Drone Attachment With Water Sampling System (DAWWSS)
Dec 19, 2019
Alyssa Hawkins & Iris Bordman
Drone Attachment With Water Sampling System (DAWWSS)

High School youth supported by the Vashon Island Rotary Foundation are creating innovative solutions for increased accessibility for water sample collection to aid in finding clean water sources during humanitarian efforts and to learn about the condition and biodiversity of remote or inaccessible watersheds' ecosystems:  

Iris Bordman and Alyssa Hawkins, sophomores at Vashon Island High School, received a grant from the Vashon Island Rotary Foundation  to compete in Washington State science competitions to further design and implemention of DAWWSS (Drone Attachment With Water Sampling System) globally. In this presentation, you will get to hear a fresh view from youth supported by Rotary about what their innovative solution, DAWWSS, can do in our world to aid in environmental and humanitarian efforts.