Please read this message from Don Idler. Please respond to Don as soon as possible.
June 1, 2018
Message for 2018-2019    
Fellow Rotarians:
The new Rotary year is quickly approaching and I need to get a message to all of you before we get started. First of all I am honored you have asked to be your president this year and I will do my best to make this a great year for all of us. I do plan some small changes to our meeting content and all of you are essential to this being a success. Please take your time to read the attached (program list) and let me know what you think.
The attached (program list) has all the dates for the year 2018-19. I have been told this was the way of scheduling our programs in the old days and other clubs who are doing this have experienced a great variety of programs and much more interest in attendance. You will probably see your name by a date which means we are asking you to schedule the program and communicate with Ted Jacobson who has graciously agreed to be our programming chair. If the date you have been assigned doesn’t work it is ok to change with someone else but please do your best as a good program or speaker is essential to a successful meeting. We want all you to leave our meetings glad that you attended.
You will notice if you look this (program list) over carefully that the first week of every month (except when we are dark on a day that month) we will be dark for lunch but will have a social event that evening from 5:00PM-7:00PM at a location to be determined. I am hoping this will be at a member’s location and we can just get to know each other better. I will host the September 5th meeting at Idler’s Home (store) in Paso Robles.
Another focus I am working on is having a “member spotlight” for almost all of our 39 meetings. I can’t think of anything better than getting to know more about all of our members. I need your help on this so please respond with answers to the following questions.
  1. Where were you born and attended school? If not Atascadero when did you move to Atascadero or SLO County?
  2. When did you join the Atascadero Rotary and other Rotary clubs? Do you remember who your sponsor was?
  3. What other community organizations are you involved with or have been a part of in the past? Any special awards?
  4. What is your favorite Rotary moment?
  5. Give me three interesting truths and one plausible lie about you that may stump the club members and select which is the lie.
Please get your answers back to me as soon as possible.
I look forward to the coming year and I know we will have a great time and do a ton of good for our community and Rotary International.
Don Idler