Judging by the crowd reaction, the Vocational Service Committee's focus on the AHS Auto Shop (spearheaded by Ryan Amborn), is a welcome area of service for our Rotary Club.  About 10% of our membership, braved the harsh morning chill at AHS, aided and comforted by coffee and donuts, to tour the AHS Auto Shop and hear about what needs they have.  This replaced our usual comfy meeting at Denny's the 2nd Wednesday of  the month.  Thank you to all who attended.
Thanks to President John, for doing a great recap at the Rotary meeting of what we discovered over at the auto shop.
For those of you not at Wednesday's lunch, here is a rundown of that information:  The Auto Shop budget is about $1200 a year; textbooks are from 1994; this year Charlie Herrera (Instructor) had four classes of 20+ students; next year they are planning for six classes; the one tool cabinet in the photo is ALL the hand tools they have; the computers in the photo speak for themselves; the shop has no diagnostic scanners.  John painted a good picture of what he saw with the rest of the attendees.  Ryan Amborn has a plan, and has already created an Advisory Board of local auto industry business people to help out.
And the donuts were pretty good!