This is one of the matching grants that Loretta Butts arranged for Atascadero Rotary last year for the children at KPVTA (Kano Polio Victims Trust Association) for school supplies and uniforms. The grant was for the following:

"This will help specifically child Polio victims and children of Polio victims, who are mostly unable financially or physically to attend public schools. Public schools are free but students must supply uniforms, numerous text books and needed stationary or they can not attend. This grant will give these 177 children the opportunity to start and/or continue their education by providing these necessary supplies for one school year. These primary and secondary school age children are identified by the coordinating organization KPVTA (Kano Polio Victims Trust Association). KPVTA is a long standing trusted organization which the local Rotarians and community believe in and work with directly on many projects. By receiving this education they will have a much improved opportunity to support themselves in a productive way, increase their self-esteem and, in turn, become a benefit to their communities and will not be begging on the streets."

This project has been funded by your contributions through Paul Harris Fellowships and the funds that our club sends to Rotary International. For more information please contact Loretta