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Wednesday noon
February 24, 2016

The 30/30 Project:
Living with and Combating AIDS in Africa

with Julie Lewis, 30 Year
HIV Survivor

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Preview of February 24, 2016
The 30/30 Project: Combating AIDS in Africa
with Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis, 30-year HIV survivor and mother to Grammy award-winning producer, Ryan Lewis, believes in the power of educating, encouraging action, volunteerism and compassion to further the quality of life and health options for all individuals.  With this passion and dedication, she and the Lewis family founded the 30/30 Project in April of 2014.

In 1984, Julie Lewis gave birth to her first daughter, Teresa. Due to a complicated pregnancy she received a blood transfusion and in that moment was infected with HIV. When she was finally diagnosed in 1990, she was given only a few years to live. By that time she had already given birth to two other children, Laura and Ryan. Although they each had a 25% chance of being born HIV+ they were extremely fortunate and were not infected. (With ARV treatment the risk of mother to child transmission is now less that 2%). Thanks to advanced medicine and healthcare available here in the U.S. Julie has lived despite her odds. 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of Julie being HIV+.
Wanting to find a way to celebrate her amazing journey she launched the 30/30 Project to have a positive impact on the lives of other women, girls, and families who haven’t had the same access to the healthcare opportunities that she has had.
The 30/30 Project seeks to bring healthcare facilities to communities impacted by HIV/AIDS, as well as offering compressive general healthcare access to those who need it most.  Through the 30/30 Project and Construction for Change, Julie seeks to build 30 medical centers worldwide that will sustain for at least 30 years, the first of which will be built in Malawi and Kenya.
Along with founding the 30/30 Project, since 2011 Julie has worked as the Co-Director of Global Partnership Development for Construction for Change. A former Science teacher, Julie has over 15 years of experience in the public service sector as a public health educator, working with the Spokane Regional Health District and the Spokane AIDS Network. 
The After Party

♦♦  Thursday, February 25, 5-7pm  ♦♦♦
Triple Door – 216 Union Street

Join us to continue the conversation: 30/30 Project: Living with and Combating AIDS in Africa.
Review of February 17, 2016
Stayin’ Alive:  Seattle #4 Members Gain Hands-on Lifesaving Skills

Reporter: Jeanne McKnight

Seattle is one of the best places in the world to have a heart attack.

While many of us have heard that saying, how many know that our very own Seattle #4 played a huge part in creating the lifesaving Medic One program that has helped so many heart attack victims (and other medical emergencies) survive? This particular aspect of our Club’s history made clear at the February 17 meeting—themed “Rotarians save lives and you can, too!”

The lifesaving-themed program started with Mike Colbrese and Burr Stewart leading us in singing the National Anthem—“in recognition of Presidents’ Day”—followed by an invocation by Fr. Steve Sundborg, asking for prayers for “all that keep us safe.” Joe Phillips then introduced us to new member, Jill Dougherty, sponsored by Bill Center.  If Jill’s face looks familiar, chances are you saw her in the past on CNN, reporting from either the White House or Russia, where she was Moscow Bureau Chief.

President Sue opened the meeting with a brief story on the founding of Medic One—a story with roots in Seattle and Seattle #4. President Sue took us all the way back to 1971, when then-Seattle #4 President Joe James (founder of the iconic Waterfront business, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop) joined forces with Seattle Fire Chief Gordon Vickery and Dr. Leonard Cobb, a University of Washington cardiologist, to determine whether lives could be saved with pre-hospital intervention and whether such intervention could improve the outcomes of people suffering from cardiac arrest. Yes, they concluded, lives could be saved—and in the words of Totem reporter Eric Bremner, reporting in 1971, “They all knew this was it.”

While Medic One served as a blueprint for other communities (and now, other countries as well), what set Seattle apart was “a massive drive to teach Seattle citizens CPR,” according to President Sue.  After a brief history lesson, President Sue then introduced (President-Elect) Cathy Gibson and Lisa Mayfield.  In keeping with the program theme, Cathy asked members of the audience for a show of hands for those who have either been saved by CPR or been saved by someone. (Note: For those who were not able to attend the meeting, it is a significant point that our very own President Sue raised her hand as one whose live was saved by CPR. More on THAT later.)

Cathy then introduced Seattle Fire Department Chief and fellow Rotarian Harold Scoggins, who delivered an information-packed presentation on the lifesaving work of the department.  Seattle has 33 fire stations, 5 aid cars, 5 fire boats, and 1,000 members supported by 100 support staff. This group of heroes responded to 92,000 emergencies last year, including 77,000 medical emergencies. “We only have one shot to get it right,” said Chief Scoggins.

The Chief also pointed out the different roles and responsibilities of paramedics and EMTs, with paramedics having the most advanced education, and EMTs in a role of supporting paramedics. But, he emphasized, both play a very important lifesaving role—as evidenced by the September 24 Ride the Ducks crash on the Aurora Bridge. “It may have looked like chaos,” he noted, but it was in fact “managed chaos; poetry in motion when you see it in action.”

While we take paramedicine for granted today, it wasn’t all that common in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, when Medic One was founded.  According to Chief Scoggins, it was said that, “When these programs [Medic One] started, individuals had a better chance of being saved on a battlefield in Vietnam” than in a city like Seattle. And now, because of paramedicine and emergency medical response, there is a 50 percent saved rate, he noted. The Chief also acknowledged the work of the Seattle Medic One Foundation, a nonprofit that welcomes visitors from all over the world who seek to emulate what has been created here.

After the Chief’s presentation, the hands-on portion of the meeting began.  Volunteers from Medic One Foundation and the Seattle Fire Department joined each table to demonstrate how to perform CPR on a dummy (to the inspiring tune of “Stayin’ Alive”); each person at each table then had the opportunity to practice under the supervision of one of the volunteers. (“Rotarians save lives” because we keep practicing our lifesaving skills!) Dr. Carla Fowler then demonstrated, using Lisa Mayfield as the victim, how to save someone who is choking—using either the Heimlich maneuver and the “back blow.”

In the final segment of the program, Carla invited Mark Wright to the stage to interview a “bystander hero,” Cathy Butler. Cathy, we learned, was enjoying a cup of coffee at a Starbucks one fine Valentines’ Day in 2007, when she came across an accident and rushed to the scene on the street to see how she could help.

Seeing one of the victims obviously not breathing, and turning blue then ashen, Cathy (trained as a nurse) worked with another passerby to drag the victim from her car where she promptly began administering CPR and kept going until medics arrived. 

Looking Ahead

February 24, 2016
The 30/30 Project: Living with and Combating AIDS in Africa
with Julie Lewis

March 2, 2016
The Art of Innovation
Kevin Harrington, original Shark Tank cast
and infomercial inventor

March 9, 2016
Travel guru Rick Steves


Rotary Cares
It is with great sadness we report the death of Darlynn Anderson, wife of Seattle 4 member Nick Anderson. Memorial service will be held Saturday, February 20 beginning at 11am at Nile Shrine Golf Center, 6601 244th SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA (please RSVP ~ more information and contribution link HERE). 
Unless WRITTEN, SIGNED protests are received in the time period required, the following will receive a "welcome to Rotary" notification that their membership has been accepted:

1. Laura Mathers, Foundation, President & CEO, Seattle Police Foundation (Mark Davis/Sue Nixon)
2. Daron Vchulek, Health Care, VP of Ancillary Service, The Polyclinic (Oliver Iverson)

5th Avenue Offer
The 5th Avenue Theatre is offering Seattle 4 Rotarians and their guests a chance to purchase tickets to How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for $25*. All seats, all performances of the show from January 28- February 21 when you use promo code ROSEMARY. Click this link to purchase tickets: 
Rotary Night Skiing

DATE:              Tuesday, March 1
WHERE:           Summit Central at Snoqualmie Pass
COST:              $34 night-skiing group rate -– 4pm-10pm

• Two meet-up options:
   o For those that want to carpool: South Bellevue Park & Ride at 3pm
   o For those that want to drive solo: Gather for dinner in the Timberhouse Café on the second floor of the Central Lodge at 6:30pm
• Open to all Rotarians, family, and friends
• RSVP to
   o How many coming
   o Will you meet at the Park & Ride or Summit?
   o If Park & Ride, can you drive?


Winners for Life Hosts Needed!
Each year, the Rotary Club of Seattle honors high school students who have shown exceptional character in overcoming significant obstacles to remain in school. Poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and language and learning disabilities are just some of the challenges these kids have surmounted. These remarkable students are quietly building bright futures in difficult circumstances. They are our “Winners for Life.”

On Wednesday, March 30, we need 60 Seattle Rotarians to each host a “Winner for Life” at the reception and regular Rotary luncheon. Rotary pays for the reception and meals of the Winner and their guest, and Winners receive a plaque, but YOU make the recognition more personal!  Please take a moment to fill out the form (HERE) and host a student. Thank you!


Mug Drive - March 16
MUG Drive – March 16
Seattle 4’s Community Service Committee is organizing the First Annual MUG DRIVE for Angeline's Center for Homeless Women on Wednesday, March 16.  Bring your new or lightly used mugs to the meeting at Hotel Motif for collection. Company logo and advertising mugs gladly accepted, so dust off that top shelf of your kitchen cabinet ~ a simple way of helping women in need!
Meet Jill Dougherty
Jill Dougherty

Introduced on February 17, 2016 by Joe Phillips

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest member, Jill DoughertyJill has been nominated by Bill Center. Jill served as a CNN correspondent for three decades, reporting from more than 50 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, and Russia.  Since leaving CNN in 2014 she has been a fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, researching Russian Media Propaganda.
Born in New York, Jill and her twin sister grew up in Washington DC and Scranton, PA.  They both attended Emmanuel College in Boston for two years, which included study at Leningrad University supported by Rotary Scholarships! When they ran out of Russian curriculum to pursue at Emmanuel, they transferred to the University of Michigan where they finished their degrees in Slavic languages and literature.
Wider World of Rotary

Wider World of Rotary
Brought to you by the Rotary Relations Committee
Committee Chair: Trent Mummery
Club Secretary: Lisa Mayfield

Rotarians at Work

A big thank you to the Seattle 4 team who joined other District 5030 Rotarians at the monthly Rotary First Harvest food pack at NW Harvest.  We helped pack 9,930 lbs. of garbanzo beans (7,223 meals) and 14,320 lbs. of apples (11,015 meals) for local food banks.  Impressive! 


Our Seattle 4 food packing crew: Alan Bergen, Patrick Carter (with a group from Rotary Boys & Girls Club), Sten Crissey, Larry Granat, Ken Grant (with wife Kristin and daughters Annalisa and Zoe), Einer Handeland, Lisa Mayfield (with Aging Wisdom colleagues), David Siebert (with wife Carol) and former Rotarian Sarah Horrigan.

Save the date for the next food pack on March 12 from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  RSVP to Lisa Mayfield if you are interested at

Hands-on Opportunity to Help Build Tiny House

Rotarians are invited to a work party this Saturday, February 20, from 12-4 pm to help build a Tiny House sponsored by the Low Income Housing Institute and the Seattle International District Rotary Club.  This Tiny House project is located at Othello Village near the Othello Light Rail Station at 7544 Martin Luther King Jr Way.  Please dress comfortably and bring work gloves.  Tasks Rotarians will be doing include painting interiors, nailing coat racks, moving in furniture, sawing wood and making shelving in the houses.
The project provides newly built, 8  by 10 ft houses which will have electricity, a cot and protection from weather elements.  A heated bathroom and kitchen out buildings are also on the premises. It is a community of 15 houses that will provide a short term alternative housing to our city’s neediest so they can have a safe, warm place to live while working towards improving their lives and moving into permanent housing. The residents are responsible for a  $90 per month payment for utilities.


Rotary Cares - Danner
Please keep Seattle 4 member Danner Graves in your thoughts.  Danner underwent another surgery last week and is recuperating at Swedish Hospital. Hope to see you back at Rotary soon, Danner!
Happy Birthday!
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