditioning for showing up the same day he called in for emergency service.
  • Win Eaton announced he was sticking it to PG&E by installing solar at his office.


Assemblyman Vince Fong stopped by to update us on the sorry situation California is in. He said the state is facing long term challenges with "affordability"  being the primary one. Housing and energy costs keep going up. One of the not so great solutions they came up with is to raise the minimum wage. Unfortunately all this does is get people laid off because payroll is the largest overhead for most companies and is where they cut expenditures first. So we just end up with higher cost of goods and more people needing government assistance.
Roads and highways was another topic that came up. The solution to that of course, is to tax items like gas. With the promise that all the tax will be used to build new roads. When in fact only 70% go to MAINTAINING current roads, not to add lanes to crowded highways.
Despite what we're told, there is no transparency when it comes to our state government. Half baked bills get voted on with the promise they will be refined before becoming law, but they rarely do.
Vince said the the state capital is bracing for an "economic slow-down", which is a euphemism for a recession. The state is dominated by a party that not only has a habit of not fixing problems, but creates new ones. The reason, he feels, is that there lacks any checks and balances.

Visitors & Guests

  • Frank Wooldridge from the Breakfast Club came as a guest of Rob Noriega
  • Lauren Skidmore and Elias Garcia guests of Vice Fong
  • Rossely Harman, Esq. guest of Win Eaton
  • Jim Lawitz guest of Michelle Chantry
  • John Paul Lake guest of Joe Hay
  • Lynn Carrithers guest of Cindy Pollard

Photos by Girish Patel

Good news from Ben Stinson. To celebrate Stinson's 70th anniversary, they wanted to give back to the community by giving away $1000 to 70 qualified non profit groups. They ended up giving 100 away. 
Chad Tongco's company, Southern California Medical College was acquired by Unitek College.
Win Eaton introduced his new partner in law, Rossely Harman Esq.
No one knew who the meeting crasher was posing next to Jon Van Boening.
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