Scholarships/Club Foundation
2017-2018 Scholarship recipients
The Standard endorsed by Rotarians throughout the world is Service Above Self. It is an ideal that Rotarians strive to live by and one that unites us in thought and action. In 1990, with this ideal in mind, the Rotary Club of Atascadero established The Foundation, which provides Rotarians and Non-Rotarians alike with a safe, convenient and enduring way of building a better community for all.

The Rotary Club of Atascadero Foundation is an on-going, non-profit corporation. It give community minded citizens like you the convenience of making a single, tax exempt contribution, knowing that your donation is safe and that the income from your donation will benefit the community. Gifts may be made in many ways, all which are easy and safe.

The foundation is administered by a Board of Directors whose mission is to use the growth from your contribution to benefit the community while keeping the principle from your donation for future good works. The investments are managed by an independent advisory board of financial experts who are also volunteer Rotarians. This structure provides long term stability and eliminates the administration costs to the foundation. Your entire contribution goes towards improving your local community.

For those of you who want a convenient, safe and enduring way of contributing to your community, please consider The Rotary Club of Atascadero Foundation as a vehicle.

Sincerely yours, The Foundation Board