The Project.  The Rotary Club of Santos, Brazil, 50 miles south of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, with a population of about 30-million) is located along the county’s Atlantic coast (see map for location), and they have developed a Global Grant Project called “Healthy Smile, Future with Hope” which provides oral care for the deprived population at various locations in Santos.  The Rotary Club of Paso Robles (Thursday Noon) is participating in the project (they are contributing $5000) and told your President-Elect John Hollenbeck about the project.  As the incoming president of your club, John had a vision to support a project in Brazil because his wife is from Rio de Janeiro, and his many trips to the County to visit in-law family have given him eyewitness accounts of the many less-fortunate people.  Furthermore, three of John’s in-law family members are dentists (please note that none are in Santos or affiliated with this Project, so there is no conflict of interest), and he has heard many accounts of poor oral healthcare of the people that live in the favela (Portuguese word for slums). 



John conducted a due-diligence of this project by asking the three dentists in our club to read the project abstract and offer their opinion of the proposed project.  All three provided positive feedback on the described project and identified the project as a worthwhile endeavor for our club’s consideration to support.  Each dentist expressed their professional opinion of the overwhelming crises of poor dental and oral care in the world, and praised this project’s goals in providing care in a part of the world needing this care.  John corresponded with the project’s coordinator, Mr. Roberto Luiz Barroso Filho, to confirm the need for support from our Club.  Mr. Barroso, and the 2013-14 president of the Santos club, Mr. Alexandre Alonso, have been corresponding back and forth in Portuguese, with John’s wife Monica serving as translator. 



Your Board of Directors’ Action.  Your Board of Directors took action at the March 25, 2014, meeting authorizing the Club’s support of this project in the amount of $5000 in Rotary Year 2014/15.  The support breakdown includes $1934 of the District Designated Funds (monies that come back to us as a return on investment of our contributions to the Rotary Foundation in year-three after that contribution) and $3066 cash contribution. 


Image Paperwork, and a Happy Brazilian Club.  Upon the Board’s approval, the signed forms for the transfer of the District Designated Fund amount of $1934 was submitted to our District 5240, and the Cash Contribution form for $3066 was submitted to the Rotary Club of Santos, along with an announcement of our Club’s support in the total amount of $5000 to the Healthy Smile, Future with Hope Project in Santos, Brazil.  The following e-mail was submitted back to John from Mr. Barroso – his words in Portuguese are followed with translation provided by Monica:



Caro Companheiro John

Dear fellow Rotarian John,


Não tenho palavras para agradecê-lo, bem como a todos os companheiros do R.C. de Atascadero !!!

I don't have enough words to thank you as well as all the fellow Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Atascadero!!


Este projeto é muito importante para a nossa cidade e região, a entidade beneficiada (Casa da Esperança de Santos) foi fundada e construída por companheiros do nosso Clube (R.C. de Santos) há 57 anos atrás e desde lá até hoje é administrada companheiros do clube. A Casa da Esperança é uma referência na nossa cidade.

This project is very important for our city and the entire region, the entity that is the beneficiary( Casa da Esperanca de Santos = Santos Hope House) was founded and built by fellow Rotarians of our club 57 years ago and since then, it's administered by fellow Rotarians of our club. The Casa da Esperanca( Hope House) is a point of reference in our city.


Ficaria muito honrado em recebê-los aqui na minha cidade, Santos, para visitar o projeto e alguns pontos turísticos.

I would be very honored to host you in my town, Santos, to visit the project and some touristic attractions/points.


Só preciso saber 1 ou 2 meses antes da Convenção de São Paulo quantas pessoas virão para que possa providenciar absolutamente tudo.

I just need to know how many of you are coming to the Convention in São Paulo at least 1 or 2 months ahead so I can make all the necessary arrangements.


Vou anunciar na próxima reunião a importante ajuda do seu clube ao nosso projeto, que com certeza será motivo de muita comemoração.

I'm going to announce at our next meeting the important help your club is giving to our project, and that for sure will be the reason for lots of celebration!


Mais uma vez muito obrigado.

Once again, thank you very much!


Abraço fraterno !!

Fraternal hugs!!


Roberto Barroso

PGD – 2009/10 – Distrito 4420

Past District Governor 2009/10, District 4420


Bureaucracy Strikes.  About 24-hours after all the forms were signed, submitted, and the announcement sent to Brazil of our support, and their gracious e-mail of appreciation sent back to us, we received an e-mail that, regrettably, the utilization of our District Designated Funds outside our District, and furthermore outside the United States for a project that we do not lead, is prohibited.  The delay in notifying us of this decision was because apparently the use of District Designated Funds in this manner had not been attempted before, and somebody had to check with Rotary International.  John has hence jokingly termed this the “Atascadero Ruling”, representing a buzz phrase of our Club trying to do something that you are not supposed to do!  John states, in his defense, that he discussed the utilization of the District Designated Funds in this manner at the March 3, 2014, Group 11 International Services Committee meeting, and with all the “grant-knowledgeable” people at that meeting, it was not judged by anyone that the proposed strategy to assist another club in need with District Designated Funds would ever been considered a violation of rules.  John’s philosophy is:  “okay… change the rules then!”  But, that is a strategy to be sorted out on a different day!


A Challenge Request to Raise $1934.  The monetary support by the Rotary Club of Atascadero to the Rotary Club of Santos was envisioned to be $5000, and John would very much like to honor that request.  Your Club’s Board of Directors has authorized $3066 in cash contributions to support the project, and John now would like to ask the individual members of the Club to consider stepping forward with personal donations in an effort to raise the $1934 since we cannot transfer our District Designated Funds to the project.  Please see John Hollenbeck or Father Matt Conrad at a weekly meeting, or call John at 458-7268, to discuss your individual contribution to assist in this matter.