Selling tickets and coming to the Crab Feed will make you this happy too!
This year's Crab Feed will be Saturday, January 18, 2014. Don Idler and John Hollenbeck are co-chairs again this year. Don has talked with Kelly, our crab supplier, and her husband will harvest fresh crab from the ocean somewhere near Oregon and they will be trucked to us fresh, not frozen. We found that the 350 pounds we ordered last year went in a hurry, so we intend to order much more this year.

Please pick up your packet of tickets tomorrow at the meeting so you can sell them over the holidays (there's not much time until the Crab feed, and we have several dark meeting days ahead). The fee is $50/ticket this year, and the price will cover wine, beer, soda and water that you can pick up from our Rotary Bar. Mixed drinks are available for a fee at the Rotary Bar. Ancient Peaks is our wine supplier. Firestone 805 beer (5 cases) are being donated by the Firestone Company.

We aim to seat 200 guests at the event, which is always a fun time enjoyed by club members, guests, and other friends.

Support our club, sell some ticket, and participate where you can. Sign up lists for committees to help will be made up and circulated.