Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Jul 25, 2022
Our program on July 15th was Kendra Pinkelman, a member of our Club and a mental health specialist who is restarting her Solstice Healing practice again after a brief absence for the past 4-5 years. She has been practicing with another group since the birth of her second daughter. But now is the time to restart her solo practice.
What is Ecotherapy? Eco-Therapy is the therapeutic application of Eco-Psychology-which is the study between human beings and our natural environment. In Canada, Eco-Therapy is covered by insurance but in the United States we still have a way to go before that happens.
Ecopsychology seeks to develop and understand ways of expanding the emotional connection between individuals and the natural environment, thereby assisting individuals with developing sustainable lifestyles and remedying alienation from nature. We need healthy connections. Kendra explained that we are all part of multiple systems. When we find our healthy balance in this system, a healthy balance is created within ourselves.
It can be in many different forms: animal assisted therapy; horticulture therapy, green exercise, wilderness, and green therapy. Kendra offers green therapy currently. The demographic served is anyone experiencing stress related symptoms; individuals feeling disconnected from themselves, those around them and the world as a whole; going through the motions; mild/moderate depression; anxiety, trauma, and grief.
The type of therapy that Kendra uses is cognitive behavioral therapy which recognizes negative or unhelpful thoughts which can affect your actions. Kendra reviewed what a group looks like and the major tenets explored in her groups which consist of 6-10 participants and the objective of the group. Goals for the future are developed. Sessions are once a week for 1-2 hours per group.
Kendra has been a member since September 2017 and is the Program Chairperson for our Club this year and last year.