Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis

Good News & Announcements

Once again, the microphones were acting up. President Ray announced that Jon Sampson and Joe Gregory have been tasked to dial in the sound.
All service project was scheduled for a do-over on Saturday the 18th. Mary Castaneda reported to me that it was a big success. Kristin Hagen should have a full report for us this Thursday.
Reminder to those that want to attend the District social Dodger vs Giants game. They have a reserved private access suite. Sounds swanky. Sign up at the District website.
There is a pretty desperate need for housing for a Rotary exchange student in August. She will be attending Centennial High. Please contact Amy Smith if you're interested.
Jessie Lopez said the four kids we sent to Youth Leadership camp were super stoked to attend- and sent nice thank you letters for us to read.


John Schuler introduced Pat Collins as today's moderator of a three-person forum regarding commercial real estate in Bakersfield.
Our own Duane Keathley of Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors, Marty Starr from ASU & Associates and Wayne Kress also of Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors were today's guests at the head table.
Wayne talked about what the impact of the Amazon Distribution Center (Although he could not refer to it as such for legal reasons) will have on Bakersfield. The 2.6 million sq.' building will create several high paying jobs. But the majority will be in the $15 range. However, that could be a step up for many current field workers wanting a better paying, less brutal job. A huge logistics business sector will also grow in its wake. Also, it is a widely known fact that other large distribution centers like building near Amazon. Lastly, asking prices for land has steadily increased.
The 585,000 sq.' State Farm building was purchased by CRC. It is the largest office building in town.
Duane tried to put a positive spin on the East Hills Mall. The retail game is changing so fast, lenders are reluctant to fund retail developments. He expects that in 2020-2021 renovations will begin.
Wayne talked a bit about the Bakersfield Brewery District. An area south of Bakersfield on and around District Blvd. Although they are competitors, they still collaborate to everyone's benefit.
An interesting observation from Duane was that retail stores that have both an online presence as well as brick & mortar have seen an increase in sales. But brands doing sales online only have seen a decrease in sales.
A lively question and answer period followed.


Brett Schuler guest of John Schuler
Terri Collins guest of Pat Collins
Jessie Lopez gives us the update on the 4 kids we sent to Youth Leadership camp.
Pat Collins and Justin Leland goofing off as usual.
Duane Keathley, Wayne Kress and Marty Starr give us the scoop on commercial real estate.
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