Mobile Career Day at West Coast Auto-FANTASTIC!

Just thought you might want to know what your fellow Rotarians are doing in the community.  Give Ryan a high five next time you see him. f you (or anyone you know) would like to host a Mobile Career Day, just let me know (2 to 6 students).
Rich Johnson
Vocational Service
Ryan Amborn hosted Mobile Career Day for six students from Del Rio and Atascadero High Schools, accompanied by Chris Balogh, Principal at Del Rio, for the 3 hour tour.  The students were treated to an in depth look at automotive careers including towing, dispatching, smog, road service, repairs, smog checks, and even car rentals.  Ryan even held a contest for fastest tire change, and fasted "breaking and entering" (unlocking a car).
Chris Balogh, Principal, said this about the event " The day was fantastic! The mix of hands-on and in-depth information was a real plus for the students. They were very excited about the visit and they all feel privileged to have been a part of the experience."