Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Apr 25, 2022
Our guest speakers on Friday, April 22nd were Joy Ingram and Annie Landis. Joy has spoken to our Club in the past and is a member of the Rotary Club of Arlington. Annie is involved in the Prevention Department. Annie describes her position as the easiest job she has ever had. She enjoys playing and working with teenagers every day affected by domestic violence. The biggest part of prevention is understanding domestic violence. A key message is to create a safety plan for the mom and her children. The Domestic Violence Prevention Act allows victims to get legal protection without an attorney.
Another recommendation is to consider filing a police report. Another is to save evidence such as photographs of bruises and other injuries, ripped clothing, etc. The Prevention Department goal is not to shame anyone, just to help them get through their domestic violence situation. Building relationships with the YMCA. Stanwood community, libraries and churches are an effective way to build relationships for your sons and daughters. A major key is to know your rights and the right to have other friends.