Pictured here at the AHS Auto Shop are (right to left) Charlie Herrera, RETIRING AHS auto shop instructor, Ryan Amborn, owner of West Coast Auto & Towing, and the new instructor, Tony Renteria. In 2014, Ryan Amborn launched a campaign to reinvigorate and renew the AHS auto shop, through the Atascadero Rotary Vocational Service Committee. Without the all-in attitude of Charlie, this would not have happened. We are happy that he leaves the auto shop program, as a legacy, in an outstanding place.
Along with about $15,000 donated by our Rotary members, the Atascadero Unified School District, spent over $200,000 in upgrades for the Auto Shop. AHS has eight CTE (Career Technical Education) Pathways, which are also being reborn. Ryan built a CTE endowment within our Rotary Club Foundation, with a goal of $40,000. Ryan exceeded his goal this February 2020.
Thank you, Ryan.