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Rotary Victory at Sea
The intrepid crew of the Atascadero Rotary Flagship was able to capture the trophy for this year's annual Cardboard Boat Challenge.  With Captain John Neil on the throne directing galley slaves Charles Bourbeau and Rich Johnson the victory over the other challengers (all three of them) was clinched.
Launching of the dauntless Rotary craft.  The crew showing their best sides.
Underway with sponsor advertisements for marine fuel.
As always, gallant to the end.  The Rotary craft doubled back to rescue the competitor from the local Kiwanis Club.
Rotary Victory at Sea 2017-05-25 07:00:00Z
Financial Seminar 2017
Over two days this month, Paul Parotti lead his seventh year of Financial Workshops for seniors at AHS.  Several hundred students were taught about banking, credit, insurance, investing, housing, and financial life lessons.  These presentations were all by our own Rotarians:  Paul Parotti, Chris Toews, Kristin Kearns, Jake Rothman, Davina Bergin, John Donovan, Drew Lewis, and Rich Johnson.
This is the valuable service of Rotary, and giving to our community.
Financial Seminar 2017 Rich Johnson 2017-05-23 07:00:00Z
Fantastic Mobile Career Day (MCD) at Heritage Oaks Bank.
Our own Kristin Kearns, Vice President & Manager of Heritage Oaks Bank, Atascadero, hosted Mobile Career Day for eight students from Del Rio High School, and five students from Atascadero High School, accompanied by Kahlin Wolf Hoover, instructor at Del Rio, and Rich Johnson.

On Thursday, January 26th, these 13 students went to the local headquarters of Heritage Oaks Bank in Paso Robles.  The first part of the day was spent learning customer service.  In the afternoon, the students learned how to process and understand banking transactions, using a cash box, and related banking forms.  This was a hands-on experience, taught by the Training Department of Heritage Oaks Bank.  Cheryl Garnsey and Carrie Buhl are Learning Specialists with the bank, who put the program together.  We had eight Del Rio and five AHS students, from 8:30 until 2:40.


On the van on the ride home, the students were all buzzing about the experience.  We host these events to help students explore possible career paths.  Anyone interested in hosting a Mobile Career Day may contact the Vocational Service Committee through our website www.TheCareerHelper.org.

Fantastic Mobile Career Day (MCD) at Heritage Oaks Bank. 2017-01-30 08:00:00Z
Spinning wheel
What is the Rotary Spinning Wheel all about. The concept is if a Rotarian failed to attend the regular meeting and didn’t make up at another club then at the next meeting they are invited to spin the rotary wheel and pay the amount on which the arrow stops. 
For years our old spinner was used. It was so old no one remembers who built it. And now here is the new one that Art Everett has built for our club. Thank you Art!
Spinning wheel 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z
Paul Harris Fellow award
Ron Mead recently awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to his long time partner (over 25 years) Bruce Whitcher, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Bruce has served in many volunteer positions with the Central Coast Dental Society, the California Dental Association, the Dental Board of California and the California Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. 
Congratulations and thank you Ron for honoring Bruce
Paul Harris Fellow award 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z
New windows for ECHO

"Paso Robles Glass collaborated with local businesses and the Atascadero Rotary to donate and install about 20 new windows at the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) shelter in Atascadero.

Jarred Damigos, president of Paso Robles Glass, said replacing the existing windows with dual pane means better energy efficiency for the shelter because they help block the heat and cold." New Times article Nov. 16. 

Former Atascadero Rotarian Don Vert managed the project on behalf of Paso Robles Glass.
New windows for ECHO 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z
Mobile Career Day at West Coast Auto-FANTASTIC!
Just thought you might want to know what your fellow Rotarians are doing in the community.  Give Ryan a high five next time you see him. f you (or anyone you know) would like to host a Mobile Career Day, just let me know (2 to 6 students).
Rich Johnson
Vocational Service
Mobile Career Day at West Coast Auto-FANTASTIC! 2016-10-19 00:00:00Z
Award for Atascadero Interact Club
Haddie Daner, the current Atascadero High School Interact President, is receiving an award in recognition of Interact's achievements in the previous school year.  Our Interact Club was one of only six in the district to receive this honor.  Faculty advisor Mike Melzer is on the right and Paul Parotti, Club Interact Advisor is on the left.
Award for Atascadero Interact Club Paul Parotti 2016-09-21 00:00:00Z
Our 2015-2016 Annual Scholarship recipients
On August 3rd we awarded scholarships totaling $ 37,000. to those students pictured here.  Thirteen Atascadero High School and one Morro Bay High School student are shown here sharing their plans for university and college studies.
Our 2015-2016 Annual Scholarship recipients 2016-08-09 00:00:00Z
Paul Parotti named Rotarian of the Year
Paul and Flavia Parotti. Paul is the recipient of our clubs high honor....Rotarian of the Year for 2015-2016. Flavia was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for her many years of support and service to the City of Atascadero.
Paul Parotti named Rotarian of the Year 2016-07-06 00:00:00Z
Honoring our Rotary Veterans Nov. 11th
Wednesday, Nov. 11th is Veterans Day, and at our Rotary Meeting, we will
take a few moments to Honor and salute Rotarians who have served 
our Country.  
Garry Brill will host this part of the Meeting and Veterans will have a few 
moments to let the club know when and where they Served and share a
short story – if you want to -  about your  military experience.
If you are a Veteran, we look forward to recognizing you.   
Honoring our Rotary Veterans Nov. 11th 2015-11-05 00:00:00Z
AHS Autoshop project with Vocations Committee
Judging by the crowd reaction, the Vocational Service Committee's focus on the AHS Auto Shop (spearheaded by Ryan Amborn), is a welcome area of service for our Rotary Club.  About 10% of our membership, braved the harsh morning chill at AHS, aided and comforted by coffee and donuts, to tour the AHS Auto Shop and hear about what needs they have.  This replaced our usual comfy meeting at Denny's the 2nd Wednesday of  the month.  Thank you to all who attended.
Thanks to President John, for doing a great recap at the Rotary meeting of what we discovered over at the auto shop.
For those of you not at Wednesday's lunch, here is a rundown of that information:  The Auto Shop budget is about $1200 a year; textbooks are from 1994; this year Charlie Herrera (Instructor) had four classes of 20+ students; next year they are planning for six classes; the one tool cabinet in the photo is ALL the hand tools they have; the computers in the photo speak for themselves; the shop has no diagnostic scanners.  John painted a good picture of what he saw with the rest of the attendees.  Ryan Amborn has a plan, and has already created an Advisory Board of local auto industry business people to help out.
And the donuts were pretty good!
AHS Autoshop project with Vocations Committee Rich Johnson 2015-04-18 00:00:00Z
Club supports new K-9 for Atascadero Police
The Atascadero Police department K-9, Aik, has been retired and the department is fundraising to get a new K-9 for the force.  Club members Ryan Amborn and Charles Bourbeau invited Police Chief Haley and K-9 handler Cpl Taylor to attend the club meeting and accept a check for $500 from the club.  The donation will be used towards the purchase of a new K-9 for the police force.
Club supports new K-9 for Atascadero Police John Webster 2015-04-18 00:00:00Z
Scholar's Thank You letter
Scholar's Thank You letter John Webster 2015-04-18 00:00:00Z
Interact Bake Auction for 2015
The Interact Club from Atascadero High School held their 2015 Dessert Auction at our Valentine's Day lunch meeting on 11 February.  The members of Interact create delicious baked goods for the Rotary Club members to bid on as a primary fundraiser for the Interact club. This year the total of all of the bids was $721 but when they counted up the money, the actual total was raised to $977 with individual contributions from the Atascadero Rotary Club members.
Interact Bake Auction for 2015 John Hollenbeck 2015-02-28 00:00:00Z
Superbowl pool winners
Superbowl pool winners John Hollenbeck 2015-02-28 00:00:00Z
Exchange Student sponsored by our club
Gabi hopes to go to Italy, France or Spain in that order. As our Board approved her application it has been sent to our District coordinator for the RI exchange program.  The RI exchange program will let us know about the inbound exchange student we will receive.  Here are a few excerpts from the letter Gabi wrote to the host family:
Dear host family,
Hi, my name is Gabi Bruzzo (my full name is Gabriela Marie Bruzzo). I’m 15 years old and in the 10th grade at Atascadero High School. I am very excited for the chance to live in Europe. I would like to be multilingual, and would love to be fully immersed in the language and culture of another country. I am also very interested in the performing arts. My family is very musical, and I have been singing for my entire life. I love performing, and I’m part of my high school show choir. In show choir, we sing, dance, act, and travel to various choral and musical theatre competitions. I have been studying the violin for 6 years. I played only in my school orchestra for about three years. I am now taking private lessons once a week and I’m part of my local youth symphony. I try to practice violin for 45 minutes every day. School and music take up most of my free time, but I also love animals and enjoy spending time with my friends.
In the future, I plan on going to a university. I intend to double-major in music and foreign languages as I am interested in both. I am also open to studying abroad again in college, and hope to learn many different languages. Although I don’t know exactly what occupation I’d like to have, I am pursuing a career that involves my love of music and traveling around the world.
I feel that the experience of living in another culture will help me appreciate more perspectives on the world and enrich my life with many forms of communication. I hope that I’m able to apply what I learned during my experience to my pursuits in life when I return home.
Gabriela Bruzzo
Exchange Student sponsored by our club Thomas Zirk 2015-02-28 00:00:00Z
Take The Lead conference was judged a success!
It was one heck of an event. Ryan McGaughey did a fantastic job as one of
the two featured speakers.  He really represented Rotary in a stellar way
plus he raised the bar on the definition of Leadership.  All of the
participants really got into the scenario and presenting their cases to the
judge, John DonovanMitch Massey, the master of ceremonies, engaged the
entire audience in thoughtful and humorous discussions.  This was Mitch's
13th year directing the flow of the conference.  Below is a list of the contributors:
Atascadero Rotary Ethics Conference 2015
Contributor                                  Amount
North County Supervisors            $1,000
Paso Robles Rotary Club               $525
Twin Cities Community Hospital     $500
Atascadero 76                                $500
P.G. & E,                                        $500
RaboBank                                     $500
Heritage Oaks Bank                      $200
Grigger Jones                                $200
West Coast Auto Towing                $200
Morro Bay Rotary Club                  $200
John Donovan                                $100
Peoples Choice Appliance              $100
Adam Daner                                    $100
Diane Rehfield                                  $60
Ray Johnson                                   $100
Total pledged                                $4,785
Special Thanks are due to our club members (Dutch & I would be lost without them):
Ken Weathers, the Godfather, who lead the way (and left a breadcrumb trail)
Ray Johnson, for fabulous fundraising
Paul Parotti, who has the brain power to come up with the scenarios, as well        helping keep us pointed in the right direction during the event.
Ross Tenhaeff, seamlessly keeping us in food and drink
Stan Cherry and Charles Bourbeau, who spent countless hours contacting schools and Rotary clubs to get our 90 students.
Diane Rehfield, who printed and collated all of the materials for TTL, as well as being a facilitator, and putting the table packets together.
Ken Johnston, who gave the Rotary Talk (without once mentioning Canada)
John (Honest Abe) Donovan, the Judge.
And, or course, members who were facilitators at the event:
Jessica Aggson
Ryan Amborn
Matt Conrad
Ron Mead
Also helping with set up and sign in were:
Deborah Bowers, Linda Hendy, and Grigger Jones
Over 25% of our club membership was involved in Take The Lead, in some way.
Chalk up another successful event for the Hollenbeck Files!
Rich Johnson
There is a photo album posted on the website which allows you to view a range of photos from the event.
Take The Lead conference was judged a success! Dutch Nichols 2015-01-28 00:00:00Z
Community and Global Projects supported by the Club
Youth Services:
       "Take The Lead" ethics and leadership conference                    
       Youth Financial Seminars
       Youth Vocational Seminars                
        Atascadero H.S. Scholarships ($28,000 in 2014)                
        RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)                
        Drama Dept Support Contributions             
        Atas/Paso Football Luncheon                
        Atas Athletic Foundation contributions                
        A.H.S Choir contributions               
        Interact (High School Service Club) support                
        4-Way Test essay contest                
Community Service or Fund Raisers:  
        Salvation Army Bell Ringers
        Loaves and Fishes contribution
        Boy Scouts of America contribution
        El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) Donations        
        Firefighters & Public Service BBQ
        Friends of Library contribution
        Colony Days contribution
        Colony Anniversary Celebration
        Atas Club Foundation contributions toward scholarships
        No. County Women's Shelter
        Atascadero High School Baseball Field upgrade
        Lighting the Lake Park
        Pavilion Rotary Room
        Exercise structures at the Lake Park
        Kitchen at the Traffic Way Community Center
        Shade structure over picnic tables, Lake Park
        Zoo structure for small monkeys.
        Park clean up effort.
        Landscaped a home for a family undergoing serious medical issues.
        Smoke alarms installed and/or battery replacement
        Major contribution to the Lake  Park Band Stand remodel/upgrade
        Major contribution to the Atascadero Fire Department Disaster Response Trailer
        Major contribution to the Atascadero Centennial celebration
        Upgrade to the Atascadero High Track
        Ten tables for the Tuesday night in the park summer community BBQ
 International Service:   
        Haiti Project
        Paul Harris Contributions
        Polio Plus towards eradication
        Shelter Boxes (Disaster supplies for families)
        International Rotary Projects and Matching Grants
This is a list of community and global projects supported by the Atascadero Rotary Club in the present and the past.
Community and Global Projects supported by the Club Rich Johnson 2015-01-27 00:00:00Z
Scholoars visit the club meeting!
Most of the students who received scholarship from the Atascadero Rotary Club attended a meeting this January to thank the club for the financial assistance and bring us up to date on what they are doing.  The range of higher education institutions span the country as well as a diverse range of majors.  The club was able to give out over $28,000 worth of scholarships last year.
Scholoars visit the club meeting! John Webster 2015-01-27 00:00:00Z
Roy McKee Receives Paul Harris Fellowship
At our club meeting on the 21st of January Roy Mckee was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship.  Roy is joined by his wife Jan and the plaque is awarded to Roy by President-Elect Tom Zirk.  Roy's investment in The Rotary Foundation will help Rotary Clubs throughout the world, as well as locally, help those in need to help themselves and make the world a better place for everyone.
Roy McKee Receives Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2015-01-27 00:00:00Z
Atascadero Rotary Birthday Party!
Atascadero Rotary Birthday Party! 2015-01-20 00:00:00Z
Successful 16th Annual Crab Feed!
The Rotary Club of Atascadero seated an estimated 216 people for the 16th annual crab feed dinner on Saturday, January 17.  This year’s fund raiser event was held at the Lake Pavilion, with Rotarians Don Idler and Ken Johnston co-chairing the event.  The Atascadero High School Interact Club provided wait staff, and the attendees generously tipped them $1270 for their efforts.  Prizes were awarded to three tables judged best decorated.  One family in attendance were from Hanford and said they found out about the event through an internet search for things to do this weekend as they traveled to the Central Coast to visit their son at college.  Many people were heard saying they would be back next year to enjoy in the fun, fellowship, and great food.  Check out the photo album of the event in the column to the right on this webpage and you can see if you or your table made it into any of the official photographs.
Successful 16th Annual Crab Feed! 2015-01-20 00:00:00Z
2014 Wine Rafle Winners!
2014 Wine Raffle prizes and winners:

1st: 120 bottles of wine and 3 months storage, Winner: Scott Brennan
2nd: One week vacation rental in Shaver Lake, Winner: Geoff Austin
3rd: Wine refrigerator, 42 bottle capacity, Winner has been notified
4th: Wine tasting & appetizers for 10 people at Pomar Junction Winery, Winner: Ken Johnston
5th: Wine tasting and food pairing for 8 people at Bon Niche Cellars, Winner: Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
6th: Wine tasting and food pairing for 8 people at Bon Niche Cellars, Winner: Steve Weymann
7th: Wine tasting and food pairing for 8 people at Birdland Cellars,, Winner: Steve Hodgson
8th: Wine tasting and food pairing for 8 people at Birdland Cellars, Winner: Sandi Ryan
9th: Two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards, Winner: Johnetta Pianosi
10th: Two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards, Winner: Shannon Bio
11th: Two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards, Winner: A. Brancart
12th: $30 gift certificate from Guest House Grill, Winner: Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
2014 Wine Rafle Winners! 2014-12-25 00:00:00Z
Crab Feed Party!
Don Idler and Ken Johnston are working to make this year’s Crab Feed the BEST EVER!!!  The Lake Pavilion will be the venue for the 16th Annual Crab Feed this year, to be held January 17, 2015.  Tickets have been distributed to Rotarians, but don’t fret if you do not have any yet you and friends want to attend.  The hall will hold 300 people, and we all can share tickets with each other.  Ken Johnston is coordinating ticket sales.  Take your extras to him, or call him (805-610-7186) to arrange to get tickets. 
Crab Feed Party! 2014-12-24 00:00:00Z
Happy Holidays, and the Best of the Incoming New Year!
Club members enjoyed the final 2014 club meeting on December 17th with signing of holiday songs by the Trio Bella Amore singers.  Members and several guests filled the tables and enjoyed chatting with friends and enjoyed our lunchtime meal.  A Santa hat was passed to collect monies that were presented to Joan, our waitress.  She was very pleased with our gesture of kindness, and said that we are all like family.  She had decorated up the Rotary Room with a holiday theme including Poinsettias and a lit Christmas Tree. 
May you ALL have a very BLESSED holiday period, and we’ll all join again, next year (Jan 7th) for more Rotary fun.
John Hollenbeck
Happy Holidays, and the Best of the Incoming New Year! 2014-12-21 00:00:00Z
Randy Krumland Resigns
Our dear long-time Rotary friend, Randy Krumland, announced his retirement after 24 years with our club, effective December 9, 2014.  His humor and energy will certainly be missed.  Randy identified a need to simplify his life which included making more times available for other things, and unfortunately, his time commitment to Rotary came up on his “relinquish time list”. 
My short time in this club results in memories of Randy’s wonderful and side-splitting humor.  His skill to arrange a comedown party and cleverly roast a soon-to-be past-president is legendary. 
We wish Randy and his wife Gemma so much fun, joy, and excitement in the new activities that they pursue!  Rock On!
John Hollenbeck
Randy Krumland Resigns 2014-12-21 00:00:00Z
Club Meetings are DARK on 24 Dec and 31 Dec
Reminder – Club Meetings are DARK Dec 24 and Dec 31
Our club meetings will be DARK on both December 24 and December 31, 2014.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you all!!!!  See you next year!!!!
Reminder!Club Meetings are DARK on 24 Dec and 31 Dec 2014-12-21 00:00:00Z
Thanks from the District Governor
Thanks from the District Governor 2014-12-21 00:00:00Z
Loaves and Fishes Thanks our club
Loaves and Fishes Thanks our club 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z
RISE Thanks club for donation
RISE Thanks club for donation 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z
Scholar - Jacqueline Wulff Thanks club
Scholar - Jacqueline Wulff Thanks club 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z
Guatemala Thanks!
Guatemala Thanks! 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z

EPIC-Challenge for Polio

This year's district conference is exceptionally important to the Rotary Club of Atascadero as Loretta Butts is our District Governor. The major events of the District Conference are the 200K cycling event from Paso Robles to Monterey and a cycle/run/walk event in Monterey's seaside walk. Both events are designed to help raise money for the Polio Plus campaign to end polio. Club members are encouraged to check with either Steve Hodgson or John Hollenbeck to see how you can help with this fun and important event. Click the web link below to take you to the event website.
Steve Hodgson will be representing our club on the 200k ride.  Steve is pictured below in the "Death Ride" which includes 5 mountain passes in the California Alps.  He will be doing the EPIC-Challenge ride to end polio on your behalf so that you don't need to.  What you do need to do is donate to the Rotary Polio fund on Steve's account:
EPIC-Challenge for Polio John Webster 2014-07-31 00:00:00Z
Diane Davies leaves for Virginia

Diane Davies is enroute to Virginia. Diane joined us to receive her Paul Harris Fellowship just before departing to the east coast with four dogs and a few household items. Diane will be living there for the next year or so before returning to her native California and rejoining our Club.



Diane Davies leaves for Virginia Thomas Zirk 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z

Donation to Firefighter's Charity Fun Run


Atascadero Rotary Club President Ken Johnston and Rotary
member Ryan McGaughey present Atascadero Fire Captain Matt Miranda,
Engineer/Paramedic Paul Netz and Reserve Firefighter Kevin French with a
sponsorship check for the Firefighters Annual Charity Fun Run at a recent
Rotary Club meeting.  The Rotary Club of Atascadero donated $100 to be a
T-Shirt Sponsor of the charity fun run and the Atascadero Rotary logo was on
every race t-shirt.

Donation to Firefighter's Charity Fun Run John Webster 2014-04-30 00:00:00Z

Rotary Peace Centers build a better future




Chris Offer, Rotary Club of Ladner, Canada

I recently visited the spring conference at Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center, one of six worldwide. As a supporter of the Rotary peace centers program, I had an opportunity to see firsthand how our support is being used.

Rhett Sangster, a Saskatchewan nominated for the program from my Rotary district in Ottawa, was one of twelve graduating peace fellows delivering a presentation that day. His unique and innovative explanation of the ongoing treaty negotiations with Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, known as First Nations, changed my ideas and perceptions about the process.

Sangster recently returned to Saskatchewan to work with the First Nations Treaty Commission after building an impressive resume with the Canadian Government working on external affairs in Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. During his talk, he assigned each of us in the audience different roles in visualizing the negotiations from a different person’s perspective. By looking at the land claims of the First Nations from a new stance, I realized there are many different paths to a just resolution of this complex issue.

Without fail, I have been impressed by the candidates selected to attend the peace centers.

Other talks included reducing trauma among social service workers in Bangkok, building trust in Palestine, promoting health issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and supporting democracy in Brazil. I was impressed and charmed by the new Rotary Peace Fellows. It was a marvellous opportunity to meet them personally and appreciate the investment Rotary has made in this program.

I have been part of my district’s selection committee that nominates Peace Center applicants. Without fail, I have been impressed by the candidates selected to attend the peace centers. Two years ago, my wife, Penny, and I decided we should do more personally to ensure the continued success of the program. We established an endowment fund with The Rotary Foundation to support the Rotary Peace Centers.

I am pleased with the dividend our endowment is paying. The Rotary Peace Centers are a sound investment, and I am convinced our future is in good hands.

Applications to the Peace Centers program are due 1 July. Learn more about the program and how to apply
Support our work to resolve conflict and build peace by making a gift to The Rotary Foundation, and learn more about endowment funds


Rotary Peace Centers build a better future John Webster 2014-04-25 00:00:00Z

Current and Past Club projects

Current and Past Projects Undertaken by Our Club to Benefit Our Communities                                                                 
(Source: 2013/14 Continuing Resolution, Actual and Budgeted Expenses, and Club Member survey)                    
    Youth Service                    
        "Take The Lead" leadership and ethics conference                    
       Youth Financial Seminar
       Youth Vocational Seminar                
        Atascadero H.S. Scholarships                
        RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)                
        Drama Dept Support Contribution                
        Atas/PR Football Luncheon                
        Atas Athletic Foundation contribution                
        A.H.S Choir contribution                
        Interact support                
        4-Way Test essay contest                
    Community Service or Fund Raisers    
        Salvation Army Bell Ringers
        Loaves and Fish contribution
        Boy Scouts of America contribution
        Firefighters BBQ
        Friends of Library contribution
        Colony Days contribution
        Colony Anniversary Celebration
        Atas Club Foundation contributions toward scholarships
        No. County Women's Shelter
        Atascadero High School Baseball Field upgrade
        Lighting the Lake Park
        Pavilion Rotary Room
        Exercise structures at the Lake Park
        Kitchen at the Traffic Way Community Center
        Shade structure over picnic tables, Lake Park
        Zoo structure for small monkeys.
        Park clean up effort.
        Landscaped a home for a family undergoing serious medical issues.
        Smoke alarms installed and/or battery replacement (for seniors?)
        Major contribution to the Lake  Park Band Stand remodel/upgrade
        Major contribution to the Atascadero Fire Department Disaster Response Trailer
        Major contribution to the Atascadero Centennial celebration
        Upgrade to the Atascadero High Track
        Ten tables for the Tuesday night in the park summer community BBQ
        Misc (Presidents Discretionary Funds)
    International Service    
        Haiti Project
        Paul Harris
        Polio Plus
        Shelter Boxes
        Echo Donations
        International Projects and Matching Grants

Current and Past Club projects John Webster 2014-04-25 00:00:00Z

Vocational commitee breaking new ground!

One of our projects, that centers around a website  www.rotarycareerhelp.org, is currently being built through the generous donation of John Joyner.  Our goal is to have a single point of opportunity for young people to help with their direction in choosing a career path or vocation.  We have compiled links for pertinent information; we will be the contact point for mentor/mentoring relationships and job shadowing; we will get requests for information on specific vocations that we will attempt to obtain, and we will continue to add video interviews of mostly local people, talking about their paths to their current vocations.  The interview videos are currently posted on YouTube.  When the website is up, the videos will play on  www.rotarycareerhelp.org  through an interface with YouTube.  The interviews are less than five minutes each (with the exception of John Hollenbeck's, who tends to be a bit wordy).

You can check out the interviews at www.youtube.com/user/RotaryClubAtascadero or go to www.youtube.com, and enter "Atascadero Rotary" in the search window at the top.

Dr. Deborah Bowers is leading the Four Way Test Contest, which we initiated last fall and had 39 entries.  We are hoping for even more participation this year.

We are hosting our second "Vocational Education Workshop" at Del Rio High on May 2nd.  We will have 10 to 12 speakers in various vocations, in several classrooms, presenting their stories to the students.  Our first workshop, held last December, was well received.

I want to thank Ryan Amborn, and John Hollenbeck for their consistent contributions to our committee, as well as other club members who have contributed from time to time.

We welcome your ideas and your service.  We meet monthly, the second Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 AM, at Denny's.  Visiting our meetings is not an obligation, come and enjoy what we are doing, or simply come as a fun way to have breakfast.

Rich Johnson
Rotary Club of Atascadero

Vocational commitee breaking new ground! John Webster 2014-04-23 00:00:00Z

District honors for two Atascadero members

Rotary Year 2014-15 District Leadership in our Area

The Rotary Club of Atascadero has a very distinct honor of having two individuals serving in important leadership roles for our District 5240 for Rotary Year (RY) 2014-15.  First off, our District Governor (DG) is our very own Loretta Butts.  Loretta is one of 537 District Governors (meaning there are 537 Districts within RI) throughout the Rotary world.  New members of our Club may not yet realize how Rotary International (RI) is organized, so briefly, each year there is a RI President (Gary C.K. Huang from the Rotary Club of Taipei is the RI President for RY 2014-15), and Loretta is one of his DGs.  Loretta’s Assistant Governor for our local area (Group 11 East) is our very own Ken Johnston.  This brings great pride for our Club to be represented so prominently.   

Here is a brief description of the District leadership that connects our Club up to DG Loretta:

Geographic Organization of District 5240.  A description of the District’s geographic organization helps understand our District leadership structure.  Starting from the top, and describing the structure downward:
•    District 5240 is subdivided into four regions, and our Club is located in Region 4.  Region 4 contains all clubs in SLO County, and the clubs in Santa Maria.  
•    Each region is further subdivided into three groups each; thus, in Region 4 is Groups 10, 11 and 12.  
•    Our Club is part of Group 11 which also includes the clubs in Paso Robles, Templeton, Cambria, Cayucos, Morro Bay, and Los Osos.  
•    During year 2014-15, Group 11 will be subdivided into East and West, with East containing our club, the two clubs in Paso Robles, and the Templeton Club.  

District Governor Loretta Butts (RY 2014-15).  Loretta joined the Rotary Club of Atascadero in 1994, and experienced the feeling and emotion of being a Rotarian in 2005 while on a National Immunization Day (NID) to Nigeria.  Loretta became the first president of the Rotary Club of Templeton in 2001 when that club was chartered, and returned to the Rotary Club of Atascadero in 2005.  She has resided on the Central Coast since 1989, and employed in the financial services industry since 1979.  Loretta is married to husband John, has three grown children, and 10 grandchildren, and her passion, following close behind her family, is Rotary and the changes that us Rotarians can make in the world.




Mark Furia, Region 4 Executive Assistant Governor.  Mark joined the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa in 2002.  In the year 2004/5 he held his first position as Vocational Service Chair and in the same year became Club Rotarian of the Year.  He has served in many positions including President 2008/9 and Assistant Governor 2011/12 and currently holds the District position of Awards and Recognition 2013/14.   Mark has been married to his wife “Babs” since 1977 and has lived in California since 1978 from Pittsburgh, Pa.  They have lived in San Luis Obispo since 1991 and have two grown sons.   Mark’s career was in the restaurant food industry for thirty years until 2000 when he joined Babs to work for a non-profit organization.  Babs and John Hollenbeck’s wife Monica are close friends, which further strengthen our Club’s connection with the District leadership.






Ken Johnston, Group 11 East Assistant Governor.  Ken joined the Rotary Club of Atascadero in 2008, and is the Club’s 2013/14 President.  He has served the club as fundraising chair, member of the board of directors, and named Rotarian of the Year.   Born in Canada and married to fellow Canadian Tracy, they reside in Atascadero and have two daughters.  He has developed a Rotary heart while serving in the organization for a short time period.  



District honors for two Atascadero members John Webster 2014-04-23 00:00:00Z

2012 Gordon Gearhart Scholar thanks Rotary

To: Mark Jensen

Sorry for the delay in responding I have been busy with finals the last week and finally have time to catch up on everything. Everything at Purdue is going extreamly well. I have most of my general ed classes finished and have started taking mostly major specific courses witch I am really enjoying. On the football field its was a bit of a rocky season following the complete coaching changing but things look good for the future and I am now at Middle Linebacker. All of this is possible because of the Rotary Scholarship and I am very appreciative of what Rotary does for the community. The scholarship has made buying books and all the other demands of class that much easier. I also have that much more understanding of the Rotary Club and hope to be a member in the future, so that I too can help make a positive impact on the community. Please let me know if you have any more questions as I would be happy to answer them.

Hope all is well at Atascadero Rotary,

Ryan DeBuskru

2012 Gordon Gearhart Scholar thanks Rotary John Webster 2014-04-23 00:00:00Z

Oral Healthcare Project in Brazil


The Project.  The Rotary Club of Santos, Brazil, 50 miles south of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, with a population of about 30-million) is located along the county’s Atlantic coast (see map for location), and they have developed a Global Grant Project called “Healthy Smile, Future with Hope” which provides oral care for the deprived population at various locations in Santos.  The Rotary Club of Paso Robles (Thursday Noon) is participating in the project (they are contributing $5000) and told your President-Elect John Hollenbeck about the project.  As the incoming president of your club, John had a vision to support a project in Brazil because his wife is from Rio de Janeiro, and his many trips to the County to visit in-law family have given him eyewitness accounts of the many less-fortunate people.  Furthermore, three of John’s in-law family members are dentists (please note that none are in Santos or affiliated with this Project, so there is no conflict of interest), and he has heard many accounts of poor oral healthcare of the people that live in the favela (Portuguese word for slums). 



John conducted a due-diligence of this project by asking the three dentists in our club to read the project abstract and offer their opinion of the proposed project.  All three provided positive feedback on the described project and identified the project as a worthwhile endeavor for our club’s consideration to support.  Each dentist expressed their professional opinion of the overwhelming crises of poor dental and oral care in the world, and praised this project’s goals in providing care in a part of the world needing this care.  John corresponded with the project’s coordinator, Mr. Roberto Luiz Barroso Filho, to confirm the need for support from our Club.  Mr. Barroso, and the 2013-14 president of the Santos club, Mr. Alexandre Alonso, have been corresponding back and forth in Portuguese, with John’s wife Monica serving as translator. 



Your Board of Directors’ Action.  Your Board of Directors took action at the March 25, 2014, meeting authorizing the Club’s support of this project in the amount of $5000 in Rotary Year 2014/15.  The support breakdown includes $1934 of the District Designated Funds (monies that come back to us as a return on investment of our contributions to the Rotary Foundation in year-three after that contribution) and $3066 cash contribution. 


Image Paperwork, and a Happy Brazilian Club.  Upon the Board’s approval, the signed forms for the transfer of the District Designated Fund amount of $1934 was submitted to our District 5240, and the Cash Contribution form for $3066 was submitted to the Rotary Club of Santos, along with an announcement of our Club’s support in the total amount of $5000 to the Healthy Smile, Future with Hope Project in Santos, Brazil.  The following e-mail was submitted back to John from Mr. Barroso – his words in Portuguese are followed with translation provided by Monica:



Caro Companheiro John

Dear fellow Rotarian John,


Não tenho palavras para agradecê-lo, bem como a todos os companheiros do R.C. de Atascadero !!!

I don't have enough words to thank you as well as all the fellow Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Atascadero!!


Este projeto é muito importante para a nossa cidade e região, a entidade beneficiada (Casa da Esperança de Santos) foi fundada e construída por companheiros do nosso Clube (R.C. de Santos) há 57 anos atrás e desde lá até hoje é administrada companheiros do clube. A Casa da Esperança é uma referência na nossa cidade.

This project is very important for our city and the entire region, the entity that is the beneficiary( Casa da Esperanca de Santos = Santos Hope House) was founded and built by fellow Rotarians of our club 57 years ago and since then, it's administered by fellow Rotarians of our club. The Casa da Esperanca( Hope House) is a point of reference in our city.


Ficaria muito honrado em recebê-los aqui na minha cidade, Santos, para visitar o projeto e alguns pontos turísticos.

I would be very honored to host you in my town, Santos, to visit the project and some touristic attractions/points.


Só preciso saber 1 ou 2 meses antes da Convenção de São Paulo quantas pessoas virão para que possa providenciar absolutamente tudo.

I just need to know how many of you are coming to the Convention in São Paulo at least 1 or 2 months ahead so I can make all the necessary arrangements.


Vou anunciar na próxima reunião a importante ajuda do seu clube ao nosso projeto, que com certeza será motivo de muita comemoração.

I'm going to announce at our next meeting the important help your club is giving to our project, and that for sure will be the reason for lots of celebration!


Mais uma vez muito obrigado.

Once again, thank you very much!


Abraço fraterno !!

Fraternal hugs!!


Roberto Barroso

PGD – 2009/10 – Distrito 4420

Past District Governor 2009/10, District 4420


Bureaucracy Strikes.  About 24-hours after all the forms were signed, submitted, and the announcement sent to Brazil of our support, and their gracious e-mail of appreciation sent back to us, we received an e-mail that, regrettably, the utilization of our District Designated Funds outside our District, and furthermore outside the United States for a project that we do not lead, is prohibited.  The delay in notifying us of this decision was because apparently the use of District Designated Funds in this manner had not been attempted before, and somebody had to check with Rotary International.  John has hence jokingly termed this the “Atascadero Ruling”, representing a buzz phrase of our Club trying to do something that you are not supposed to do!  John states, in his defense, that he discussed the utilization of the District Designated Funds in this manner at the March 3, 2014, Group 11 International Services Committee meeting, and with all the “grant-knowledgeable” people at that meeting, it was not judged by anyone that the proposed strategy to assist another club in need with District Designated Funds would ever been considered a violation of rules.  John’s philosophy is:  “okay… change the rules then!”  But, that is a strategy to be sorted out on a different day!


A Challenge Request to Raise $1934.  The monetary support by the Rotary Club of Atascadero to the Rotary Club of Santos was envisioned to be $5000, and John would very much like to honor that request.  Your Club’s Board of Directors has authorized $3066 in cash contributions to support the project, and John now would like to ask the individual members of the Club to consider stepping forward with personal donations in an effort to raise the $1934 since we cannot transfer our District Designated Funds to the project.  Please see John Hollenbeck or Father Matt Conrad at a weekly meeting, or call John at 458-7268, to discuss your individual contribution to assist in this matter.



Oral Healthcare Project in Brazil John Webster 2014-04-23 00:00:00Z

Get linked to the club on Facebook


To follow our club on Facebook just click this link:

Atascadero Rotary Facebook

Get linked to the club on Facebook John Webster 2014-02-26 00:00:00Z

Loretta Butts accepts a Paul Harris Fellowship


Loretta Butts was presented with another Paul Harris Fellowship. Loretta has been contributing to the Rotary Club Foundation and has come to understand the importance of making donations to the Foundation over many years. Should you choose to make donations a part of your life also you can contact our club's Rotary Foundation Chair, Davina Bergin, and she can get you started.
Loretta Butts accepts a Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z

Superbowl Pool Winners

The winners for the 2014 Superbowl pool are:
Instant Winners: $100 each-Joel Clay and JP
Coin Flip: $100-Dick Chafin
Grand Prize: $400-Joel Clay
1st Quarter: $100-Don Idler
Half Time: $100-Bob Winslow
3rd Quarter: $100-Ken Johnston

Thank you for playing. Fun thing to do.
Superbowl Pool Winners John Webster 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z

Winners of the Wine Raffle!


Wine Raffle Winners:

1. 10 cases of wine- #2569- Gary Brill
2. Vacation rental at Shaver Lake #363- Shari Long
3. 4 cases of wine #908 - Tony Wallace
4. Wine refrigerator #2650- Fr. Matt
5. Wine tasting & appetizers for 10 at Pomar Junction #2175 Cory Meyer
6. Wine Tasting and Food Paring from Bon Niche Cellars #4207John Falkenstien
7. Wine Tasting and Food Paring from Bon Niche Cellars #723 Nancy Farrell
8. Wine Tasting and Food Paring from Bon Niche Cellars #1525 Marilyn Waters
9. Wine Tasting and Food Paring from Bon Niche Cellars #4026 John Falkenstien
10. 3 bottles of La Zarre Wine #1976 Bill Minarik
11. Certificate for two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards #3108 Linda Hendy
12. Certificate for two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards #3856 Jens Hansen
13. Certificate for two bottles of wine from Vista Del Rey Vineyards #2141 Stan Marquis
14. Golf at Chalk Mountain Golf Course & 3 car washes from Atascadero 76 #1767 Robert Cook
15. Golf at Chalk Mountain Golf Course & 3 car washes from Atascadero 76 #3081 Wanda Ezell
16. $30 Gift Card to Guest House Grill #1515 Monica & John Hollenbeck

Not only was Lee Swam the member who sold the most tickets (130) but he also supplied the magic touch in picking the tickets for our winners.
Winners of the Wine Raffle! John Webster 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z

Scholars visit and write


At our club meeting we heard from three of the scholars that received scholarships from our club.

We also got two letters from scholars:



Scholars visit and write John Webster 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z

Four Way Tweet contest


Rotary club members Deborah Bower and Rich Johnson put together a contest for students at Atascadero High School with a twenty first century twist. Instead of a 4 Way Test Essay the high school students were challenged to come up with a 4 Way Tweet which explains their understanding and guidance from the Rotary 4 Way Test. The club select the final winner after all entries were honed down to five finalists. The winners also read their winning tweets at the "Take the Lead" conference.
Four Way Tweet contest John Webster 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z

New Member - Jessica Aggson!


Jessica Aggson was proposed for membership by John Donovan. She is a Realtor with ReMax Parkside Real Estate in Paso Robles and her classification is Realtor. Jessica graduated from Atascadero High School and is married to a Captain in the Atascadero Fire Department. She and her family live in Templeton where she is active in the Templeton Boosters Club and is currently involved with the "Up With Kids" program. Her hobbies include working out, hiking, and spending time with friends. She has an interest in working with youth and getting involved in the community through Rotary. Welcome aboard!
New Member - Jessica Aggson! John Webster 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z

Hounds get $1,000 from club football pool


Here is a photo that was taken at the high school with Dutch nichols and President Ken Johnston presenting the AHS Boosters with the big check for the Hounds Bearcats Football Pool. From left to right, Ken Johnston and Dutch Nichols, Rotary Club of Atascadero, Lisa Kuhnle President of the AHS Boosters, Sam De Rose Athletic Director AHS, Errick Hicks AHS student. Below is the pool matrix that made the Hounds and some club members winners.

Hounds get $1,000 from club football pool John Webster 2013-12-10 00:00:00Z

Even the innocent get Swammed


Our favorite Swami was able to gift one of our scholars who will be heading off to university in Victoria, BC. Lee Swam's endless warehouse of wonders and international generosity seems to have no bounds.

Even the innocent get Swammed</h2? John Webster 2013-12-10 00:00:00Z

New Member - Rachelle Rickard


Rachelle Rickard was proposed for membership by Ray Johnson and became a member at our lunch meeting on 20 November. Rachelle is the new Atascadero City Manager, replacing Wade McKinney. She has worked for the City for many years and most recently was the lead person on the rehab of the City Hall. Rachelle lives in Atascadero with her husband and 2 children. Her daughter attends the University of Alabama and her son is a first year student at Cal Poly.

Welcome aboard!
New Member - Rachelle Rickard John Webster 2013-12-10 00:00:00Z

Crab Feed Coming Soon!


Selling tickets and coming to the Crab Feed will make you this happy too!
This year's Crab Feed will be Saturday, January 18, 2014. Don Idler and John Hollenbeck are co-chairs again this year. Don has talked with Kelly, our crab supplier, and her husband will harvest fresh crab from the ocean somewhere near Oregon and they will be trucked to us fresh, not frozen. We found that the 350 pounds we ordered last year went in a hurry, so we intend to order much more this year.

Please pick up your packet of tickets tomorrow at the meeting so you can sell them over the holidays (there's not much time until the Crab feed, and we have several dark meeting days ahead). The fee is $50/ticket this year, and the price will cover wine, beer, soda and water that you can pick up from our Rotary Bar. Mixed drinks are available for a fee at the Rotary Bar. Ancient Peaks is our wine supplier. Firestone 805 beer (5 cases) are being donated by the Firestone Company.

We aim to seat 200 guests at the event, which is always a fun time enjoyed by club members, guests, and other friends.

Support our club, sell some ticket, and participate where you can. Sign up lists for committees to help will be made up and circulated.
Crab Feed Coming Soon! John Webster 2013-12-10 00:00:00Z

Mark your calendars!

Football lunch: Paso Robles club, Thursday 7 November, our club will be dark on Wednesday 6 November.

Four Way Test Essay contest: See Debra Bower to get any High School student to sign up for the contest. Cash prizes will be awarded.

RYLA: The club will be offering 6 students a trip to RYLA. If you know of any good candidates or would like to help, contact Ray Johnson

Mark your calendars! John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Interact Officers visit our club


Mary Corey, Interact adviser, introduced the new officers. The big project for the Interact club this year is offering assistance to the local Humane Society in Atascadero. The Interact club is a great way to make up for a missed meeting and it will only cost you $5 to attend a meeting. Show up at the high school about 10:45am for the meeting at 11:00am. If you do not know where the room is, just ask for Mary Corey's room when you check in at the school office. Upcoming meetings: October 28 and November 4, 18. The full schedule is on this website under the Site Pages: Committee Pages link in the upper left of the home page.
Interact Officers visit our club John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Art's art:

Art's art: John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Firefighters honored by our club again!


On the evening of 16 November our club joined with the Atascadero Firefighters to honor their dedication and hard work in keeping Atascadero safe. President Ken Johnston presided over the event as well as presented a new fire truck to fire chief Kurt Stone with the help of the new city manager Rachelle Rickard. The club provided the meat and bread for the dinner while the families of the firefighters provided the salad, beans and incredible desserts.



The cooking crew was led by John Neil with John Sanders as first mate.
Firefighters honored by our club again! John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle brochure available!


Beth Brennan has approved the brochure for the 2013 Wine Raffle fundraiser. All of the sponsors are listed as well as the details for the drawing and the programs that the money collected will be used for. Sell lots of tickets so that we can keep programs like the scholarships healthy and growing.
Wine Raffle brochure available! John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Renewable scholarship check presented


Mark Jensen presenting a scholarship check to our 2011 Renewable Scholarship recipient Amy Olsen. Amy is working on her general education requirements with a goal of becoming a speech and language pathologist with a specialty in communications disorders. The renewable scholarship can be renewed for up to four years.
Renewable scholarship check presented John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Todd B. Everett Memorial scholar


The first recipient of the Todd B. Everett Memorial Scholarship is Clint Ellis seen here with the Everetts, left to right Susan Everett, Clint Ellis, Oliver Everett ( Todd's son) Jennifer Everett ( Todd's wife) and Art Everett. The scholarship was organized and brought into existence through the work and effort of Todd's parents, Art( Rotarian) and Susan Everett. Clint is planning on attending the University of Victoria.
Todd B. Everett Memorial scholar John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Gordon Gearhart scholar


Rotarian Gordon Gearhart with the 2013 Gordon Gearhart Renewable Scholarship Recipient Jacqueline Wulff. Jacqueline plans on attending UC Davis beginning this fall. The scholarship is named in honor of Gordon as he was the club member who initially funded the scholarship program. This scholarship is renewable for 4 years.
Gordon Gearhart scholar John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Art's art:

Art's art: John Webster 2013-10-26 00:00:00Z

Open House at the President's abode

President Ken Johnston and his wife Tracy are opening their house for a social gathering of Rotarians on August 31, 2013.  The open house will start at 5:30pm and all members and spouses of Atascadero Rotary Club are invited.  If you have any questions be sure to ask our tall (but not the tallest) president at next Wednesday's meeting.
Open House at the President's abode John Webster 2013-08-15 00:00:00Z

Scholars visit our club


This year the Atascadero Rotary Club gave out over $18,000 in scholarships to graduating students at Atascadero High School. Club members Mark Jensen, Ken Johnston and Don Idler are pictured with school board member Donn Clickard and the student scholars.

Front row left to right:
Bailey Mason, Allie Warner, Anna Beraud, Jacqueline Wulff, Christine Curtis, Jillian McLenithan, Morgan Tompkins, Turner Kraus, Don Idler, Scholarship Committee
Back row left to right:
Mark Jensen, Scholarship Chair, Chad Lagomarsino, Adam Schwarm, Ken Johnston, Clint Ellis, Donn Clickard, AUSD school Board member.
Not pictured: Miriam Orozco Ramirez as she was unable to attend.
Scholars visit our club John Webster 2013-08-15 00:00:00Z

President Elect Nominee, Tom Zirk


Past president John Donovan announced that the club president for the 2015-16 year will be Tom Zirk. Tom is a long time Rotarian and has been a member of several Rotary Clubs. He has a great depth of experience in being a multi-year board member as well as being chairperson of the Rotary International foundation.
President Elect Nominee, Tom Zirk John Webster 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z

Davina is the Paul Harris Foundation champ


Davina Bergin, serial past president, was awarded her 6th Paul Harris Fellowship. Presenting the award is foundation chair, Tom Zirk, and our new president, Ken Johnston. Davina is a solid advocate of signing up for the automatic payment for the Rotary Foundation in that it makes being a great contributor easy. If you have any questions about how to set up automatic contributions, have a chat with Davina.
Davina is the Paul Harris Foundation champ John Webster 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z

President John sent out to pasture


The most coveted award for being club president is the framed past presidents gavel. John Donovan was presented with his suitable for wall hanging gavel by the new president, Ken Johnston. John served the club with a lofty enthusiasm and his leadership propelled the club to new heights.
President John sent out to pasture John Webster 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z

Centenial Brew presented by Lee Swam


With the 100 year anniversary of Atascadero at hand, what better way to celebrate than with a Centennial Brew beer. Lee Swam found that there is a type of hops named Centennial and he had Central Coast Brewing cook up a batch so that we could celebrate in Atascadero. The labels celebrate the city and Lee will keep the suds flowing. Our club has donated $5,000 towards the Atascadero Centennial celebration with many members, including Lee, playing key roles in the planning and execution. Lee is taking orders for the beer!
Centenial Brew presented by Lee Swam John Webster 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z

Rotarian of the Year - John Joyner


As president John Donovan gave his farewell lunch meeting he announced the Rotarian of the Year for 2012-2013. The honor goes to a well deserving John Joyner who has made his mark on the club with behind the scenes efforts in the speakers, website, newsletter and membership committees. His contributions have not stopped there as he has always been one to step up the the plate when administrations need some help. His more public side is in the creative and out of the box comments during meetings and when a speaker might need a bit of prodding in the question time. Congratulations John!
Rotarian of the Year - John Joyner John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Comedown party sees John Donovan into retirement


President John Donovan became past president at his comedown party on 26 June. John had a great run as president and literally presided over the club as he is by far the tallest president that the club has ever had. He is now off to a well deserved Rotary reprieve to get charged up for his role as immediate past president and resume the role of Abraham Lincoln. The Donovan administration shined in many ways but his goal of funding the Atascadero Rotary Scholarship Foundation was outstanding in that over $19,000 was added to the endowment in his year.
Comedown party sees John Donovan into retirement John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

AHS Robotics Team visits our club


At our meeting of 17 July the robotics team from Atascadero High School gave a presentation to our new president, Ken Johnston, in thanks for the support that our club has given the team over the years. Our club will be making a donation to the team later this year to help them with the start of the competition season in January 2014. The AHS robotics team has scored several international championships and is hoping to score again next year.
AHS Robotics Team visits our club John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Scholar sends Thank You letter

Dear Atascadero Rotary Ganpule Family Scholarship,

    It is with extreme gratitude that I write this letter of thanks to you. My name is Miriam Orozco Ramirez. I am the proud recipient of the Atascadero Rotary Ganpule Family Scholarship for 2013-2014 at the University of Notre Dame De Namur. I really appreciate your support and kindness. This scholarship will substantially lessen the financial burden on my family and will also allow me to devote a greater amount of time to my studies.

I was born into a family where the children were to learn the importance of hard work. We lived in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico and by the age of seven we found ourselves on the way to America. The struggles and the many financial difficulties that my parents have had till this day have become my drive to work hard for my goals and to one day be able to give back to them. They have taught me to always have a focus by never giving up, on appreciating what you have, and being willing to work hard for what you want. I will pursue my college education with the same commitment, dedication, and focus as I have since I arrived in America.

In August I will be attending Notre Dame De Namur University while also pursuing my dream as a recruited Cross Country runner for Division II. Because of the help of my parents and your generosity, I am grateful and do not take for granted my own opportunity for education.

Thank you again for the generosity that will help me reach my goals.

On August 7th the day for the distribution of the scholarship money, I’m sad to say I won’t be able to attend because I will be in Mexico with my grandparents that I haven’t seen in 7 years celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Miriam Orozco Ramirez

Scholar sends Thank You letter John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Donation to Boy Scouts camping trip


The Atascadero Rotary Club has made a donation to our local Boy Scout Troupe which is mentored by our own Jay DeCou. A check was presented by president John Donovan in the amount of $ $770.00 to help with the costs of sending the troupe on a camping trip.
Donation to Boy Scouts camping trip John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Club makes donation to Lighthouse program


President John Donovan presented Donn Clickard a check for $1,000 for the Lighthouse project in Atascadero. Lighthouse is a joint effort of the schools, city and police department in Atascadero to keep kids from taking drugs. Supporting the children of Atascadero is a prime focus of the Rotary Club and the Lighthouse program is a fresh approach to the drug problems of our youth.
Club makes donation to Lighthouse program John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Women's Shelter donation


President John Donovan presented a donation to the Atascadero Women's Shelter in the sum of $ 750.00. Our club has been a long term supporter of the shelter and because of the fundraising prowess of the club this year John was able to keep up the tradition of support for the Women's Shelter.
Women's Shelter donation John Webster 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z

Scholarships presented to AHS Students


The largest project that our club undertakes is to present almost $20,000 in scholarships through our club foundation to seniors from Atascadero High School to assist them in furthering their education. The committee has an extensive interview program to select the most suitable students to receive one of the 12 scholarships that our club offers. The winners for this year are:

The Rotary Scholarship 2013 winners:

Ganpule Family Scholarship:    Miriam Orozco Ramirez
Don Hanauer Scholarship:      Christine Curtis
Clark Herman Scholarship:    Anna Beraud
Joanne Main Scholarship:      Chad Lagomarsino
Ted McCarty Scholarship:    Morgan Tompkins
Woody Miller Scholarship:      Jillian McLenithan
Woody Miller Scholarship:    Adam Schwarm
Toni Maretto Scholarship:      Turner Kraus
Howard Rasmussen Scholarship:    Allie Warner
Todd B. Everett Memorial Scholarship:      Clint Ellis
Gordon Gearhart Scholarship:    Jacqueline Wulff
Renewable Scholarship:      Bailey Mason

The members who dedicate their time to the scholarship committee are Ted Jacobson, Mark Jensen, Dick Chafin, Ken Weathers, Randy Krumland and Don Idler as well as every member of the club who helps raise the money and support the scholarship foundation.
Scholarships presented to AHS Students John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

Rotary International Citation for Interact!


The Atascadero High School Interact club has been awarded a special recognition by the international president of Rotary, Sakuji Tanaka. Accepting the award is Mary Corey the Interact adviser teacher at Atascadero. Mary has been the adviser and spark plug for many years and this presidential citation is well deserved. President John Donovan is presenting the award. The Interact club meets on Monday mornings and it is a great place to do a make up as well as get to know the Interactors and Mary. Check the club website for which Mondays during the school year of the meetings.

Rotary International Citation for Interact! John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

Friends of the Library donation


At our club meeting a donation of $500 was made by our club to Friends of the Library and accepted by Grenda Ernst. The check was presented by Tom Zirk and president John Donovan. The library has completed the purchase of a new building but still needs a lot more money to complete the interior of the building so that Atascadero can enjoy our new, bigger library. If you would like to make a personal contribution you can visit their website at:

Friends of the Library donation John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

AHS Spring Financial Workshop club project


One of our club's major community projects is to hold a two day workshop for seniors in economics class at Atascadero High School. Chairman Paul Parotti created and has managed the workshops for three years engaging hundreds of students. Club members donate their time to bring the students valuable information so that they can transition into independent adult life with greater financial success. There is one two day session in the fall and another in the spring. The topics presented and the club members presenting were:

Banking: Ryun McCrory and Carol Bezkostny
Insurance: John Donovan and Chris Molina
Credit: Paul Parotti and Davina Bergin
Investments: Paul Parotti and Randy Krumland
Currency: John Webster

If you have any interest in getting involved it the financial workshops starting next school year be sure to express your interest to Paul Parotti.
AHS Spring Financial Workshop club project John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

Family BBQ event a great success!


President John Donovan set up an evening meeting in place of our usual lunch meeting that was hosted by Ted Jacobson at his California Meridian building. There were lots of kids and some old friends of the club came to join in with club members and their families. Lots of help from club members such as Ross Tenhaefff as the bar chairman and Steve Hodgson as club service. The weather helped out by being a beautiful Atascadero evening.
Family BBQ event a great success! John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

Quartet Paul Harris Fellowships awards


The Paul Harris fellowship from a club quartet was awarded by our current Rotary Foundation chairperson, Tom Zirk.  Linda Hendy was the winner in her quartet and received her Paul Harris Fellowship certificate at our club meeting. If you are interested in participating in a quartet you can contact either Tom or Davina Bergen for details.
Quartet Paul Harris Fellowships awards John Webster 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z

Two new members inducted to our club


Two new members were inducted into our club at last week's meeting. Bob Winslow is really not that new in that he was a member of the club but needed to drop out because of a job location change. He was sponsored back into the club by Ken Johnston. A truly new member is Andrew (Drew) Lewis who was sponsored by Ted Jacobson. Drew works as VP of Marketing at Meridian Insurance and is engaged to Ted's daughter. Welcome aboard to both!
Two new members inducted to our club John Webster 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z

New members get down payment on Paul Harris


Tom Zirk, Rotary Foundation Chair, has presented our two new members, John Sanders and Cory Black, with a $100 down payment on their first Paul Harris Fellowship. All new members of the club are primed with a $100 donation from the club to help them get started with Paul Harris Fellowships.
New members get down payment on Paul Harris John Webster 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z

Don Giessinger presents Paul Harris Fellowship


Last year Don Giessinger won the Paul Harris Fellowship award that was presented to the members who had the luck to draw an exemption and the further luck to be pulled out of a hat to win the Paul Harris Fellowship. Don has decided to award the Paul Harris to Judy Essman.
Don Giessinger presents Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z

Atascadero HS performs Fiddler on the Roof



The drama department of Atascadero High School came to our lunch meeting and performed several numbers from their upcoming production of "Fiddler on the Roof". The amount of work that the cast has put into this production was on display as they sang and performed flawlessly for our club. The play will be performed at the Junior High School performance building from April 25th until May 5th. The play is directed by Catherine Kingsbury and the tickets are only $13 for general admission.


Atascadero HS performs Fiddler on the Roof John Webster 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z

Club donates $1,000 to Loaves and Fishes


The Atascadero Rotary Club had a Superbowl pool with many winners from the club. The profits of the pool were presented to Jackie Lerno, chairperson of Loaves and Fishes, as a donation to help with the non-profit organization and their ongoing expenses. Club president, John Donovan, presented the check.
Club donates $1,000 to Loaves and Fishes John Webster 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z

Crab Feed Success!


The crab feed was a great success this year. The fresh crab was donated by Ryan Stoltz Concrete Pumping. Not only did they donate the crab but they cleaned it and delivered it to the Colony Inn.


The joint chair persons of the crab feed were Don Idler and John Hollenbeck. Along with the large number of club members who volunteered they were able to net over $7,000 for the club coffers. In addition the crab feed revenues, John Hollenbeck donated a case of wine which was raffled for over $800. Not only was the event a financial success but it was a lot of fun too!
Crab Feed Success! John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

Lincoln trivia for Mr. President


President John Donovan does a great Lincoln. He donates a great deal of his time to delivering the messages that President Lincoln believed were important. You can test president John on some Lincoln trivia to keep him on his historical toes:

1) How many daughters did President Lincoln have? There are two pictured.
2) What state was Lincoln born in?
3) What did the king of Siam offer to President Lincoln to help with his war efforts?

Good luck!
Lincoln trivia for Mr. President John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

Interact has a bake sale!


The Atascadero High School Interact club took over our Valentine's Day lunch meeting and made sure that our desserts were great. The members of the Interact club made a range of delicious desserts for the members of the Rotary Club to bid on so that the Interact club could raise some money and the Rotarians could enjoy making their waistlines larger. The Interact club raised over $400 that will be donated to their project for the year.
Interact has a bake sale! John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

Space shuttle lands in LA


Looking for a great trip with the kids or the grandkids?  Head on down to Exposition Park in LA and for just $10 you can spend as long as you like inspecting the space shuttle Endeavour.   The chance to see an important part of the history of our country is well worth the drive and you will be very surprised at what a spectacular sight it is to see a space shuttle up close.
Space shuttle lands in LA John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

President Elect Nominee shots hoops


John Hollenbeck, who will be president of our club in 2014, was one of the participants in our Cal Poly women's basketball event at Mott gym on 19 January 2013. There was a great turnout of members of the Atascadero Rotary and Cal Poly put on quite a show with a decisive win over the Gauchos of UCSB. It was a good mixer of the local Rotary clubs and Cal Poly.
President Elect Nominee shots hoops John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

Scholar sends an update

I recently completed my first quarter of my sophomore year here at Cal Poly. My Studies as well as athletics are going well. My over all GPA is a 3.05 and I am hoping to keep on raising that number. I had my last football game on December 1st; we were able to make it to the second round of the FCS playoffs and finished with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses. I Started 2 games at tackle and I started every game at long snapper. I was also able to get quite a bit of playing time at tackle in several other games. I want to thank you for your financial help with my schooling, with out that help, my studies would not have been possible. Thank you again. I appreciate it very much.


Weston Walker
Scholar sends an update John Webster 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z

Game Night for Rotary


As discussed at today's meeting and mentioned many, many times since November, in lieu of Casino NIght, we are participating in a District-wide Polio Plus fundraiser at a Cal Poly Women's Basketball Game on Saturday, January 19 at Cal Poly's Mott Gymnasium. I am personally going to buy the first 15 tickets at $4 each and will personally donate $6 per ticket to Polio Plus on behalf of the Club. We already have 15 tickets spoken for, but I am sending this email to solicit more participation. If you were at the meeting today, you heard Coach Mimnaugh and the passion she has for coaching and the development of her young adult student athletes. I am going to order the tickets in the next few days. Group tickets are only $4 each, but if you wait until game day to buy them at the door, they will cost $8 each. There will be refreshments (beer and wine available for free before the game) and light snacks too. This is an excellent opportunity for fellowship for our Club and fellowship with members of other clubs. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you'd like to buy tickets. The total cost of a ticket is only $10 and I can promise you it will be a fun event and you will not be disappointed. Please let me know ASAP. Call me at the office at 466-7744 or send me an email.
Game Night for Rotary John Webster 2013-01-14 00:00:00Z

Tom O'Malley recognized for community service


Tom O'Malley, the new mayor, was honored for his community service by the Rotary Club of Atascadero with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Tom Zirk, the Rotary Foundation chairman, and Ray Johnson, former mayor and past president of the Atascadero Rotary Club, presented the award to Tom.
Tom O'Malley recognized for community service John Webster 2013-01-14 00:00:00Z

Atascadero Rotary donation to Loaves and Fishes


The Atascadero Rotary Club presented the chairperson of Loaves and Fishes, Jackie Lerno, with a check for $2,000 to help with the vital task of getting food to those in need in our community. In addition to the check from the Rotary Club treasury there was a voluntary collection of the members at the meeting which netted an additional $1,400. Donations of cash are always welcome as it allows the organization to expand their services to help those in need.
Atascadero Rotary donation to Loaves and Fishes John Webster 2013-01-14 00:00:00Z

Marmoset Enclosure Dedication

Image On Friday, 16 November, the new Marmoset enclosure was dedicated at the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero. The new enclosure was constructed using a grant from Carl Billings, president of Atascadero Rotary in 2009. Attending the event was current club president, John Donovan along with other club members as well as the current district governor Frank Ortiz. Members of the city council were also on hand to dedicate the new exhibit at the zoo.  Thanks to Tom Zirk for putting the dedication together.
Marmoset Enclosure Dedication John Webster 2012-11-18 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle Drawing Winners!


The wine raffle drawing took place at the lunch meeting of the Atascadero Rotary Club on 14 November 2012. Pictured is Rotary Club President John Donovan (the tallest one) along with the members of the wine raffle committee, Steve Hodgson, Ken Johnston and Beth Brennan. The big winner is standing next to Beth; John Hollenbeck. Below is a list of the winners and the prizes that they won. Thanks to everyone who participated.

2012 Winners:
1 John Hollenbeck, 10 cases of wine
2 Allison Bradshaw, Shaver Lake (sold by John Donovan)
3 Yvonne Webster, 4 cases of wine
4 Lynn Janeway, 42 bottle refrigerator
5 Cherie Jones , Case of wine from Vista del Rey
6 Judy Peterson, Vista del Rey Vineyards, 3 bottles
7 Shawn Smith, Vista del Rey Vineyards, 3 bottles
8 Mark Crisp, Boniche Cellars, 2 bottles
9 Barbara Pearson, Boniche Cellars, 2 bottles
10 Rick Dawley, Birdland Cellars, 2 bottles
11 Glenn Baldwin, Birdland Cellars, 2 bottles
12 Paul Buschur, 2 nights at Vine Street RV Resort
13 Mark Donelly, Guest House Grill gift certificate
14 Don Idler, Galaxy theatre tickets
Wine Raffle Drawing Winners! John Webster 2012-11-17 00:00:00Z

Rotary in Atascadero Colony Days Parade


The Atascadero Colony Days parade has a long history of showing off the current residents and the history of Atascadero. We were graced by many equestrian entries but this one was special in that they were flying the Rotary banner.
Rotary in Atascadero Colony Days Parade John Webster 2012-11-13 00:00:00Z

Football Lunch Touchdown!


The Rotary Club of Atascadero hosted the Paso-Atascadero football lunch this year and it was a great show of teamwork from both clubs and school districts. The speakers this year were players from the past from both Paso and Atascadero who spoke of their experiences on the grid iron in their respective years. The current players and cheer staff mixed company for a good huddle before the game that took place the following Friday.

Football Lunch Touchdown! John Webster 2012-11-13 00:00:00Z

Firefighters' BBQ and $2,000 check presentation


The annual Firefighters' BBQ was a three alarm success on Wednesday October 17th. The event is organized for a mixer and dinner to honor the Atascadero firefighters. The Rotary Club of Atascadero presented a check for $2,000 for use with the disaster relief truck that the firefighters have constructed to help with emergencies like our last earthquake. The truck is pictured along with the firefighters, Rotarians and their families. When an emergency strikes, the truck will be used to provide material and machines to assist the firefighters in saving lives and property.


The plaque is above the bay in the truck that Rotary has donated funds for.


This is the equipment bay on the truck that Rotary has funded.
Firefighters' BBQ and $2,000 check presentation John Webster 2012-10-18 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle Video!

Beth Brennan has produced this You Tube video for our club so that it is even easier to sell tickets! Send a link to the video with your emails asking your friends, family and business associates to buy lots of tickets! Here is the link:

Wine Raffle Video! John Webster 2012-10-18 00:00:00Z

Interact is up and running for makeups

There is no easier way to do a makeup if you miss a club meeting.  Pictured above is the new board of directors along with Mary Corey the Interact faculty adviser.  Here are the dates that Interact will be meeting this year:
September: 10, 17, 24
October: 1, 15, 22, 29
November: 5, 26
December: 3, 10
It is very easy to do.  Go to the parking up by the admin building.  Go into the office just by the parking lot on the west side of the building and check in.  If you do not know where Mary Corey's room is, just ask at the check in desk.  It is very close to the parking lot.  Bring $5 at 11:00am and you will have a fun half hour and get a makeup.  If you have any questions ask Chris Molina, Club Interact coordinator.
Interact is up and running for makeups John Webster 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z

District Governor visits Atascadero Club

The district governor, Frank Ortiz, and his wife Scottie visited our club at our lunch meeting on 29 August 2012.  Frank gave a rousing talk about Rotary and to punctuate his interest in our club he was the first person to purchase 5 tickets to our Wine Raffle.  Pictured along with the governor and his wife is Ken Johnston, Wine Raffle Chair, and Ted Jacobson who is in charge of passing out the tickets so that you can buy as many as you can sell.
District Governor visits Atascadero Club John Webster 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z

ECHO Walk-A-Thon, Rotary Members Participate

The Club has made a $250 donation for the ECHO Long Walk Home fundraiser held on August 25th. The Club's $250 donation is actually an entry fee for a team of 7 to represent the Club in the Walk.   Including the kids and friends we ended up with a lot more than 7!  It was a beautiful day, a great turnout and a successful fundraiser for ECHO.
ECHO Walk-A-Thon, Rotary Members Participate John Webster 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z

Make up Online!

Here is another website that makes making up on line really easy!  Check it out and keep your attendance perfect.

Make up Online! John Webster 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z

Special Fellowship Meeting this Wednesday

This is just a friendly reminder that we are holding a Rotary Family picnic this week in lieu of our normal meeting.  This week's meeting will begin at 5:00 pm at the Pavilion on the Lake.  There will be NO program; only fun and fellowship.  The Rotary Bar will be in attendance as well as horseshoes, Petanque and other games in the park.  The side doors will be open and I hope the weather cools down enough so we can mingle and mosey between indoors and outdoors.  All members will be billed $20 so please make the picnic fun and bring a guest!
Special Fellowship Meeting this Wednesday John Webster 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z

Scholars come to our club!


At our last Atascadero Rotary Club meeting scholarship recipients from the Atascadero High School class of 2012 were luncheon guests and received their scholarship money.

In the picture L to R: Donn Clickard- Atascadero School Board member, Ryan DeBusk- Rotary Gordon Gearhart Renewable Scholarship winner, Taylor Sturtevant- Rotary Hanauer Scholarship winner, Jessie Hufstetler- Rotary Woody Miller Scholarship winner, Caleb Mott- Rotary Woody Miller Scholarship winner, Madison Sills- Rotary Herman Scholarship winner, Megan Greenaway- Rotary McCarty Scholarship winner, Davina Bergin- Atascadero Rotary Scholarship committee. Mark Jensen-Atascadero Rotary Scholarship chairperson, Chris Molina - Past Atascadero Rotary President, Don Idler- Rotary Scholarship committee.

Scholarship recipients unable to attend the luncheon include: Ellen Davis- Renewable Scholarship winner, Erin Morey- Rotary Rasmussen Scholarship winner, Emilie Boege- Rotary Toni Naretto Scholarship winner, Ilona Istenes- Rotary Ganpule Family Scholarship winner, Stephanie Tonegato- Joanne Main Scholarship winner.
Scholars come to our club! John Webster 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z

New member - Ryan McGaughey


Ryan McGaughey, D.C., was inducted into our club at our meeting on 8 August 2012. His classification is Chiropractor. He was sponsored by Grigger Jones. Ryan was an athlete at Atascadero High School, excelling in football and baseball. He is a graduate of UC Davis, and the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is married to Dr. Carolyn Jones. He is active in the Atascadero High School Boosters, North County Young Professionals, and the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome aboard Ryan!.
New member - Ryan McGaughey John Webster 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z

New Member - Ryun McCrory


Ryun McCrory has been inducted into our club and he was sponsored by Dutch Nichols. Ryan works for Founders Community Bank and his classification is banking. He grew up in Atascadero and graduated from A.H.S. and attended Cal Poly. Ryan was formerly at Santa Lucia Bank and is currently a Board member and Ambassador for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome to the club Ryun!
New Member - Ryun McCrory John Webster 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z

He's coming!


It all starts over again this coming Wednesday.  Our new president, John Donovan, will be taking the union by storm and it is not a meeting that you will want to miss.  This will be the first meeting that will be run from the stratosphere where the air is thin but the views are probably great.  See you there!
He's coming! John Webster 2012-07-07 00:00:00Z

Paul Harris Fellowship awarded

At our lunch meeting on 20 June 2012 Art Everett and his wife Susan were pleased to honor their son, Todd Everett, with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Todd has faced many challenges in his life over the last few years and has dealt with them with grace and courage. It was a pleasure to see Todd at our lunch meeting to receive his award.
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded John Webster 2012-06-21 00:00:00Z

The Alligator strikes again!


Beth Brennan was the lucky winner of the Ragin' Cajun alligator on the meeting last Wednesday. Beth not only donated $10 to the Joanne Main scholarship fund but also proudly wore the alligator hat throughout the meeting. Great spirit!
The Alligator strikes again! John Webster 2012-06-01 00:00:00Z

Donation to Women's Shelter


At our last lunch meeting, 30 May 2012, president Chris Molina presented a check for $500 to Jennifer Adams, executive director, of the Atascadero Women's Shelter. This money will be used for the improvement of local women and children's lives as well as for their protection. Jennifer gave a very interesting talk on how the money will be used in Atascadero.
Donation to Women's Shelter John Webster 2012-06-01 00:00:00Z

Paul Harris awarded to Ellen Davis -

past Interact president


Does seeing Ellen up at the lectern bring back some memories of outsized fines? It should! When Ellen was president of Interact she took over our club meetings twice and made the club's coffers flush.

Ellen has done more than just Interact. She has been very active throughout her career at Atascadero High School and this year organized a 5k run in Atascadero to benefit the Atascadero Library. Because of her outstanding service to both Rotary and the community the club has awarded Ellen with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Ellen will be going to UC Davis (chosen because of her name?) and will come back and give us reports next year.
Paul Harris awarded to Ellen Davis - past Interact president John Webster 2012-06-01 00:00:00Z

New Member - Cory Black


Cory Black became a member of the club on May 30th. He was proposed for membership in the Atascadero Rotary Club by Tom Zirk. Cory is in Public Relations and owns Public Policy Solutions, Inc. Cory lives in Atascadero with his wife Whitney and two children Aubrey, 5 and CJ, 17 months. His parents live in Paso Robles. Cory graduated from San Francisco State and earned a masters degree at George Washington University. He is active in the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce and just completed his year as Exalted Ruler of the Atascadero Elks. His classification would be Public Relations. Welcome aboard Cory!
New Member - Cory Black John Webster 2012-06-01 00:00:00Z

Memorial service for Chuck Holdridge

The memorial service for Chuck Holdridge will be held at 11:00 am, Saturday, May 19, at the Elks Lodge.  A BBQ lunch and reception will follow at the Elks Lodge.  Chuck was a member of the club and was well known throughout Atascadero as he was active in the Chamber and golfing as well a good friend to Rotary even when he was not a member.
Memorial service for Chuck Holdridge John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

Swam the Swammer!


At our 7 March 2012 meeting it was a special event to be able to Swam the Swammer but giving Lee Swam a gift instead of the other way around. Lee has earned a reputation across north county as the bearer of gifts. His memory is impressive in that he will remember what is special to so many people, he will collect and pass out personalized gifts and he can keep his huge inventory of items in his head for easy access. The event at our meeting was a salute to the genius of gifting, the master of mementos and the connoisseur of contraband.
Swam the Swammer! John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

Club Donation to Loaves and Fishes


At our lunch meeting on 2 May 2012 President Chris Molina presented a check for $2,000 to Jackie Lerno, Chairperson of Loaves and Fishes as well as a member and past president of our club. The organization is a local charity whose goal is to provide food for local needy people. In addition to the donation from our club, three club members built two benchs in front of Loaves and Fishes to make the wait a little more comfortable. Those members are Ken Weathers, John Hollenbeck and Jim Corey.
Club Donation to Loaves and Fishes John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

Ethics Conference 2012 Success!


The 2012 Leadership and Ethics conference for the students at Atascadero High School was held on 22 March 2012 at the Pavilion on Atascadero Lake. There was a great turnout of club members as well as our master of ceremonies, Mitch Massey, and the keynote speaker, District Governor Wade Nomura. This year 43 students attended and took part in training games and debates of ethical scenarios. The judge was Ken Johnston and the event was a success in getting the high school students involved in the debate and understanding of ethics in their lives. Thanks to Ken Weathers for being the committee chair as well as the sparkplug. Many thanks to the great number of members and non-members who contributed time and effort for this conference to be a success.
Ethics Conference 2012 Success! John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

New Member - Tom Moore


Tom Moore was proposed for membership in the club by Jay DeCou. Tom is co-owner and Vice-President of Semmes & Co., Builders, Inc. His classification is "Home Builder". Tom has lived in Atascadero for 17 years. He enjoys golfing, surfing, and spending time with his grandchildren. We are looking forward to building a great relationship with Tom.
New Member - Tom Moore John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

New Member - Ross Tenhaeff


Ross Tenhaeff was proposed for membership in the Rotary Club of Atascadero by Jackie Lerno. Ross is a loan officer at Mission Community Bank. He is a 2002 graduate of AHS and a 2007 graduate of Cal Poly majoring in Agricultural Business with a concentration in Finance and Appraisal. Ross is married and has a 3 1/2 year old son. Ross and his wife Brittany are expecting a baby girl in early March. Ross enjoys lakes in the summer and mountains during the winter. He enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, snowboarding and spending time working around his house. Ross is active in North County Young Professionals, Relay for Life and SLO Great Danes group. Welcome aboard Ross!
New Member - Ross Tenhaeff John Webster 2012-05-07 00:00:00Z

Rotary Wine Raffle Raised $12,650


Big THANK YOU to the
Wine Raffle Committee members:

John Webster, Ted Jacobson,  Loretta Butts, John Joyner, Rich Johnson,  Steve Hodgson,   Chris Molina, Don Price, Ken Johnston, and Davina Bergin

From Beth Brennan

Big THANK YOU to the donors:
California Meridian Insurance & The Yellow Rose Inn, Idler's Appliances, Starna Cells & Perfector Scientific, Bon Niche & Birdland Cellars, Ancient Peaks Winery, Halter Ranch Vineyard, Best Western PLUS Colony Inn, Access Publishing, People Choice Heating & Air, North OCunty Physical Therapy, El Camino Wine Storage, Vista Del Rey Vineyards, Atascadero 76,  Richard Chafin CPA, Jim Stanco, Poalillo Vineyards, SLO County Signs, Cal Terra Trattoria, Guest House Grill, Rabobank.

THANK YOU to all the Rotarians who donated wine and sold tickets.

We could not have done it without YOU ALL!

Rotary Wine Raffle Raised $12,650 John Webster 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle Winners!

Picking the winners! President Chris Molina draws one of the winning tickets that were mixed with vigor by John Joyner. Here is the list of winners:

1st Prize:
10 cases of wine donated by Rotarians: Joe Grebmeier

2nd Prize:
Week vacation Rental in Shaver Lake donated by Ted Jacobson: Steve McCann

3rd Prize:
4 cases of wine donated by local wineries: Doug Shaw

4th Prize:
42 bottle wine fridge donated by Don Idler: Becky Silva

5th Prize:
Framed Artwork donated by Mark Jensen: Jim Frame

6th Prize:
2 night stay at Atascadero Best Western Colony Inn: Kathy Marcove

7th Prize:
3 bottles of wine and private tasting for 12 at Birdland Cellars: Mark Corella

8th Prize:
3 bottles of wine and private tasting for 12 at Birdland Cellars: George Sabo

9th Prize:
2 bottles of wine and private tasting for 12 at Bon Niche Cellars: Linda & Greg Modica

10th Prize:
2 bottles of wine and private tasting for 12 at Bon Niche Cellars: Janet Reyes

11th Prize:
$50 gift cert to Calterra: Matt Conrad

12th Prize:
$30 gift cert to Guest House Grill: Lindsay Waugh
Wine Raffle Winners! John Webster 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z

New Member, Rita Carr

Ken Weathers proposed Rita Carr for membership in the club and she was inducted at our meeting on February 23, 2012.  Rita is the general manager of Galaxy Theatres. She moved to Atascadero from Las Vegas to open the theatre for Galaxy last March.  She had been a theatre manager for Galaxy in Las Vegas.  Rita looks forward to living in a smaller community and getting involved with community affairs.  She has interests in singing, reading and photography. 
New Member, Rita Carr John Webster 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z

Ethics Conference coming soon!

Leadership and Ethics Conference The Leadership and Ethics Conference is confirmed for Thursday, March 22, 2012. The format will remained unchanged but we will try to get student attendance up from about 45 to 70 so that the effort will have the greatest impact possible. Wade Namora will the main speaker and Mitch Massey will be the moderator so we are off to a great start. Ken Weathers is the chairperson this year and is looking for strong support of the club.
Ethics Conference coming soon! John Webster 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z

Board and Committee Meetings

Next Board meeting:
President: Chris Molina
22 March 2012, noon, Rabobank
Fourth Tuesday of each month

Programs Committee:
Chris Toews, Chairperson
6 April 2012 7:00am   Denny's
First Wednesday of each month

Membership Committee:
John Joyner, Chairperson
To be determined

International Service:
Matt Conrad, Chairperson
9 March 2012 1:30pm   Lake Pavilion
Second Wednesday of each month

Wine Raffle Committee:
Beth Brennan, Chairperson
To be determined

Financial Education Committee
Paul Parotti, Chairperson
To be determined

Board and Committee Meetings John Webster 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z
Wine with worthy winners!
Sell lots of tickets for the Wine Raffle and Beth Brennan will reward you with some wine of your own. This week the winners were Lee Swam and Rich Johnson.  Next time could be you!  The tickets are only $10 each and we have so many good prizes that it should be easy to sell the tickets.  Rich made up a letter that can help you with asking your friends to buy tickets and it has been emailed to everyone.  Have some fun and sell lots of tickets.  Beth has more wine in her cellar to give to you for selling the most tickets over the next week.  Be sure to plan on being at the drawing on 4 February 2012.
Wine with worthy winners! John Webster 2012-01-12 00:00:00Z
President-Elect John Donovan wants your imput!
Just a reminder that John Donovan will be hosting Club members for coffee on the first Tuesday of the month at Colby Jack's Cafe from 8:30-9:30. The first of these coffee gatherings was on Tuesday, January 3 and was a great success with eight members showing up. Please join John and bring your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about the Club as he begins the next six-months leading up to his term as president of the Club.
President-Elect John Donovan wants your imput! John Webster 2012-01-12 00:00:00Z
New Member - Davina Bergan
Davina Bergin has been inducted as our newest member in the Atascadero Rotary Club and was proposed by Beth Brennan. Davina is the Executive Vice President of Coast National Bank. She is past member of the Sunrise Paso Robles Rotary Club and is a past president of that club, twice. Her classification would be "Banking-Loans". Davina resides in Atascadero with her husband, Michael and her five month old child, Trevor. She is involved in several organizations including serving on the Board of Habitat for Humanity and is also on the Board of The National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders. Her hobbies include golf, gardening, and travel. Give Davina a big welcome to our club!
New Member - Davina Bergan John Webster 2012-01-12 00:00:00Z
Vista del Rey donates to Wine Raffle!
Dave King and Carol Dehart-King made a generous donation of six bottles of wine for use in our Wine Raffle. Their winery, Vista del Rey, is located at 7340 Drake Road in Paso Robles. If you are out wine tasting be sure to stop by and thank them for their donation.
Vista del Rey donates to Wine Raffle! John Webster 2012-01-12 00:00:00Z
Scholars come for a visit
Three of the winners of Atascadero Rotary scholarships came to our lunch meeting to give us an update on their plans for higher education. Pictured from left to right Weston Walker ( Cal Poly); Gordon Gearhart Scholarship, Amy Olsen ( Cal Poly) Rotary Renewable, Aaron Womack ( University of Calif at San Diego) Clark Herman Scholarship.  Mark Jensen, scholarship coordinator, and Chris Molina, club president, greeted the scholars.
Scholars come for a visit John Webster 2012-01-12 00:00:00Z

Rotary donation to Fire Dept for Disaster Response Trailer

At our lunch meeting on 16 November we were joined by a large contingent from the fire department to accept a check from our club for $2,000 towards the purchase and stocking of the new Atascadero Fire Disaster Response Trailer. The goal is to raise $80,000 for the trailer which serves as a mobile storage for all of the materials needed to safely respond to damage created by disasters. The $2,000 that our club has donated will be matched by Pacific Gas and Electric for a total of $4,000 towards the new trailer. Pictured is our club president, Chris Molina, with members of the Atascadero Fire Department in front of the new trailer.
Rotary donation to Fire Dept for Disaster Response Trailer John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

Fall Financial Seminar Jackpot

Paul Parotti along with Carol Bezkostny, John Donovan, Dick Chafin, John Webster and Adam Daner presented the Fall Financial Seminar at Atascadero High School. All of the senior class students who are taking economics met in the library for a one hour and fifteen minute series of talks on banking, credit, insurance, taxes and ethics. The presentations were in depth and geared specifically for the high school senior who will be leaving the comforts of home and high school for the real world. The seminar was well received and the students and teachers were pleased the efforts of the Atascadero Rotarians making the presentations. A special thanks goes to Paul Parotti for organizing the seminar. There will be a Spring Financial Seminar in May.
Fall Financial Seminar Jackpot John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

New Member - Deborah Bowers

Deborah Bowers has been inducted as a new member by John Rogers. Deborah is John's replacement as the superintendent of schools for Atascadero. She has lived in San Luis Obispo county for many years and was previously with the Templeton and Atascadero school districts and served as superintendent at Templeton. Deborah and her husband, Richard, live in Morro Bay and she is active in 4-H, FFA, youth sports and educational activities associated with K-12. Welcome to our club!
New Member - Deborah Bowers John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

New Member - Kurt Leavitt

Wayne Pearson is retiring and changing his classification to Rancher but he has enticed his replacement dentist, Kurt Leavitt to join us in the Atascadero Rotary club. Kurt has recently purchased Wayne's dental practice and moved to Atascadero with his wife and four children. Kurt is active in his church and like working with kids. He coaches soccer and is interested in sports. Welcome to our club!
New Member - Kurt Leavitt John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

Rosey Wirth is awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship

The Rotary Club of Atascadero has awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to Rosey Wirth, the wife of the late Ray Wirth, to honor both Rosey and Ray for the many years of dedicate service to Rotary. Ray was a long time Rotarian with the Atascadero Rotary Club as well as a president of his previous club and a past district governor of district 5240.  Rosey was the solid support for Ray in his Rotary experience.  Ray had also left a bequest to the Rotary Foiundation which Rosey was recognized for.  The award was presented by Loretta Butts the District Governor Elect Nominee for district 5240.
Rosey Wirth is awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

Mark Jensen awarded Paul Harris Fellowship

Mark Jensen was honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship which was provided by Ted Jacobson. Mark is honored for his long service to the Rotary Club of Atascadero with the scholarship foundation and was the chef of the club events for over 25 years. Mark has now received two Paul Harris Fellowships. The pin was put on Mark by the club's International Chair, Matt Conrad.
Mark Jensen awarded Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

Ken Weathers awarded Paul Harris Fellowship


Ken Weathers our dynamic club secretary has been awarded his third Paul Harris Felowship by taking part in a quartet. Ken is a long time supporter of the Rotary Club of Atascadero and has held many important positions including club president.
Ken Weathers awarded Paul Harris Fellowship John Webster 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z

Golf Marathon fundraiser results

 The Golf Marathon fundraiser was spear headed by Chris Molina and Ken Johnston as a new event this year.  The golf marathon consisted of each golfer playing 100 holes in one day and getting sponsor ships for their efforts.  The event was very successful for a first time event and netted over $ 9,000 for the club.  Congratulations to the golfers, the organizers and the sponsors.
Golf Marathon fundraiser results John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Loretta Butts is the District Governor Elect Nominee


The board voted to support Loretta in her bid to become the District Governor for the 2013-14 year.  With the assistance of Ken Weathers, Loretta was the successful candidate and is now the official District Governor Nominee.  She will be serving as District Governor the same year that Ken Johnston will be president of our club.  This is a great honor for Loretta and our club.  Congratulations Loretta!

Loretta Butts is the District Governor Elect Nominee John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Halter Vineyards makes large donation


 Halter Vineyards of Paso Robles has made a generous donation of 6 bottles of red and 6 bottles of white wine to our Wine Raffle fundraiser.  They even threw in some wine openers to help drink the wine.  Their support will be a big help in making this event successful.  If you are out wine tasting be sure to drop into Halter and thank them for their support. 

Halter Vineyards makes large donation John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Major Board of Directors decision

 Read all about it!  Major breaking news from the board of directors is that the signing of the membership roster for new members has gone the way of the dial telephone.  Now it is important for each member to make a point and introduce yourself to each new member and give them a warm Rotary welcome.  Since you will not be fined $10 if you forget to sign the book it is advisable that you give the $10 to me so that I can start the club newsletter foundation and assure that the committee meetings are happy affairs.
Major Board of Directors decision John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Bell Ringing now on the schedule!


Matt Conrad now has the schedule and the location.  The best news is that we will be ringing at Von's which gives us the best chance at some sunshine.  The dates are December 12th through the 17th.  Matt will be making an announcement and passing around a schedule.  Get your best friend and sign up for some Christmas Cheers.

Bell Ringing now on the schedule! John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Firefighters BBQ and donation


 The BBQ at fire station #1 in Atascadero was a great success this year not only because of the fellowship with the firefighters but because Atascadero Rotary Club helped with the funding for the new EMS vehicle.  The club was able to contribute $ 3,000 and because of a matching grant from PG&E the amount of our contribution was doubled to $ 6,000. 
Firefighters BBQ and donation John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Changes in Latitudes.....

 This last month we saw a lot of changes in the membership on the club.  Because of changes at several local businesses we have had to say good-bye to four members:

John Hansen

Larry Womack

Bob Winslow

Jason Chang

Best wishes to all!

Changes in Latitudes..... John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Football Lunch at Paso Robles Rotary


On Thursday, 9 November, the annual football lunch was held at the Paso Roble Rotary Club. The Atascadero members showed up in great numbers and I heard one member estimate that there were more Atascadero members there than Paso members. The coaches of the two teams gave speeches and introduced the teams and cheerleaders. Next year the lunch will be in Atascadero.
Football Lunch at Paso Robles Rotary John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle - Keep bringing in the wine


The wine raffle is now underway.  Either bring in two bottles of wine worth at least $20 each or you can give Beth Brennan $40 and she will purchase wine for you at a discount from a wine broker.  Either way it is a easy way to make money for the club and have some fun too.  You never know, you might be the winner this year.  Just bring your wine or your money to the meeting on Wednesday and the wine raffle committee will sort it our for you.  Additionally, if you would like to be a sponsor and be listed on the brochure be sure to fill out the sponsor form or let Beth know so that you can be included.  
Wine Raffle - Keep bringing in the wine John Webster 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z

President Elect Nominee selected!


Ken Johnston has accepted the challenge of being president of our club for the year 2013-14. Ken has been a real sparkplug on many of our club events and fundraisers. Be sure to let Ken know if you have any interest in giving him a helping hand with his administration.
President Elect Nominee selected! John Webster 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z

Paso Robles Rotary Christmas Party

Paso Robles Rotary will be hosting their annual Christmas party on Thursday December 8th at the Paso Robles Inn.  The fun starts at 6pm with a happy hour and dinner will commence at 6:45pm.  There will be live music, dancing and a lot of fun.  Mark your calendars so that you can be sure to make it.  The more Atascadero Rotary members the better!
Paso Robles Rotary Christmas Party John Webster 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z

Jason Norlock update


Jason Norlock a winner of a 2008 Rotary Scholarship.  It looks like he is doing pretty well!

Jason Norlock update John Webster 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z

Wine Raffle starting up for this year!



Beth Brennan is now the Chief Sommelier of the 2011 Atascadero Rotary Wine Raffle. Beth will be holding the first meeting of the wine raffle committee next Wednesday, 31 August 2011 at 11:00am in the Pavilion before our regular meeting. It is a fun event and if you have any interest at all, be sure to attend the meeting. The more, the merrier!
Wine Raffle starting up for this year! John Webster 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z

Golf Marathon Fundraiser getting underway


Ken Johnston has take the helm of the Golf Marathon Fundraiser. The event features 100 balls played over 50 holes of golf. The event will take the players about 8 hours and is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for the players and the supporting staff as well. Ken will be calling on members to either play or suggest someone that they know who would enjoy playing. Members are also encouraged to sign up for helping at the event. The date is 25 October 2011 and it will be played at Chalk Mountain golf course. If Ken give you a call be sure to do what you can to help make this event fun and successful.
Golf Marathon Fundraiser getting underway John Webster 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z

Templeton Rotary Workday - you are invited!

 The Rotary Club of Templeton will be holding a work day this Saturday (August 27th) at the senior day care center in Templeton.  It is a great chance to help spruce up the outside of the three bedroom house that the facility operates in.  This facility is a resource that any of the local families may need to use and the assistance you give them will make many lives more pleasant.  The house is located at 690 Peterson Ranch Road in Templeton.  It is on the same street as the highway patrol office but just down a little bit.
Templeton Rotary Workday - you are invited! John Webster 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z

Alligator claims another victim!


Just when John Hollenbeck thought it was safe to donate $10 to the Joanne Main Scholarship fund he was ambushed by the swamp creature and had to contribute his head as a resting place as well as give up the $10. "Swamp thing, you make my heart sing, you are everything, groovy."
Alligator claims another victim! John Webster 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z

Free Car Wash for Atascadero Rotarians


Don Giessinger just changed his station from Tesoro to Union 76. In celebration of the new arrangement Don will give a free car wash to each member of the Atascadero Rotary club. All that you need to do is go into his newly minted 76 station and sigh up for it. No strings attached. Don has had the exemption for the month of August and has done a great job of finishing his talk before the egg timer has signaled the end of his talk.
Free Car Wash for Atascadero Rotarians John Webster 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z
Ray Wirth - Memorial Service

Ray Wirth was a great Rotarian and a great friend to all of us. His service will be held at:

Sunday, August 21, 3:00pm

United Methodist Church

11605 El Camino Real, Atascadero

Please mark your calendars and try to come in support of Rosey, Ray's family and Ray's love of Rotary
Ray Wirth - Memorial Service John Webster 2011-08-15 00:00:00Z
Out with the old....

Time for last year's president, John Webster, to hit the bricks. Current president, Chris Molina, presented John with a diamond centered collar pin and a framed Rotary gavel to hang on his wall with the four way test. John served as president for the 2010 - 11 year and can now be found eating lunch during the meetings and enjoying Chris presiding as this year's president.
Out with the old.... John Webster 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z
Scholar visit - Ashley Keezer

At our lunch meeting on 20 July 2011, we were visited by the young scholar, Ashley Keezer. She was the recipient of the 2010 Renewable Scholarship and came back to give us an update on her progress. Ashley is attending the University of Virginia with a major in speech pathology. In September she will become a sophomore.
Scholar visit - Ashley Keezer John Webster 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z
New Member - John Sanders

John Sanders was brought into our club by John Neil and inducted at the lunch meeting on 20 July 2011. He is a Registered Land Surveyor and Vice President of North Coast Engineering. John has lived in Atascadero with his wife, Jennine, and their two sons for 24 years. One son will be a senior at Fresno State and the other will be a senior at Atascadero High School. He has coached youth soccer and baseball and his interested include golf, softball, bicycle riding and BBQ. There are never enough John's in the club so it is a great pleasure to welcome another one.
New Member - John Sanders John Webster 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z
New Member - Neil Amarante

Neil joined the Atascadero Rotary at the meeting on 20 July 2011. He is joining the club under the classification of Banker. He is currently employed as Vice President of commercial lending at Heritage Oaks bank. He has lived in the area for 10 years and has been in Paso Robles for 4 years. Neil has a BA degree in Agricultural Business and a masters degree in General Agriculture from Cal Poly. He enjoys basketball, baseball and deep sea fishing. Welcome aboard Neil!
New Member - Neil Amarante John Webster 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z
Chirs Molina's first meeting tomorrow!

Tomorrow is July 6th and that means out with the old and in with the new. Be sure to attend Chris's first meeting as president of the club for the 2011-12 Rotary year. There are so many good things to look forward to in a new Rotary year. The enthusiasm of a new administration, new ideas and techniques, a new fundraiser and the best is that the fine board has been cleared so that Chris can start all over again. Do your best to come to the meeting and support Chris.
Chirs Molina's first meeting tomorrow! John Webster 2011-07-05 00:00:00Z
Paul Harris quartet winners drawn
Tom Zirk, the Rotary Foundation chairman, drew for the lucky winners of the Paul Harris quartets.  There are currently four quartets running.  Each member of a quartet donates $250 each year to purchase a Paul Harris Fellowship.  A drawing is held at the end of each Rotary year and one of the members of the quartet is awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship or they can choose to designate another person that is important to them to receive the award.  The winners this year are Rotarians Ryan Amborn, Ken Weathers, Paul Parotti and John Webster.  If you are not in a quartet you can easily join one.  Speak to Tom Zirk and he will get you set up in the easiest way to get a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Paul Harris quartet winners drawn John Webster 2011-07-05 00:00:00Z
Atascadero Club honored with Presidential Citation - with distinction!

The Atascadero Rotary club has been honored by Rotary International president Ray Klinginsmith by the presentation of a Presidential Citation Award with distinction. Each year the international president of Rotary selects a topic which is important to him. If clubs either meet or exceed the goals that he sets then they are recognized with the citation. During 2010-11 the goals were based on the four Avenues of Service and how well each club performs in that context. The Atascadero Rotary club performed so well in its programs within each area of service that the club was recognized with distinction; a great honor to all members of the club. It takes everyone in the club to achieve this recognition and all members should be very proud of their accomplishment.
Atascadero Club honored with Presidential Citation - with distinction! John Webster 2011-07-05 00:00:00Z
Rotarian of the Year - Ken Johnston

Ken Johnston will be hanging his picture on the wall of the Pavilion as the Rotarian of the Year for 2010-2011. Ken has been involved in many of the projects in the last few years and was instrumental in fundraising this year. His accomplishments include organizing and running the Rotary Workday health fair, several years of Casino Night, creating and running the major fundraiser of the Wine Raffle and generally making himself available where help is needed. Congratulations to Ken as Rotarian of the Year Ken and for such a great attitude and sense of humor.
Rotarian of the Year - Ken Johnston John Webster 2011-07-05 00:00:00Z
RYLA attendees send Thank You notes!
 This year our club sent four students from Atascadero High School to RYLA.  Ray Johnson did a great job, with the help of other members of our club, in selecting, motivating and transporting the students to the RYLA campus. 





RYLA attendees send Thank You notes! John Webster 2011-06-14 00:00:00Z
New Member - Rich Johnson
Rich is the owner of Peoples Choice Services, Inc, a Heating/AC/Appliance Repair business.  His sponsor is Beth Brennan.  His classification will be heating and air conditioning. 

He and his wife live in Atascadero and have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  His interests include camping, biking, beach fun and tinkering in his shop.

He is always willing to help neighbors, friends, and family and wants to help in the community in general.  Rich provides some free and/or low cost services for community members in need and participates in several charity walks each year including Alzheimers and Cancer Research.  Rich is a member of the SLO Chamber of Commerce and the Farm Bureau.

New Member - Rich Johnson John Webster 2011-06-14 00:00:00Z
Thanks from scholar Billy Geibel

 Dear Atascadero Rotary,

I would like to start off by saying thank you. Your support over these last four years has gone farther than I could have hoped, and I will forever be grateful for your generosity and selflessness. I would also like to apologize for the fact that I have not been able to visit you all and keep you updated on my journey through life. Please believe me when I say that my absence from your luncheons in no way reflects my attitude towards you and all you have done for me. With that said, I would like to give you all the bullet points of these last four years in the hopes of persuading you that your investment in me was well worthwhile. My first year at UCSB was phenomenal. I studied hard, got good grades and was independent for the first time in my life. However, I realized half way through the school year that I wanted to play collegiate golf, and I set out on making that happen. So, at the end of my first year I decided to transfer to Cal Lutheran University to play golf. Cal Lutheran was another great experience, and I loved the new challenge of balancing academics and athletics. The change of environment was welcomed and I met many new and interesting people. I excelled on the course and in the classroom and received several awards including: Ping 1st Team All-Western Region, Team MVP, and the Scholar-Athlete Award. However, by the end of the year I was looking for a new challenge, and set my sights on playing Division I athletics. At the end of the year I weighed my options (offers) and decided that going back to UCSB to play golf was what I wanted to do. My entire third year was spent at one of two places: the golf course or the library. I did well in golf, but even better in school. During some point in this year I realized that there was much more important things in life than golf, and I wanted to focus my time and energy on things that could really make a difference in the world. I began to spend all my extra time in the library, studying and reading books on Philosophy and Politics, and Religion and War. With this spark of passion I decided I no longer wanted to play collegiate golf, I had attained my goals and it was time to do more meaningful things with my time. So, at the end of the year I told the coach I would not be coming back next year, and instead I would be spending the first semester of my Senior year studying abroad in Ankara, Turkey. Turkey was the most beautiful and enlightening experience of my life. I met extraordinary people, experienced a world so much different than my own, and learned more than any class could have ever taught me. I spent 6 months in Turkey, but I will carry the things I learned there with me forever. Now, I have six weeks left in my undergraduate education, and looking back I realize just how far I’ve come. I know, without any hesitation, I want to help people and I want to make a lasting mark on humanity. Thus, I am pleased to tell you that in August I will be continuing my education in graduate school at Clark University in Massachusetts. I was offered a merit fellowship for a Masters program in International Development and Social Change, and I happily accepted. This is my story and you all helped to make it happen, and for that I am eternally grateful. I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you all again someday.

Once again, thank you.

With all my best wishes,

Billy Geibel (2007 Rotary International Scholarship Recipient)

Thanks from scholar Billy Geibel John Webster 2011-05-16 00:00:00Z
RYLA Attendees visit
RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, was held two weeks ago in the mountains behind Goleta.  We had a visit at our club meeting of three of the four attendees from this year.  Quentin Pestrinaeux, our exchange student, attendee with Kayla Morrow and Ellen Davis.  All of the students found the event to life changing and would like to attend again.  They not only learned a great deal about leadership and Rotary but they also made many new friends with whom they hope to keep in contact with.  RYLA provides a forum for our young leaders to learn and get to know each other.  Our club has been a strong supporter for many years and this is the first year in which we sent four students.
RYLA Attendees visit John Webster 2011-05-16 00:00:00Z
Exchange Student Visits
At our meeting on 11 May 2011 we were visited by our exchange student from France, Quentin Pestrinaeux.  Jim Corey introduced Quentin as the chair person of youth service this year.  Quentin has taken part in may activities this year including attending RYLA this past month.  He came to Atascadero with less English speaking skills than he had wanted but soon was up to speed with his communication knowledge.  He knew he had arrived when he started dreaming in English.  Quentin comes from a rural part of France and has been enjoying Atascadero as well as some trips to the big cities like San Francisco.  As the school year draws to a close he will be taking a trip around the USA by train before he returns to France as a fully trained Atascadero High School student.
Exchange Student Visits John Webster 2011-05-16 00:00:00Z
Gordon Gearhardt Honored
The Foundation of the Rotary Club of Atascadero got its start when Gordon Gearhardt made a huge donation to build the foundation of the Foundation.  Gordon has been honored by the club with a plaque which states that the most prestigious scholarship, the Rotary Renewable, will be renamed to the Gordon Gearhardt Renewable Scholarship.  The student that receives the scholarship is given $1500 each year for four years.  Gordon's generosity and foresight will always be remembered.
Gordon Gearhardt Honored John Webster 2011-05-16 00:00:00Z
New Member - Linda Hendy
At our meeting on 4 May 2011 the club inducted our newest member, Linda Hendy.  She came to Atascadero to take over the post of President of the Chamber of Commerce from her previous position on the Paso Robles Chamber.  Linda was proposed by Don Price and assisted by Ray Johnson.  Linda's husband, Pete, is also a Rotarian as a member of the Paso Robles club.  They have two children, both in their late 20's and is very interested in the advancement of both business and education in Atascadero.  Be sure to stop by the Chamber and sign Linda's book.
New Member - Linda Hendy John Webster 2011-05-16 00:00:00Z
New Member - Diane Davies
At our meeting on 23rd March 2001, Diane Davies joined us as our newest member.  Diane was introduced to Rotary by Will and Elaine Bateman and will be a great addition to our club.  Diane started her first project even before joining our club with her collection of socks for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Diane is a financial planner and will announce where she will have her book so that you can sign it.  Welcome to the club Diane!
New Member - Diane Davies John Webster 2011-05-02 22:58:39Z
New Member - Rick Curley
At our meeting of 16 March 2011 Rick Curley was inducted as our newest member.  Rick was a member of a previous club in Southern California in which he was both a founding member and the founding president.  The business that Rick is involved with is SLO County Signs in Atascadero.  He will have his book ready for you to sign at the business.  Rick and his wife Diane have been Atascadero residents for many years.  Be sure to stop by Rick's office and give him a big welcome.
New Member - Rick Curley John Webster 2011-05-02 22:58:21Z
Interact Bakesale and Takover
Our lunch meeting of 9 February 2011 was taken over by the Interact Club from Atascadero High School.  The club president, Ellen Davis, ran the meeting and with the help of Doug Filipponi raised over $800 in the sale of the deserts that the club members baked.  Ellen did a dynamic job of running the meeting but I have heard that most wallets of club members were run ragged.  Good fun and now Interact has a lot more cash in their bank account.
Interact Bakesale and Takover John Webster 2011-05-02 22:58:06Z
Paul Harris - Mary Corey
At our meeting on 9 February 2011, amid the chaos of an Interact takeover, Mary Corey was awarded with a very well deserved Paul Harris Fellowship.  Mary is the coordinator for the Interact Club at Atascadero High School.  Not only does she create a good environment for the meetings but she also helps organize the Ethics Conference, RYLA participation and the events that Interact is involved with such as the street cleaning and the assistance at the animal shelter.  It is an honor to present Mary with the fellowship award.
Paul Harris - Mary Corey John Webster 2011-05-02 22:57:42Z
Paul Harris - Lia Medeiros
John and Monica Hollenbeck are proud parents and wanted to show their pride by awarding their daughter, Lia, a Paul Harris Fellowship for her accomplishments.  Lia is attending UC Berkeley and majoring in Astrophysics.  In a few years Lia will be plotting the planets and the stars for the next generation of space scientists. 
Paul Harris - Lia Medeiros John Webster 2011-05-02 22:57:27Z
Paul Harris - Beth Brennan
At our meeting on 19 January, Beth Brennan was awarded with a Paul Harris Fellowship.  It is a well deserved award for Beth who is instrumental to projects in our club such as the production of our brochure outlining our club projects and contributions.  Congratulations Beth!
Paul Harris - Beth Brennan John Webster 2011-05-02 22:57:11Z
Don Vert - Newish Member
At our meeting of February 23rd Don Vert rejoined our club after a few relaxing years of exploring the world outside of Rotary.  Don works at Atascadero Glass and you can find him and his book to sign there on most days.  If Don is not there then the receptionist will have Don's book available.  Welcome back Don!
Don Vert - Newish Member John Webster 2011-05-02 22:56:44Z
Bandstand Project for Atascadero Lake Park
The Kiwanis Club of Atascadero is spearheading the complete rebuilding of the bandstand at the Atascadero lake park.  Our project for this year is a donation of $10,000 towards the demolition of the exisitng bandstand and the construction of a new bandstand in time for the city's centenial celebration.  The current president of Kiwanis has sent us a letter of thanks which outlines the way that the Rotary Club of Atascader will be memorilized at the finished bandstand.   Click the "More" just below to see the original letter from Kiwanis:
Bandstand Project for Atascadero Lake Park John Webster 2011-05-02 00:00:00Z
Casino Night Extravaganza
CasinoOn April 2nd the Rotary Club had the annual Casino Night party.  This time it was a meet, greet, see and be seen event instead of a fundraiser.  There was a big turnout and fun was had by all.  Ken Johnston was the organizer and inspired the gamblers to vie for prizes fit for royalty.  Dick Chafin was able to atract a bevy of good looking card sharks to his table.
Casino Night Extravaganza John Webster 2011-05-02 00:00:00Z
New little Rotarian - Lilly Immoos

Our very own Quyen Immoos has a bigger family now.  On April 16th at 9:38am Lillian Mae Immoos took her first step to being a Rotarian; she was born.  She was 6lbs 14oz and cute as a button.  Lilly was a bit jaundiced so she had to stay in the hospital for a few days but is now home with her family and doing very well.  Quyen is trying to catch up on her rest and should come and visit us soon. 

New little Rotarian - Lilly Immoos John Webster 2011-05-02 00:00:00Z
New Member - Jason Chang

 Jason Chang became our newest member on April 20rh.  He was proposed for membership by Ray Johnson and inducteb by John Neil.  Jason is Director of Business Development at Twin Cities Hospital and he is calssified as Hopsital Administrator.  He lives in Paso Robles with his wife and young baby.  His other interests, besides Rotary, are being current president of the Japanese American Citizen's league and he is a Tri-Athelete.  Jason graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Pre-Med, Physiology/Kineseology.  Check with Jason at the lunch meetings to find out where his book will be to sign.  Welcome aboard!

New Member - Jason Chang John Webster 2011-05-02 00:00:00Z
Community Project
The community project of our club this year is a contribution to the rebuilding of the bandstand at the lake park.  Kiwanis has led the effort to enlarge and improve the bandstand within the guidelines of the other new building in the lake park.  The contribution that our club has made is $ 10,000.  At our meeting on 23 March 2011, a check was presented to the Kiwanis representative, Lon Allen, by our club Community Service chair, John Neil.  This is a mult-year project and the hope is that it can be completed for the city's 100 year anniversary in 2013.
Community Project John Webster 2011-05-01 00:00:00Z
Visit Interact
Its fun, its easy and you should do it. Check out the schedule on the website or give John Donovan a call. The meetings are on Mondays at 11:00am. Because of the furlough days the schedule is changeable. Good for an easy makeup.
Visit Interact John Webster 2011-03-24 00:00:00Z

Lorreta Butts returns from Uganda Rotary trip

The first is is when we were getting ready to leave Kampala for Lira on August 22nd.  It's of Emma from Kampala, Gail from Atascadero, Julius Achon and myself.  The second photo is the ribbon cutting for the Kristina Clinic by the Uganda Minister of Health who had her driver bring her to the village for the dedication all the way from Kampala some 8 hours away.  They drove back the same day!  BTW, she is also a Rotarian!

Lorreta Butts returns from Uganda Rotary trip John Webster

$18,000 in Scholarships Awarded by

Atascadero Rotary


Scholarship night at the high school was May 24. Atascadero Rotary handed out 11 scholarships to graduating seniors at the high school.

Renewable scholarship was awarded to Ellen Davis

Gordon Gearhart scholarship was awarded to Ryan DeBusk

Rasmussen scholarship was awarded to Erin Morey

Toni Naretto scholarship was awarded to Emily Boege

McCarty scholarship was awarded to Megan Greenaway

Ganpule Family scholarship was awarded to Ilona Istenes

Clark Herman scholarship was awarded to Madison Sills

Don Hanauer scholarship was awarded to Taylor Sturtevant

Joanne Main scholarship was awarded to Stephanie Tonegato

Woody Miller(female) was awarded to Jessie Hufstetler

Woody Miller(male) was awarded to Caleb Mott

Pictured receiving their award with Rotarian Scholarship Chair Mark Jensen is Ellen Davis recipient of the four year renewable scholarship.

The scholarship recipients will be attending Rotary lunch on
Wednesday Augusts 8th.
$18,000 in Scholarships Awarded by Atascadero Rotary Mark Jensen

Poalillo Vineyards donates to the Wine Raffle

Susan and David Garretson, the owners of Poalillo Vineyards, have made a generous donation of wine to our club's wine raffle. Dave was a member of the club and was president for the 2002-03 year. He has since taken up the life of the vintner. Poalillo makes handcrafted premium wines with a warm and inviting tasting room out on Vineyard Drive in Paso Robles. If you get a chance to drive out and do some wine tasting, be sure to thank them for the generous donation.
Poalillo Vineyards donates to the Wine Raffle John Webster
Jillian Johnson - 2011 Woody Miller Scholar

At our meeting on 10 August 2011 we were visited by the winner of the 2011 Atascadero Rotary Woody Miller scholarship, Jillian Johnson. She will be attending San Diego State University with a major in nursing. In addition to being a superior scholar she was also an All-State selection in Softball by California Hi-Sports.
Jillian Johnson - 2011 Woody Miller Scholar John Webster
Katie DeCou, scholar, visits with an update

Katie DeCou won the Rotary Renewable Scholarship in 2009 and has been making full use of it to further her education at University of San Diego. All is well with her studies and she is enjoying living and studying in San Diego. Her proud father, Jay DeCou, looked on.
Katie DeCou, scholar, visits with an update John Webster
What happens when you fail the four way test?

President Chris Molina took a quick break from the daily grind in Atascadero to check out the entertainment in Tijuana.  He must have had a great time.  To get help he texted some members whom he thought might lend a helping hand only to find out that their proficiency in being smart alec's exceeded their desire to help.  At the next meeting the fines ensued.
What happens when you fail the four way test? John Webster
Kiwanis Thanks Rotary - Again!

In support of the rebuilding of the lake park bandstand Kiwanis of Atascadero put on the Wine Makers dinner.  It was a fun event and it was well attended by Rotarians.  Bill Hatch, president of Kiwanis, sent a thank you note to the club for the strong support that our club has given the community and Kiwanis in making this project come to life.  Including the $10,000 that Rotary has donated the current total raised for the bandstand is about $45,000.  Music to one's ears!
Kiwanis Thanks Rotary - Again! John Webster
First Joanne Main scholarship presented

A new scholarship was created this year to honor Joanne Main for her dedication to Rotary and the community. Joanne was a past president and founded the ethics conference at the high school in addition to being a spark plug to the club on many other projects. She was also the CEO of the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce for many years. The Joanne Main scholarship was created to honor her service and the first high school student to receive the scholarship is Brianna Norlock. Brianna came to our meeting on 3 August 2011, with her parents, to thank our club for the scholarship and tell us of her plans in higher education.
First Joanne Main scholarship presented John Webster
Alligator attacks Tom Zirk, film at 11

Tom Zirk took the lectern at our 3 August 2011 meeting only to find an alligator on his head. President Chris Molina has been harboring the swamp beast for the good purpose of adding to the Joanne Main Scholarship fund. It looks like the reptile got out of hand and really liked the look of Tom. While Tom did have a job for a short time as an alligator wrestler in Norfolk, England he was still caught unawares.
Alligator attacks Tom Zirk, film at 11 John Webster
Paul Harris given to Pat St. Clair

Our club gives a special community member a Paul Harris Fellowship each year to say "Thank You" for a job well done in the public interest.  The Chamber of Commerce has had many leaders over the years but only Pat St. Clair has been there through it all.  She has been the constant supporter of each succesive administration in both the successes and the tragedies that all organizations must face.  Congratulations to Pat for many years of service and for being such a fine person.

The award was presented by our Rotary Foundation chairman Tom Zirk with the help of Grigger Jones and Donn Clickard from the Chamber. President Chris Molina presided.
Paul Harris given to Pat St. Clair John Webster
Scholars visit Rotary!

At our lunch meeting on 3 August 2011 most of the students that received scholarships this year came to tell the club about themselves and their plans as well as thank the club for the scholarships that they received. The scholars are:

Back Row:

Brianna Norlock, Donn Clickard ( Atascadero School Board Member), Katie Scroggins, Mark Jensen ( Rotary Scholarship Chairperson), Brack Linscott, Rotary Scholarship Committee

Front Row:

Aaron Womack, Amy Olsen, Emily Kraus, Beth Brennan (Rotary Scholarship Committee) Lucas Allen, Amanda Jacobsen

We have been able to grant a lot of scholarships only because of the hard work of the full membership of the club and the dedicated scholarship comittee. Every member should be very proud!
Scholars visit Rotary! John Webster
Scholarships granted for 2011
Thank you letter from Atascadero High School:

Winners of the Scholarships for 2011:



Mark Jensen presenting the scholarships to the students at the ceremony held at the Atascadero Lake Pavilion.
Scholarships granted for 2011 John Webster
Bell Ringing in 2010
This year our club did a week of bell ringing for the Salvation Army in front of Food for Less. While this year was a wet one for the record books we were mostly lucky with the weather and very successful on the amount collected. Matt Conrad got the club organized and we had one hour slots this year which made it a little easier. Many members brought kids, grand kids or dogs to help out with the ringing. Lee Swam brought his helper, Santa Paws, to get the shoppers in the mood to give.
Bell Ringing in 2010 John Webster
Christmas Party Magical
The last club meeting of 2010 was a bit different this year. Kids of all ages from the club were invited to the meeting to enjoy the lunch, the special cake and the magic of Gary Elem (AKA Dr. Magic). A number of members brought both kids and grand kids and everyone and a good laugh. Dr. Magic was a psychologist at the California Men's Colony and a member of Quota International. Because the prison can take a toll on your sense of humor Gary decided that he would do magic shows as a counter point. He has been at it now for 26 years entertaining all ages from kids to corporate seminars to the assisted living homes. The kids of all ages looked like they had fun and got off to a good start for Christmas.
Christmas Party Magical John Webster
Andrew Kerr Ethics Keynote
John Donovan read a story in the Rotary magazine about the work that Andrew Kerr was working in Haiti to help with the relief effort. John emailed him and invited Andrew to be the keynote speaker at our Ethics Conference. Andrew accepted and flew from Haiti to the central coast to speak at the Ethics Conference as well as our club lunch meeting on 1 December 2010. Andrew is a Rotarian from North Carolina and is employed by All Hands Volunteers. He gave a very informative talk about the need for coordination on the ground in disasters and the ability of his organization and Rotary to fill in the blanks in the efforts of other international aid groups. Andrew spoke at a total of six Rotary events while he was on the central coast. A big thanks to Andrew for making the effort to join us in Atascadero.
Andrew Kerr Ethics Keynote John Webster
Ethics Conference 2010
The Ethics Conference of 2010 was a great success this year. Our Interact advisor, Mary Corey, and the students of the AHS Interact club organized the students to attend and there were over 50 students participating. Joanne Main, the creator of the conference, organized the event with Ken Weathers and John Donovan, our youth chair, presiding. There was a large turnout of our club members to facilitate, judge (in Wade McKinney's case) and keep the discussion lively. Many thanks to Jackie Lerno and Helen Johnson for making the food that kept the kids going. Another successful event with Atascadero High School.
Ethics Conference 2010 John Webster
Rotary donates $2,000 to Loaves and Fishes
At the Rotary club meeting on 17 November, president John Webster presented a check for $ 2,000 to our local food charity, Loaves and Fishes. The check was accepted by Jackie Lerno, current president of Loaves and Fishes, and Grigger Jones, past president and current board member of Loaves and Fishes. The donation will be used to purchase food from the Food Bank to assist local families supply food for their families. The local charity is instrumental in helping families make the best of the holidays and their food needs all year.
Rotary donates $2,000 to Loaves and Fishes Byron Smith
Interact Project with Rescued Cats
The Interact Club at Atascadero High School has taken on several projects. One project is that they pick up the litter along the road between McDonald's restaurant and the high school. Many high school students lunch at McDonald's and might not be as neat as they should be. The Interact Club helps by keeping the street clean. The biggest project is that the members of Interact go to a training session at the cat rescue facility in Atascadero and learn how to care for the rescued cats. The members then donate time to help at the rescue center doing duties which include spending time with the cats, cleaning the facility and cleaning up after the cats. Some of the jobs are not too pretty but the Interactors are up for the challenge.
Interact Project with Rescued Cats John Webster
Financial Workshop at AHS
Paul Perotti organized a presentation at Atascadero High School to educate the students in the realm of finance, banking and investment. The classes spanned two days and were held in the AHS library. The Rotarians involved were Linda House and Carol Bezkostny in banking, Ted Jacobson and John Donovan in insurance, Loretta Butts in wealth building, Paul Parotti in credit and Dutch Nichols and Jackie Lerno in housing. The presentations were designed to give the students insight into how to be successful in building a successful financial life. Each student was presented with a best selling book designed the assist people their age with finances donated by the Rotary Club of Atascadero. The program will be presented again in the spring.
Financial Workshop at AHS John Webster
New President, for a day
In a surprise move, Interact took over the Rotary Club. Mary Corey brought over the officers from the Interact Club at AHS for a visit to the lunch meeting of our club. The president of Interact, Ellen Davis, then took charge and became president for a day. She ran the meeting from the opening bell to the closing bell with gusto and grace. President John Webster should be worried about retaining his job. Ellen is a junior at AHS and was joined by her parents Dan and Sharon Davis.
New President, for a day John Webster
Wine Raffle website now sells raffle tickets
The official website of the Atascadero Rotary Wine Raffle is located at wineraffle.com. This beautiful website was constructed as a donation to our club by John Joyner. It covers all aspects of the wine raffle and now the raffle tickets can be purchased from the website. This really makes selling tickets even easier as you can call friends, relatives and Rotarians in other communities and ask them to purchase a ticket to the libatious heaven that awaits the winners. Have a look at the website and see if you can't help the club make some more ticket sales.
Wine Raffle website now sells raffle tickets Byron Smith
GSE Team from Australia visits Atascadero
A team of four young professionals and one Rotarian leader from Melbourne Australia visited Atascadero for four days in October. The team was led by Tony Haining, a twice past president of his club and a current assistant district governor of district 9810. The four members of the team were Bryony Grice, specializing in sustainable irrigation. Karen Mead is a Clinical Psychologist with an interest in treating post traumatic disorders. Road safety engineer Ken Beer is with the Victoria State roads and Andrew Leitch is a wine maker from Rochford Wines. All of the members were housed by local rotarians and vocational trips were undertaken for each specialty. An open house pot luck was sponsored by Josh Donovan and Kennedy Club Fitness. Many club members put in a lot of time, effort and generosity making this visit enriching and fun for our visitors.
GSE Team from Australia visits Atascadero Byron Smith
Donation for New Band Uniforms
The uniforms that the Atascadero High School Band are using are over 20 years old. Some of the members of our club wore the same uniforms, not that they would fit in them now. To help with getting new uniforms for the band the Atascadero Rotary Club has presented a check of $500 to the band representative during our meeting on October 13, 2010. Ken Johnston was the spark plug getting the donation organized and the check is presented by President John Webster.
Donation for New Band Uniforms Byron Smith
Atascadero Rotary Sponsors Battle of the Bands
On 16 October 2010, in conjunction with the Atascadero Colony Days, Atascadero Rotary sponsored a drumline competition and field show featuring local high school bands. The three high school bands were Paso Robles, Atascadero and Pioneer Valley High School. In addition, the Gold Coast Pipe Band competed and performed coming up from Camarillo. Bucket Busters gave a demonstration of their drumming and creative skills as well. The event took place on the Atascadero High School football field and the bleachers were filled with a cheering crowd.
Atascadero Rotary Sponsors Battle of the Bands John Webster
Savor the Central Coast!
Our speaker last week was Molly Cano, Director of Sales and Marketing for San Luis Obispo Tourism. She put on an excellent presentation about the upcoming event "Savor the Central Coast". For tickets and more information, visit the website Savor the Central Coast
Savor the Central Coast! Byron Smith
Flyer for Wine Raffle
Beth Brennan has put together a flyer which is not only good looking but is designed to many things to help our club. The most obvious is that it gives a full description of the Wine Raffle Fundraiser. It also lists most of the sponsors of the fundraiser as well as a description of the prizes. On the other side of the flyer is an extensive description of the projects that our club is currently involved in. This provides our members with an easy way to answer questions such as where the donated money is spent and what projects are important to our club and its members. The flyer can also be used as a tool to recruit new members. If you meet someone who you think might make a good member, you can show them the flyer to answer their questions. Copies are available from either Beth or Ken Johnston at our regular lunch meetings.
Flyer for Wine Raffle Byron Smith
Multiple Paul Harris Fellows
On the 15th of September two of our members added to their investment in the good works of Rotary by receiving Paul Harris Fellowships. For Past President Jay DeCou (2009-10) this is his second fellowship and for Past President Frank Platz (1968-69) this will be his fifth. This is a great commitment to keep the vital projects of Rotary funded. The awards were presented by Tom Zirk, chairman of The Rotary Foundation committee for our club.
Multiple Paul Harris Fellows Byron Smith
New Paul Harris Fellow
At our lunch meeting on 15 September 2010 Past President Jay DeCou presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to Dr. Anthony Sheplay. Dr. Sheplay has been an active member of our community and has donated both his time and expertise to the Boy Scouts and other youth projects. As the pictures shows, Dr. Sheplay comes at life with a great enthusiasm.
New Paul Harris Fellow Byron Smith
Rotary Recap - 9/1/10
During our meeting September 1st, 2010, Atascadero Rotary Club welcomed visitor Lawrence Thompson from Montecito. Mike Lucas won the ticket drawing. The following Anniversaries were celebrated: Carol & Ron Beskostny, Marsha and Bob Burbridge (25 years), Matt & Diane Conrad (33 years). Grigger Jones and Paul Parotti both had birthdays on the 1st, while John Webster (our esteemed prez) celebrated on August 29th. Casino Night has officially been moved from November to April 2nd, 2011. Ethics conference will be 11/30/10, and on September 15th our Distric Governor Deepa Willingham will be speaking to our club. Art Everett was "recognized" for earning a Silver and Bronze medal in the Mid-State Fair.
Rotary Recap - 9/1/10 Byron Smith
Grandpa Vial
On August 20th, 2010 John Vial's daughter Kelly welcomes her first child into the world. Mia Carrera was born at home with Kelly's husband Roberto by her side, as well as close family and friends. I have a feeling that John will easily earn "Grandpa of the Year". (ok, I'm biased on this one....)
Grandpa Vial Byron Smith
Wine Raffle Tickets Now Available!
The easiest fundraiser imaginable is now available for the members of Atascadero Rotary. Ken Johnson has a whole box full of wine raffle tickets and they cost only $10 each. The winners of the raffle will win either 10 cases, 4 cases or 2 cases of fine wine. There are other prizes as well including a winery tour and professional wine storage. Contact Ken at the meeting as get some tickets to sell for the drawing which will be held on 4 December 2010. This raffle is a major fundraiser for our club so do your best to sell as many tickets as you can.
Wine Raffle Tickets Now Available! Byron Smith
Rotary Recap - 8-18-2010
The International Exchange Program students were in attendance, about to embark on a year abroad in both Spain and France. A french student also attended and will be beginning his year at Atascadero High this fall. Lee Swam was our ticket drawing winner, however Bob Donaldson won the "alternate drawing" at his table. His was promptly fined by our president for bad attendance and also volunteered his winnings to the Rotary Scholarship Fund. Quyen Imoos rang the bell for her Hawaii trip. Ray and Rosy celebrate their 35th anniversary this week. 31 years for John and Melinda Hanson, while Tom and Linda Zirk celebrate 33. New Grandpa Wade McKinney passed the hat to start a college fund for his new grandson. Jim Corey celebrated his Rotary membership anniversary. He's been a member of several clubs since 1979. Bob Johansen provided a "joke of the week", while Don Price shared some photos of past Rotary Events and good times with old friends during his exemption moment. Our speaker this week was John Rogers. He spoke to the group about ballot measure I-10.
Rotary Recap - 8-18-2010 Byron Smith
Club Schlorships awarded
On August 4th some scholarship recipients from the class of 2010 at Atascadero High School joined us as the Pavilion for lunch. After introductions by Mark Jensen the students spoke briefly about where they are planning to attend college and some of their career aspirations. Pictured in the photo are Left to Right: Rotarian Dutch Nichols, Rotarian Quyen Immoss, both on the scholarship committee. Kelsey Ryburn who will be attending UC Santa Barbara, Haley Powers who will attend UC Davis, Tori Contreras who will attend Cal Poly, Heather Harbottle who will attend Point Loma in San Diego, Matt O'Connell who will attend Cuesta College, AJ Castaneda who will attend Colorado School of Mines, Mark Jensen, Rotary scholarship chair and Donn Clickard a member of the Atascadero School Board. (Thanks to Mark Jensen for the write-up)
Club Schlorships awarded Jim Corey
Chris Molina Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship
Chris Molina has been a member of the Atascadero Rotary Club for over 6 years and in that time he has been instrumental in our largest fundraiser, the golf tournament. Two years ago we found ourselves with two months to go and on our own putting the golf tournament on. Chris rose to the challenge that year and the following year to make the golf tournament a success. Chris also was the club interface to the Interact Club at Atascadero High School for several years with great success. The Paul Harris Fellowship is a recognition of his commitment to Service Above Self.
Chris Molina Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship Byron Smith
Nigeria making impressive progress against polio!
Bill Gates says he is impressed with the progress Nigeria has made against polio and urges partners in the fight to eradicate the disease not to let up. Gates, cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, shared personal observations from his June trip to Nigeria on his blog, Gates Notes. The post, along with others about polio, are appearing this week on the Gates Foundation blog, Foundation Notes. Read Full Story
Nigeria making impressive progress against polio! Byron Smith
Lots of wine for the raffle!
Great job of everyone in building up the donated wine for our fundraiser. If you have made your donation, Thank You. If you have not and are having a hard time deciding on how to choose some wine, let Ken Johnston, Beth Brennan or Don Price know and help will be on the way. Its fun to make the donation and see the wine collection grow. You can bring you donations to our next meeting and the committee will take care of all of the details for you.
Lots of wine for the raffle! Byron Smith
New Member, Josh Donovan
Josh Donovan has become our newest Rotarian. He was proposed for membership by Don Price. Josh's classification is Health Fitness. Josh is presently the General Manager of a Kennedy Club Fitness branch. Josh is a long time resident of Atascadero and graduated from Atascadero High School. He is the son of a past Rotarian, Kim Jeans. His current activities include Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. Be sure to go by Kennedy Club Fitness and sign Josh's book at the main counter.
New Member, Josh Donovan Byron Smith
Dick Chafin, Rotarian of the Year!
Jay DeCou selected Dick Chafin as the Rotarian of the Year for 2009-2010. Dick has been a member of the club since 1976 (if the website is correct) and that means he has been a member for thirty-four years! Dick has been treasurer for several tours of duty and is our current treasurer. He has been on the board of the club's foundation for many years and has always been available to help each administration to keep the club running well. Dick has also helped with the BBQ's for club events for many years. Now all that we need to see is Dick's smiling face on the wall in the Pavilion. Congratulations Dick, well deserved.
Dick Chafin, Rotarian of the Year! Byron Smith
Atascadero Rotary Wine Raffle
Become a sponser of our Wine Raffle!
The Rotary Club of Atascadero has openings for wine businesses that would like to become sponsors of our major fund-raising event. Through wine donations we are building a spectacular selection of fine wines, with the first prize of the raffle being a collection of at least 120 bottles of wine. Tickets to win will be sold throughout San Luis Obispo County, and the proceeds will be used for many Rotary projects
Atascadero Rotary Wine Raffle Byron Smith
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010
Year of the John

Technology struck our first meeting of the Rotary Year. First, the usual computer glitches. Presentations were made about some of this year's upcoming activities. Paul Parotti outlined some of the programs we will have in store for high school students: the Ethics Conference will be held, under JoAnn Main's leadership. And we will have a "Life-Skills" series of classes to give students knowledge about finance, insurance, investments. -- things they will need to survive as they head out on their own. Ken Johnson outlined our new fund-raiser, a Wine Cellar Auction. Members are each to donate two bottles of fine wine to make up a cellar of over 150 Bottles.
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010 Jim Corey
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010 (Continued)
Joining John at his inaugural was Rotary partner Yvonne, son Harry with his wife Jennifer, and hit of the meeting, granddaughter Camille.
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010 (Continued) Jim Corey
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010 (Continued)
Could our new Rotary Year be called "Gary Brill and the Presidency?" Our own dulcet-toned announcer served as the thread that tied John Webster's first meeting together. Gary helped introduce a new fining system -- multiple choices about how we'd like our money extracted. Your editor knows of another president who has introduced radical change, but that's another issue. Looks like we'll have some interesting, entertaining times ahead. Another facet of the new year will be our own Swami, Lee Swam. Lee brought out a clean-shaven chicken, and sent it flying. Keep your heads covered.
Meeting Notes 7-7-2010 (Continued) Jim Corey
Aggressive immunization strategy paying off
The incidence of polio continues to decline as immunization drives intensify in endemic countries and those where the poliovirus has been imported. As of 15 June, Nigeria reported only 3 polio cases, compared to 312 cases for the same period in 2009. India reported 21 polio cases compared to 67 cases. Multicountry synchronized immunization campaigns continue in West Africa, where the outbreak that affected the entire region last year now appears confined to the westernmost part.For More Information on this story, Click Here
Aggressive immunization strategy paying off Byron Smith
Program Notes -- May 12, 2010
(Photo Note: Pictured are Tom and Debby Harris of Harris Stage Lines, along with Pres. Jay, who might best be described as "All hat, no horse."). . A glimpse into the workings of an all-horse ranch (no tractors) was presented by Tom Harris of Harris Stage Lines in Paso Robles. Tom, along with wife Debby, works hard to preserve the heritage of work horses in many ways. With a restored overland stage coach, people can visit the ranch and experience what it was really like not all that long ago. Tom hires out his coach to take the horse experience to the people, throughout the US, and the world. And they offer various summer camps to instill the history of horses to today's youth. The ranch is located on N River Road in Paso Robles, and has activities year-round. Tom said it's interesting that even older teens enjoy and benefit from their summer programs. Thanks Tom for an interesting and informative program. And a Very Special Thanks to the Harrises. They were quick to donate a one week summer camp experience as a silent auction prize. Once again, Rotary attracts people who are "givers", not takers.
Program Notes -- May 12, 2010 Jim Corey
A voice from a meeting Guest
Just a quick thanks to Kennedy Fitness Center manager Josh Donovan. As he heard about our Silent Auction as part of the Golf Tournament, he immediately donated a six-month membership as an auction prize. A non-member who grasps the spirit of Rotary!
A voice from a meeting Guest Jim Corey
Whirlpool and Idlers come through -- Again
Sounds like Forrest Gump -- Again. We're really lucky to have dedicated members like Don Idler, and dedicated sponsors like Whirlpool. The giant appliance maker came through this year with a $5000 sponsorship of our Wine Country Classic Golf tournament. When so many sponsors are pulling back, or pulling out, it's great to know we have friends in good times and not-so-good. Pictured above is Whirlpool Territory Manager James Stoddard presenting a BIG check to pres. Jay, helped by Don Idler. And to restate the obvious: when it's appliance time, it's Idlers Time -- AND Whirlpool time.
Whirlpool and Idlers come through -- Again Jim Corey
Program Notes -- May 5, 2010
As he strode to the podium, no one would have guessed our speaker, Dana Cummings, was an amputee, with a prosthesis on one leg. No limp, no unsteadiness. And he told his amazing story -- or perhaps a story of amazing people who are amputees, and have taken up the sport of surfing! His organization, Ampsurf (www.ampsurf.org) sets up classes to teach those who are generally considered disabled to participate in a most rigorous activity, ocean surfing. With the right equipment, and the right coaching, these folks can experience the exhilaration of conquering the ocean, and in the process conquering some mental limitations. Dana said operating a surfing clinic is a major endeavor requiring a huge number of volunteers. The group has expanded to include those with other challenges -- including one blind person who was able to surf. His accompanying video showed the excitement shared by the participants
Program Notes -- May 5, 2010 Jim Corey
Meeting Notes -- April 21, 2010
Combine five generations of local residency with a love of public service, and you get Frank Mecham, SLO County First District Supervisor and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Frank apprised us, in clear, concise terms, of his first year in office. And what a year. The dismissal of the county's chief executive; conflicts in the negotiation of labor contracts; and an unprecedented budget deficit. Yet through it all, Frank seems upbeat. The tasks ahead are not easy, but the problems must, and will be solved. He views himself as a conciliator, and someone who is respectful of those around him. Frank said that above all, land use is consistently the biggest issue in the County. Something he felt his great-great-great-great grandfather would agree with. Nice to have someone with an historical perspective but a realistic view of the future serving us.
Meeting Notes -- April 21, 2010 Jim Corey
The Program -- April 14, 2010
Amazing the treasures we have in our own back yard. Peter Visel, head of the Estrella Warbird Museum (and Automobile Display), graphically showed us the amazing breadth of the museum. The Museum was established to preserve and present examples of military aircraft. With exhibit donations, the museum has expanded into motor vehicles as well. Also on display is an FA/18 Flight Simulator, which allows visitors to "fly" a wide range of airplanes without leaving the ground! The museum is entirely volunteer-run. Peter proudly pointed out that the museum is growing in these trying financial times through the generous donations by members to expand the display facilities. The museum does not glorify the combat which spawned the aircraft, but rather serves to remind people of the sacrifices that has made our way of life possible. The museum is located at the Paso Robles Municipal airport, which started as a P-38 Base in WW2
The Program -- April 14, 2010 Jim Corey
Meeting Notes April 14, 2010 -- con't
Lee Swam got to give the bird to Past Pres Ray Johnson. Actually, Ray first gave the bird, a hawk (deceased) to the Morro Bay Historical museum. Seems the errant flyer crashed into Ray's patio door. The museum and the specimen mounted for display. In thanks, Lee presented Ray with a huge bottle of Rex Goliath, with a 47 pound rooster(?) prominently pictured on the label. Not sure who got the better deal, the museum, or Ray
Meeting Notes April 14, 2010 -- con't Jim Corey
Speaker John Summer
Tourism is supplanting agriculture as the number one industry in SLO County, according to our program presenter, John Summer. But the 2 are synergistic -- Ag, particularly grapes and wine, brings in the people, and the people support the wine, along with everything from lodging (hear that, JP?) restaurants, and most everything else.
Speaker John Summer Jim Corey
Speaker Tim Cleath
Water is something easily taken for granted, especially after the weather we've had here. But in many parts of the world many die for lack of a source on uncontaminated water. Our speaker today, Tim Cleath, told of a potential solution for the problem, a solution that exemplifies the spirit of Rotary.
Speaker Tim Cleath Byron Smith
Rotarians witness chaos in Haiti
As president of the Rotary Club of Houston, it had been Michelle Bohreer's dream to travel to Haiti and conduct a service project to improve the lives of children there. On 12 January, 45 minutes into a weeklong trip to Port-au-Prince to do just that, the dream quickly spiraled into a nightmare.
Rotarians witness chaos in Haiti Byron Smith
Rotary on the Ground in Haiti
Rotary International, a world-wide service organization, is on the ground in Haiti, providing immediate help, and assessing on-going needs. Rotary has a district governor -- a resident who represents the organization and oversees the local clubs, in Port au Prince and can provide structure in the chaos that the earthquake created.
Rotary on the Ground in Haiti Byron Smith
Speaker Betsey Nash
Anyone who has employees knows that it is rarely a funny topic. But our speaker, Betsey Nash, brought anecdotes of the humor in Human Resources.
Speaker Betsey Nash Byron Smith
Brent Poppin
Our speaker was Brent Poppin, athlete extraordinaire. At the age of 16 Brent suffered an injury that left the high-school baseball champ a quadriplegic. Neither Brad nor his parents wanted such a devastating injury to end his quest for fitness and competition.
Brent Poppin Jim Corey
Pictured are Kelsey Cannon (L) and Katie DeCou (R) two of the four recipients of our club's renewable scholarship. Presenting the award is Mark Jensen from our club's foundation. The scholarship is for $1500, but can be renewed annually for four years. Kelsey is attending Westmont college, and Katie University of San Diego.
Ray Wirth turns 90!
Every one of Pres. Jay's meetings is a cause for celebration, but the meeting of January 6, was even more so. As we worked through the buffet line, it was noticed that there was no dessert. But come recognition time, when birthdays were announced, a beautiful Rotary-decorated cake was brought out so we could all celebrate Ray Wirth's 90th! Ray's wife, Rosie was along to share in the joy. There was mumbling by some about how they hoped "to be as sharp at 60 as Ray is at 90."
Ray Wirth turns 90! Jim Corey
Surprise Performance from AHS Choir
At the final meeting of the year we got a surprise performance from the Atascadero High School show choir. They were practicing in the adjoining room and former president Carl Billings talked them into a special, one song performance for our club. The creativity and talent was stunning. Many thanks to the show choir for starting our christmas season right.
Surprise Performance from AHS Choir Byron Smith
Battle of the Bands
Don Clickard, the former athletic director of Atascadero High School, organized a Battle of the Bands to coincide with the Colony Days celebration in Atascadero. The Rotary club provided $3,500 to bring in some big competition from Long Beach to make the battle epic. Most local high schools sent their bands to compete and a good time was had by all. Long Beach has asked to come next year and the Rotary Club has been asked to help out again and make the event even bigger next year.
Battle of the Bands Byron Smith
Victoria Billings completes term in France
Victoria Billings spent a term in France as our club's exchange student. She had studied French for three years in Atascadero High School and was able to put it to use and bring her skills up enough to complete a term of high school in France. Victoria lived with several host families which ranged from a farm atmosphere to more of a town. There were many events including several Rotary functions where she was able to meet other exchange students from other countries. After her term as an exchange student she took a 16 day bus tour which included several countries including Austria, Germany, italy and back to France. It was a great experience for her to expand her horizons and appreciate that many stereotypes are not correct.
Victoria Billings completes term in France Byron Smith
AHS Jazz Band
At the December 9 2009 meeting of the Atascadero Rotary Club the AHS Jazz band performed under the direction of Nate Conrad. The band performed a range of jazz from different eras which demonstrated the depth of talent at Atascadero High School and the leadership of Nate. Several of the members performed impressive solos and the whole band worked as an intricate musical machine with each musician playing a different score to create a sound that was as entertaining as it was impressive.
AHS Jazz Band Byron Smith
New Member - Carol Bezkostny
Carol Bezkostny, the new manager of Rabo Bank in Atascadero, has recently joined our club. Carol is replacing Lori Sanders. She has lived on the central coast for 34 years, 22 of those years in Paso Robles. Carol has been a board member of the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and in the Optomist Club for 5 years. Carol was proposed by Joanne Main and you can sign her book at Rabo Bank on El Camino Real. Welcome aboard!
New Member - Carol Bezkostny Byron Smith
Rotary Welcomes New Member Steve Hodgson
Steve Hodgson has joined the Rotary Club of Atascadero. Steve replaced Steve Dailick at North County Physical Therapy. He moved with his wife and daughter to Templeton 1 1/2 years ago. He studied with Steve Dailick at Long Beach. Steve's wife, Devon, will teach history at the Jr. High School. Be sure to stop by Steve's office at 6713 Morro Road to sign his book. Welcome aboard Steve!
Rotary Welcomes New Member Steve Hodgson Byron Smith
AHS Robotics Club Visits Rotary
The Atascadero High School Robotics club visited our club to demonstrate their competitive robot. They have done well in contests arranged by NASA which include universities from around the country. The Rotary Club of Atascadero has donated $250 to help with their expenses as they are hoping to travel to the national contest.
AHS Robotics Club Visits Rotary Byron Smith
Chris Molina to be President 2011-2012
At the lunch meeting on 18 November 2009 Former President Carl Billings announced that he and the panel of the last 10 presidents had asked Chris Molina to be president for the year 2011 - 2012. Chris has accepted and received a standing ovation from the membership. The list of Chris's accomplishments is long and includes Chairman of Youth Services, Interact liaison and the Chairman of the Golf Tournament. He has served on the board of directors for several administrations.
Chris Molina to be President 2011-2012 Byron Smith
Casino Night a Big Success!
The 2009 Casino Night was a great success! The event was held at Colony Hall on November 7th and was well attended by winners but no losers were to be found. Not only was it a fun night for everyone but the club has netted about $7,000 for our projects. Thanks to all of the members and their families who helped make this event a success. Ken Johnston's daughters brought particular sparkle to the drawings for the prizes. The winners for the reverse drawing were Don Price, Jessica Hamilton, Quyen Immoos, Frank Platz and Rotarius.
Casino Night a Big Success! Byron Smith
Babette DeCou Receives Paul Harris Fellowship
Babette DeCou, the first lady of our club, was presented a Paul Harris Fellowship at the meeting where district governor Luz Maria Ortiz Smith was visiting our club. The Paul Harris was the last of 51 that her grandfather has purchased in each of his years in the Stockton Rotary Club. The framed certificate was presented to Babette by her husband Jay. Babette then gave a moving description of her grandfather's dedication to Rotary and his accomplishments including 51 years of perfect attendance. His dedication to Rotary continued as long as he lived.
Babette DeCou Receives Paul Harris Fellowship Byron Smith
Creston Classic Rodeo sells Raffle Tickets
On Wednesday August 19th Candace Johnston attended her first Atascadero Rotary meeting and asked the Rotarians if the would like to buy Raffle tickets for the Creston Classic Rodeo. The tickets are for the Rodeo Queen Raffle. President Jay DeCou passed the Hat and Candace received $266 towards raffle tickets. Candace would like to thank everybody in the Atascadero Rotary Club.
Creston Classic Rodeo sells Raffle Tickets Byron Smith
The 34th Rabbit
At the club meeting on August 12th, President Jay was awarded his own rabbit by our club's foremost bunny breeder, Joel Clay.
The 34th Rabbit Byron Smith
Chris Molina receives Paul Harris Fellowship
Carl Billings, as the outgoing President, awarded Chris Molina a Paul Harris Fellowship for his enormous contributions to the club.
Chris Molina receives Paul Harris Fellowship Byron Smith
Rotary's 2009 Atascadero High School Scholarship Recipients
At a recent luncheon meeting of the Atascadero Rotary Club scholarships were presented to some of Rotary's 2009 Atascadero High School Scholarship Recipients.
Rotary's 2009 Atascadero High School Scholarship Recipients Byron Smith
Photo Journals on the Rotary Website!
A feature of the website you may not be aware of is "Photo Journals". The link to photo journals is on the very bottom right hand site of the home page. I recently received hand written letters of thanks to Rotary (our Group 11) for the bicycle project which we had a hand in sponsoring. Since the letters were an image file, it made sense to post them to the Photo Journal feature of our website! Visit the journal to read the letters.
Photo Journals on the Rotary Website! Byron Smith
Carl Billings recognized for service
At the lunch meeting on July 22, 2009 President Jany DeCou recognized past president Carl Billings for his service to the club as president. Carl was presented with a ceremonial gavel which will remind him of the joy that comes from recognizing the members of the club during his tenure as president. Carl will be remembered for innovations to our meetings such as adding in audio visual aids and moving the podium to the other side of the room as well as his contribution to the improvements made at the Charles Paddock zoo for their accreditation.
Carl Billings recognized for service Byron Smith
New Member Garry Brill
Garry Brill was inducted as a new member of the Rotary Club of Atascadero by Jay DeCou. His classification will be media consultant. Garry is a past member of the Rotary Club of Atascadero and a past president of the Club.
New Member Garry Brill Byron Smith
Hasta La Vista, Skippy
Another year, another Rotary Prez bites the dust. If you missed the Come-Down Party for now Past President Carl Billings, it's very possible you will be struck down at any moment. God Himself made an appearance (and so did Ray Johnson). It was quite a party.
Hasta La Vista, Skippy Byron Smith
Gary Brill Receives Paul Harris Fellowship
At the Atascadero Rotary Club meeting on 8 July 2009 Lee Swam awarded a former member and past president Gary Brill a Paul Harris Fellowship. Gary was president was president of our club during the 1988-89 year and has come back on occasion for a "News Report" that is filled with facts both serious and fun. Lee gave the award to Gary in recognition of a lifetime of service to his community. Maybe Gary will be back as a club member....
Gary Brill Receives Paul Harris Fellowship Byron Smith
Shelter Box
Prestigious Award Tom Henderson, the founder of the Helston based disaster relief charity, Shelterbox, has been awarded the Trelawny Plate in recognition of his contribution to Cornwall. The special award is given every two years.
Shelter Box Byron Smith
Health Workers Renew Fight Against Polio in Nigeria
Polio continues to be a major medical problem in Nigeria where suspicions about vaccines and other issues have revived the crippling disease. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Nigeria on efforts to curb the polio problem. Read More
Health Workers Renew Fight Against Polio in Nigeria Byron Smith
New President Jay DeCou takes over!
Our new President Jay DeCou had his first meeting July 1st. The meeting was a great success with participation from several Past-Presidents. Although Jay seemed a little "stiff" and absent minded for his debut, we're sure he will loosen up and be able to ace his duties as soon as he gets aboard. There did seem to be a key piece of hardware missing as the bell was nowhere to be found. Jay assured us that a key plank of his plan would hinge on nailing the culprit that hammered the bell. He said he would install a panel to drill for the truth.
New President Jay DeCou takes over! Byron Smith
Habitat for Humanity Donation

Carl Billings has made a donation on behalf of our club to the local Habitat for Humanity project. So far they have completed four houses on Traffic Way in Atascadero and are in the process of starting four more houses in Grover Beach.
Habitat for Humanity Donation John Webster
Loaves and Fishes Donation

President Carl Billings has made a donation of $600 to Loaves and Fishes on behalf of the Rotary Club of Atascadero. Our own Jackie Lerno is a board member of Loaves and Fishes and is accepting the check on their behalf.
Loaves and Fishes Donation John Webster
Skippy Honored with Club Membership

As the sun sets on President Carl Billings tenure he is being brought back in time to his childhood nick name by Ken Weathers and will be starting as a new member. Once he has completed the steps to get his blue badge (or his comedown party) then he will be able to become a full member again. Come the the comedown party an witness the transformation.
Skippy Honored with Club Membership John Webster
Rotarian of the Year

President Carl Billings announced his selection of Rotarian of the Year. He has selected Ken Weathers based on Ken's long service to the club which includes being president and secretary as well as a reliable crew member on many club duties. Ken is best remembered for his Presidential project which was the improvement of the entrance to the baseball field at Atascadero High School. Well deserved!
Rotarian of the Year John Webster
Winning Team of Golf Tournament

The winning golf team at the Wine Country Golf Classic was led by John Donovan. John and his team collected their prizes and accolades after the lunch supplied at the end of the tournament.
Winning Team of Golf Tournament John Webster
Victory with the Golf Tournament!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Chris Molina, Joel Clay and many others the Wine Country Classic Golf Tournament was a great success. Our club has netted about $18,000 for the one day event. Many thanks to the sponsors of the event which include:
Idlers Appliances
Santa Lucia Bank
Farmers Insurance
Perfector Scientific
Interface Development
Filipponi&Thompson Drilling
Chalk Mountain Golf Course

as well as the many hole sponsors and silent auction donations.
Atascadero Rotary accepting check from Whirlpool representative.
Victory with the Golf Tournament! John Webster
Comedown Party for President Carl

President Carl Billings will be hosted at his last meeting on Wednesday, June 24th. The festivities will begin at 5:30pm with an open bar and dinner will be served at 6:30pm. This is a mandatory event so you will be billed whether you come or not so if you can, show up for a good time. Spouses and significant others are invited!

What a great deal for $20! The "great deal" includes a hosted (read that "free") bar, hors d'oeuvres (read that "greasy fingers"), dinner (read that "dinner"), dessert (read that "cake"), fellowship (read that any way you want), and superb entertainment (really!! and I do mean really!!).

The location is Colony Hall behind the Best Western motel at the north end of town. Direct any questions to Joanne Main or Ken Weathers. There will be no lunch meeting on that day.
Comedown Party for President Carl John Webster
Swollen head or small hat?

Don Price just got back from a short break down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. He confessed to shooting as score that made sure he got his money's worth for the green fees. Don bought Carl a large Mexican hat to help with the fine but it seems that the hat contracted swine flu and shrunk a bit. While it might not have helped with the fine it will certainly keep the bill down if it is used to pass the hat for donations.
Swollen head or small hat? John Webster
President Carl's Project

President Carl Billings has not been just hanging around waiting for a banana or two. He has been busy with his President's project for his year. Our club has donated $ 10,000 to the Zoo for the improvement of the Spider Monkey enclosure so that the zoo can pass accreditation. Shown in the picture is zoo manager Kate Capella and a few Rotarians to help Carl keep the monkeys entertained. Stay tuned as the project should be started in the next few weeks.

President Carl's Project John Webster
2009 RYLA presentation by Ray Johnson

The three local high school students that attended RYLA this year were very pleased with the information that they learned and the new friends and contacts that they made. Pictured above is Alexis Chester who came in to speak to our club. The other two attendees were Uula Auren (our local exchange student) and Nathan Billings (our own President Carl's son). Here is a link to the RYLA District 5240 website. They have a lot of good information for any young people that you think would be interested in going. If you have any questions please giveRay Johnson a call.

Go to District 5240 RYLA website
2009 RYLA presentation by Ray Johnson John Webster
Family Picnic Success for 2009!

John Donavan and Roy McKee put on a great Family Picnic with the help of many club members. There was a good turn out of both kids and adults. The age range was from two weeks old to social security veterans. Press the link below to see pictures of the event.

Family Picnic photo album
Family Picnic Success for 2009! John Donovan
Sign up to be a player in the Golf Tournament!
The Wine Country Classic Golf Tournament is coming up very soon now. It is scheduled for 15 May 2009 at the Chalk Mountain Golf Course in Atascadero. The primary organizers of the event are Chris Molina and Joel Clay. As most of you are aware, the Paso Robles Rotary Club is no longer our partner in this event so it is very important that all members of our club make the effort to support the tournament as it is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Call some golf buddies and fill out the application form. Take the filled out form into Chris or Joel. Please do what you can to make this fundraiser a success!

Print golfer entry form
Sign up to be a player in the Golf Tournament! John Webster
Treasurer on Wheels

Our lunch meeting on 1 April 2009 was amped up by Lori Sanders and her husband Mike. They brought and demonstrated their second generation, off-road Segway personal transportation magic. Mike has suffered from Spina Bifida all his life but an infection threatened to slow him down. He investigated the Segway as a way to gain both mobility and have some fun. Lori like the idea so much that she bought one as well. They both gave us insight into how much a technical breakthrough product like the Segway can improve people's lives.
Treasurer on Wheels John Webster
New Member

Adam Daner has been inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Atascadero by Grigger Jones. Adam is an attorney specializing in litigation. His business is located on Capistrano Ave. and he lives in Atascadero. Adam's classifcation is law-litigation. Adam is a past Board member of the Atascadero Zoo, is currently an assistant football coach at Templeton HS, and his wife (Ann) is a past recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship.
New Member John Webster
District Assembly April 25 in Bakersfield
The annual District Assembly is coming to Bakersfield on April 25th. This is the best event of the year to get information and training on what Rotary is all about. You can still sign up to go the the Bakersfield (Paris of the Central Valley) Assembly by filling out the application located here:

Get District Assembly Application

The assembly is open to any Rotarian who wants to learn more about Rotary, improve their skills with committee functions or would like to get training to become a club officer. You will have a chance to meet officers of the District and gain a greater understanding of how our club fits into the greater Rotary universe. If you have questions give President Carl Billings a call.
District Assembly April 25 in Bakersfield John Webster
Loretta awards her daughter

At our lunch meeting on 4 March Loretta Butts recognized the contributions that her daughter, Dyan Blozan, has made to her community, family and those around her. Loretta enticed Dyan to bring her family to Atascadero believing that Loretta would be receiving an award. Dyan's community accomplishments include raising $15,000 for breast cancer in a three day walk, $100,000 for her local YMCA as well as many other causes. If you have special people in your life, giving a Paul Harris fellowship is a very good way to show your appreciation.
Loretta awards her daughter John Webster
Chess, the Rock Opera

At our lunch meeting on 4 March we were entertained by the Atascadero High School performing songs from their up coming musical Chess, The Rock Opera. Each of the students gave a very good performance which included a range of songs from the opera which will be performed at the Cal Poly Spanos Theater on March 27th through the 29th. Music will be performed live by the AHS band under the direction of Nate Conrad. This is an excellent chance to see what an amazing high school that we have. For tickets go to Performing Arts Center.
Chess, the Rock Opera John Webster
Starter Paul Harris accounts

To get new members started on their own Paul Harris Fellowships each new member from last year has been given a deposit of $100 into their Paul Harris account. Pictured is Tom Zirk, Don Baker, Christopher Toews and Greg Porter. Each new member was given a certificate which advises them of the award. If you would like more information on how to add to your account, join a multi-year group or purchase a Paul Harris Fellowship just give Loretta Butts a call.
Starter Paul Harris accounts John Webster
Points add up!

At the 24 February lunch meeting Loretta Butts awarded John Webster a Paul Harris Fellowship based on points earned in his account. You can be awarded multiple fellowships based on your points earned from granting a fellowship to another person and making donations to the club which are counted in your Paul Harris accounts. The wheelchair and fistula repair programs as examples of eligible donations. Contact Loretta if you would like information on your account.
Points add up! John Webster
Matching Grant Buys Books for Nigeria

This is one of the matching grants that Loretta Butts arranged for Atascadero Rotary last year for the children at KPVTA (Kano Polio Victims Trust Association) for school supplies and uniforms. The grant was for the following:

"This will help specifically child Polio victims and children of Polio victims, who are mostly unable financially or physically to attend public schools. Public schools are free but students must supply uniforms, numerous text books and needed stationary or they can not attend. This grant will give these 177 children the opportunity to start and/or continue their education by providing these necessary supplies for one school year. These primary and secondary school age children are identified by the coordinating organization KPVTA (Kano Polio Victims Trust Association). KPVTA is a long standing trusted organization which the local Rotarians and community believe in and work with directly on many projects. By receiving this education they will have a much improved opportunity to support themselves in a productive way, increase their self-esteem and, in turn, become a benefit to their communities and will not be begging on the streets."

This project has been funded by your contributions through Paul Harris Fellowships and the funds that our club sends to Rotary International. For more information please contact Loretta
Matching Grant Buys Books for Nigeria John Webster
Ethics Conference Success!

The annual Ethics Conference for the students at Atascadero High School was held on March 24th, 2009. Joanne Main has both inspired the event and been the chairperson for the many years of its existence. This is a premier event of our club as it directly advances the fundamental knowledge of ethics for the young people of Atascadero. The master of ceremonies was Mitch Massey the former sportscaster from KSBY-TV. The high school students voiced a great appreciation of the event and have asked that it be expanded in the future. Jackie Lerno snapped quite a few pictures of the event and you can see a slide show of them here:

Ethics Conference photo album
Ethics Conference Success! John Webster
Valentine's Day Meeting

Beth Brennan put on a great program for us at our February 11th lunch meeting. There were two stunningly good skits featuring AHS students Nathan Billings (following in dad's footsteps), Amanda Thurman, Marlina Mack and Ken Foley. Professional standup artist Lizette Mizelle got the laughs going and was finished up by TJ Young, a truly remarkable young comedian.
Valentine's Day Meeting John Webster
Celebration of Life for Craig

Matt Conrad will be holding a memorial service for Craig at St. Luke's Episcopal Church (5318 Palma Ave., Atascadero) at 10:30 a.m on February 14th before the BBQ. You are all invited to this celebration as well!

One of Craig's parting wishes to those who remained at his bedside during his final months was that they arrange a Celebration of Life sometime after his passing. Craig's desire was to provide an opportunity for his family and friends to meet together in a very casual setting to reflect upon the wonderful times they shared with him over the years.
Craig was blessed to have many special people in his life that he never took for granted. He valued those relationships and talked about them up to the end of his long, rewarding and happy life.
Craig's request of Carol Hamilton, his loving companion, was that she plan a BBQ at the Hamilton Barn located at 6580 Rocky Canyon Road in Atascadero. Please plan to join us on Saturday, February 14th 2009, at 12:30pm
To get to Carol's ranch, go east on highway 41, turn right on Rocky Canyon road (first right after the bridge over the Salinas river) and look for the sign just past Heilman's salvage.
Celebration of Life for Craig John Webster
Super Bowl Party!

Super Bowl Party photo album

The winners are:
Linda Falkenstien $500 Grand Prize
Carl Billings $100 First Quarter Score
Art Everett $100 Half-time score
Marsha Burbridge $100 Third Quarter Score
Ken Weathers, Jim Corey, Greg Porter $50 each, square drawing
Kathy Filipponi $100 Coin Toss
Joel Clay $100 First Punt
John Hansen $100 First Score
Greg Porter $100 First Turnover
Super Bowl Party! John Webster
Club Donation to Shelter Box
Our club has made a donation $2,000 to Shelter Box which will allow them to purchase two boxes for disaster relief. Each box has enough supplies to keep a family of up to 10 people alive for 6 months. This is a Global Rotary Project and the two boxes that our club have donated may mean the difference between life and death for two families. To learn more go to Shelter Box.
Club Donation to Shelter Box John Webster
Wade McKinney - Citizen of the Year!

The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Joanne Main, has honored our Rotary member and city manager, Wade McKinney, with the presentation of the Atascadero Citizen of the Year award. The award was presented at the Chamber's annual installation dinner on January 17th with Wade's family in attendance. (nice hat!)
Wade McKinney - Citizen of the Year! John Webster
Crab Feed Success!

A great time was had by all. Another successful Crab Feed thanks to Jackie Lerno and all of her helpers. Be sure to press the link below and see your picture from the festivities. With luck we got a picture of everyone. If we missed you, be sure to come back next year!

Crab Feed photo album
Crab Feed Success! John Webster
Deal or No Deal

The likes of Howie Mandel (in the form of Carl Billings) was created by John Hollenbeck for a Christmas send off party. Lee Swam provided the gifts and the excitement never stopped!
Deal or No Deal John Webster
Visit from Scholar

At our lunch meeting on 17 December 2008 we were visited by Christine Vail, the winner of the Rotary McCarty Scholarship. Christine is attending Cal Poly and majoring in Liberal Studies.
Visit from Scholar John Webster
Loaves and Fishes Donation

Loretta Butts presents Jackie Lerno, the incoming president of Loaves and Fishes with a check for $2250 from our club. The bulk of the money was raised by the club game of Jeopardy with the remainder from President Carl.
Loaves and Fishes Donation John Webster
Become a Newsletter Author
If you have an announcement to make, have a topical thought to convey or just want to tell a story you can get it published in the club news bulletin.

Send an email to the publisher, John Webster, and you can have your thoughts sent to all of the club members. There is a link in the upper left corner of this bulletin which will allow you to send your message.
Become a Newsletter Author John Webster
Visit Interact!
The AHS Interact club has been very active in both attracting membership and doing some great projects. Our club has not been good about attending the Interact meetings and we now have a new project to help. There is a sign up sheet available at each of our lunch meetings so that you can sign up to visit the Interact club on a scheduled meeting date. The person signed up for the visit will be listed on the speakers part of the website. Please make an effort to sign up and you will get a make up as well.
Contact Chris Molina for details.
Visit Interact! John Webster
Interact in Newspaper
Letter to the Editor in Telegram-Tribune 11 Oct 2008 I live very close to Atascadero High School. I live on the main "fast food lunch" route. Unfortunately, littering is a severe problem on my street and the surrounding streets. For many years, I have picked up the trash and complained to myself about it - but did nothing.
As I was driving home from work last week, it was with great pleasure that I saw a group of students, armed with trash bags, walking the neighborhood. I recognized one of the students and I called the family to express my appreciation. I was told it was the Interact Club from the high school. I sincerely doubt that any of these students caused the litter mess, but they are out there taking care of business.
They improved my neighborhood, they improved my mood and they improved the attitudes of several neighbors. Thank you, Interact.
I work for a school district and I can say with certainty that littering near schools is not only an Atascadero problem. I hope that other districts, other schools and other school clubs will see this letter and step up. Share and care for your neighborhoods.

Chris Shuck, Atascadero
Interact in Newspaper John Webster
Nigerian Club and Atascadero Rotary Together Restore Lives of Fistula Victims
In parts of Africa and South Asia where maternity care is marginal and cesarean section is unavailable, a mother's labor may go on for days, especially if she is very young. The wall of the birth canal may be so injured by prolonged pressure that a hole develops between it and adjacent organs, resulting in permanent incontinence - the condition known as obstetric fistula. The physical effects of a fistula are bad enough, but more follows: the woman is typically abandoned by her husband, unable to bear more children, and shunned by her village. She has lost all status and dignity.

More than two million women in the world live with fistula. But Rotary is doing something about it. A fistula can be surgically repaired, just as a hernia can. And a life can be mended too, when rehabilitation, education, and vocational training follow the surgery. Rotarians in many parts of the world are using their time and money to help fistula victims recover their health, dignity, and independence.

The Rotary Club of Nassarawa-Kano, in Nigeria, and our club are co-sponsoring the Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Program in Kano, transforming fistula patients once regarded as outcasts into empowered, literate women with high self-esteem. The skills and knowledge acquired in the program make them economically independent members of their communities, with enviable status. They have options available to them that did not exist before. They are not only equipped economically to make their own decisions, but also have the information they need to make the best decisions. Our club's contribution of $5,000 will help transform 75 lives over the next two years.
Nigerian Club and Atascadero Rotary Together Restore Lives of Fistula Victims John Joyner
Help Get New Members!
President Carl has introduced a new scheme to help us bring new members. If you bring a prospective new member to a lunch meeting, you pay for the first lunch and the club will pay for the additional lunches until the member is inducted. Try to bring a new member soon and keep the club growing. If you have any questions give Will Bateman a call.
Help Get New Members! John Webster
Firefighters BBQ October 15th
Every year the members of the Rotary Club of Atascadero honor all the firefighters of Atascadero -- men and women, full-time and reserve. We do this in two ways. First, we follow the hundred-year-old Rotary tradition of getting up in the morning and going to work, earning money by practicing our vocations, and then forking over part of our earnings on Wednesdays, so President Carl can write the firefighters a big check. The firefighters use the fruits of our labor to purchase equipment to fight fires and save lives. But we don't stop there. We also honor the firefighters by practicing a tradition a hundred times older than Rotary itself: We invite them to share a meal with us. We buy the food and drink, and we prepare it. As we sit down with them over a great meal, we show the firefighters our true appreciation by sharing with them the one thing none of us can make more of -- our time. Wednesday night, October 15th.
Firefighters BBQ October 15th John Joyner
Interact Club Gearing Up for '08-'09
The AHS Interact Club has elected new officers for the 2008-2009 school year, and also chosen its main charitable focus: SLO county food banks. Faculty advisor Mary Corey and our Youth Service Director Chris Molina report that the Interact members are also looking forward to working on the Habitat-for-Humanity houses that were started last year. All Rotarians are welcome at Interact meetings, which are held from 11:00-11:30am, in Room A313 at AHS.
Interact Club Gearing Up for '08-'09 John Joyner