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Mike Willis

Good News and announcements

Jeff Green's 82 year old mother has been recuperating from an illness at his house for some time now. The good news? She moved out.
Paul Trent's company has been acquired by LANPRO.
Jimmy Phillips announced that San Joaquin Community Hospital is now officially named, simply, Adventist Health.

The Program

President Steve Roach's Inaugural Meeting.
After some spine tingling changing of the guard exchanges, President Steve (Roach) took to the podium and gave us quick presentation of the"Hotlanta" Rotary Conference. Then it was on to an overview of the upcoming year including the new Leadership Team (see below).


  • Increase Membership
  • Increase Engagement
  • Complete ClubRunner Deployment
  • Continue Automation & Modernization
  • Increase Attendance

i-Programs (2017-2018)

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Irritate
  • Intoxicate


  • Special Guest Speaker
  • Drug Awareness in Kern County
  • Hunger


  • Guitar Masters
  • Sam Van Kopp (Afgan Vet & IED Survivor)
  • George Culver (Go Dodgers)
  • Coach Golla & BHS Football
  • CALM
  • Musical Programs at the Starz Theatre


  • Local Micro-Breweries
  • Paso Wineries

Visitors & Guests

Denise Haynes- Breakfast Club
Christy Swatzell- Rotary East
Tom "Flash" Gordon- Bakersfield West
Leonard Ruiz- Rotary West
Rick Kreiser- Rotary West
Jaclyn Newell guest of Mark Bateman
Louis Medina guest of Kristen Barnes

Photos by Girish Patel

Past President Dave presented new President Steve Roach with a really cool Self Contained Liquid Delivery System hat, emblazoned with the prophetic moniker "Party Patrol".
The new Leadership Team.
Dave "pins" President Steve with the official Rotary pin.
President Steve honored past president Dave with another plaque for his "ego" wall.
You can tell past president Dave can't wait to try on his present from President Steve. Pretty sure he'll be rockin' it at next year's Havana Nights.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Lou Barbich
October 1
Jim Clark
October 2
Bryan Burrow
October 3
Horace Mitchell
October 4
Steve Loyd
October 13
Karen Goh
October 15
Jeff Green
October 18
George Granger
October 19
Steve Williford
October 24
Kristen Barnes
October 27
Garro Ellis
October 31
Jeffrey Chandler
October 31
Spouse Birthdays
Brenda Baldwin
October 1
Signee L. Hoffman Swartley
October 19
Join Date
Karen King
October 2, 2008
9 years
Ken Beurmann
October 3, 2013
4 years
Karen Goh
October 8, 2009
8 years
Steve Sanders
October 8, 1998
19 years
Ben Stinson
October 13, 1983
34 years
John Farrer
October 13, 1997
20 years
Win Eaton
October 13, 2011
6 years
Bart Hill
October 14, 1993
24 years
Jesse Lopez
October 16, 2015
2 years
Roland Maier
October 16, 2015
2 years
Chad Tongco
October 17, 2015
2 years
Harvey J. McCown
October 17, 1991
26 years
Jon Sampson
October 17, 2015
2 years
David Denison
October 22, 2015
2 years
Jim Black
October 22, 1998
19 years
Jack Gotcher
October 26, 2006
11 years
Hal Aaron
October 27, 1988
29 years

Area Meetings

Tuesday @ noon
Bakersfield North

at the Petroleum Club

Wednesday @ noon
Bakersfield West
at the Stockdale Country Club

Wednesday @ 6:45 am
Bakersfield Breakfast

at the Petroleum Club

Wednesday @ 6 pm
Bakersfield Twilight

at T.L. Maxwells

Thursday @ noon
Bakersfield  Downtown
at the Museum of Art

Friday @ noon
Bakersfield East

at Bakersfield Museum of Art

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Upcoming Events
Canine Unit
Oct 26, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Olive Oil - Rio Bravo Ranch OFF SITE
Rio Bravo Ranch
Nov 02, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Central Valley Food Bank
Nov 09, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Nov 23, 2017
CALM Christmas Evening
Alfred Harrell Highway
Dec 07, 2017
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
BMT Stars Theatre : OFF-SITE
BMT Stars Theatre
Dec 14, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Dec 21, 2017
Officers & Directors
Club Service
International Service
Community Service
Youth Services
Membership Chair
Public Relations
Awards Chair
Rotaract Advisor
RYLA Coordinator
Waterman Foundation
Spoke Editor
Executive Secretary
Youth Service
Interact Advisor
R.I. President

John F. Germ  
Rotary Club Of Chattanooga

District 5240 Governor

Nick Frankle  
Westlake Village, Sunrise

Group Representative

Tim Trujillo  

Bulletin Editor
Mike "Willieboy" Willis
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.

Rotary Office

P.O. Box 1628, Bakersfield, CA 93302 • (661) 325-0696 • FAX: (661) 322-2311

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