Red, White & Rotary Art Auction Tricia Sharp 2019-01-23 08:00:00Z 0
Fidalgo Island Rotary is full of talented volunteers that know how to have fun and help out the Anacortes community. They set up a WhoVille village at the port for Celebrate the Season for the first time this year. Parents can bring their kids down to interact with the village, play some mini golf and get their picture taken with the Grinch. Come join the fun and volunteer with us! Contact for more info. Check out our photo album or our Facebook page for more!
WhoVille @ Celebrate the Season Tricia Sharp 2017-12-04 08:00:00Z 0
Our fall celebration was a hit with Ed Spauer leading the event for this years' Oktoberfest Extravaganza.  Lots of beer, brats and potato salad to make the evening festivities enjoyable.  Prizes were given for the best and ugliest stein; Best Oktoberfest outfit (Tricia looked more like a drunk lumberjack on stilts), and Best Yodel.  The party was held at the Skyline Beach Club on the west side of Fidalgo Island.  For more pictures from this event click on the Photo Album Oktoberfest 2016.
Annual Oktoberfest Party 2016-11-05 00:00:00Z 0
On October 22, Fidalgo Island Community Service Committee decided to do a little "light" gardening for the Anacortes Family Center.  Volunteers showed up with their gardening tools in hand to pull weeds, prune trees and plant 350 bulbs donated by the Washington Bulb Co. 
Make A Difference Day 2016 Tricia Sharp 2016-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
The District 5050 GolFUN is not your average golf fundraiser... it's actually fun!  
When Graham Read and I were first asked to sell Mulligans and take marketing and PR photos at this years' golf fundraiser —at the Hazelmere Golf & Country Club in Surrey BC Canada, neither one of us actually played golf.  We didn't know what to expect.  As Graham and I pulled up we noticed right away that a Rotary club met there and the landscaping was immaculate. The more and more pictures we shot of the course and talking to the players and the staff working the grounds— we realized how much fun camaraderie each one had for the course and each other. The landscape was very serene and beautiful and no one was taking the tournament very seriously, which was a breath of fresh air for us since we didn't really understand golf etiquette.
To see more pictures of the GolFUN 2016 tournament click here.
GolFUN 2016 Tricia Sharp 2016-08-15 00:00:00Z 0
Fidalgo Island Rotary puts together the biggest FREE kids boat building activity at the Anacortes Waterfront Festival. Thousands of children and parents will flock to our festival booth to receive a real wood boat hull, cut and sanded to be crafted by them with wood pieces, corks, glue and hammers.  All the materials are donated by Sierra Pacific, Sebos Hardware and Rotarian members. This year the boats were cut and sanded by members of Fidalgo Island Rotary and the metal shop class from Anacortes High School.  If you would like to join in on the FUN contact Tricia at for more info.
Anacortes Waterfront Festival - FREE Kid Boat Building 2016-05-30 00:00:00Z 0
Fidalgo Island Rotary was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Anacortes School District for our donations to support special programs in Anacortes elementary and middle schools.  These programs would not be available to help teachers succeed in their curriculum without local charities like ours helping them move forward in a changing world.  Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! for everyone who helped make this possible.
ASD Certificate of Appreciation 2016-05-04 00:00:00Z 0
2016 What A Year! 2016-05-04 00:00:00Z 0

The Giving Challenge is an online donation drive where hundreds of charities compete for matching dollars and incentive grants during a 24-hour period.
Starting Tuesday, September 1st at noon EDT, gifts from $25 up to $250 will be eligible to be matched 1:1 per donor, per organization. There is no limit to the amount of matching dollars available! Each gift is 100% tax-deductible and donors will immediately receive a tax receipt. The Challenge ends at noon on September 2nd.

>> DONATE <<
Make your tax-deductible contribution of at least $25 (gifts must be made online using a credit card) using the online Giving Challenge Portal. PORTAL OPENS AT 12 PM: 

You can also go to, search for "ShelterBox," and make your tax-deductible contribution of at least $25. (Again, donation portal does not open until Tuesday, September 1 at 12 pm EST.) 

Don't want to wait? Pledge your donation in advance by calling us at 941-907-6036 and we’ll make your credit card donation for you at the start of the campaign. 
All donations during the challenge will support ShelterBox USA and help to provide global humanitarian relief!
ShelterBox Donation Matching 2015-09-01 00:00:00Z 0
Many thanks once again to the Fidalgo Island Rotary Club, whose annual contribution of FREE miniature wooden boats for children is one of the highlights of the Anacortes Waterfront Festival. Word on the street (Okay, Dr. Stephen Miller, Rotary volunteer) is that the club passed 1,600 boats on to delighted children this year! Hull, mast, sail, drilled holes to accommodate masts ... what a great effort by a bunch of great community volunteers!
-Steve Berentson
Fidalgo Island Rotary Recognized in Anacortes Today Article 2015-06-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tricia Sharp



Oasis Teen Shelter

Today our club donated laundrey, food, paper and personal items to the Oasis Teen
located in Mount Vernon.  Thanks to EVERYONE who made the donation drive successful!
OASIS Teen Shelter Donation Tricia Sharp 2015-03-24 00:00:00Z 0
After a wonderful holiday party on Tuesday, December 16, Fidalgo Island Rotary will not meet again until Tuesday, January 6, 2015.  We hope you enjoy this holiday season and are able to spend time with family and friends.
Enjoy the season! Pam Estvold
Happy Holidays! 2014-12-19 00:00:00Z 0
World Polio Day October 24 2014-10-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Pamela Estvold

Family of Rotary Events coming:

January 24:  Charter Night

February 28:  Auction

FAMILY OF ROTARY EVENTS! Pamela Estvold 2014-09-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephen Miller on Nov 29, 2013

This is the report on a 10-member surgical mission team sponsored by both Healing the Children and our Rotary Club to a new location in Nepal. It is a 650-bed teaching hospital in western Nepal. This is the 6th year for Rotarian Dr. Miller taking surgical teams to Nepal.


Surgical Mission to Nepalgunj, Nepal 2013 Stephen Miller 2013-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Peter Martin on Oct 02, 2013


Our International Committee has already funded seven projects this year, ranging from medical missions in Nepal and Guatemala to childhood education and literacy projects in Latin America. We have three more projects under consideration: two literacy projects in Guatemala and a water project in Nicaragua.

One of this year's projects secured a District matching grant, and two secured Global matching grants. We are close to mastering the details of Rotary's new "Future Vision" grant system, and on December 10 we will be making a club presentation on the subject.

We will soon be publishing a booklet titled "The Cultural Plunge: How to Get Off the Tourist Track and Experience Community Life in Foreign Countries". Its purpose is to encourage Rotarians and their families to experience deep cultural immersion when traveling abroad.

Peter Martin

Chair, International Committee


International Project Report Peter Martin 2013-10-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard Curtis on Sep 29, 2013
Fidalgo Island Rotary Club Members

We are fast approaching our departure dates for the two surgical missions to Nepal.  These projects are partially sponsored and supported by our Rotary Club.  We had a fabulous one-day packing party at the Group Health warehouse in Seattle this past Saturday. In fact, with the generous help of some of my fellow Rotarians from our Fidalgo Island Rotary Club in Anacortes, we do not have to have a second packing day next Saturday (as previously planned).

We packed 41 boxes for the Nepalgunj  Mission and 15 boxes for the NOH Mission.  On behalf of Healing the Children I want to thank all the team members who worked so hard:
Nepalgunj Team: Marc Estvold, Marykay Pasnick, Bojan Kuure, Dan Baldini
Nepal NOH Team: Marta El, Warehouse Coordinator: Hong-Nhung Do

And I am especially thankful for the brave and energetic fellow Rotarians from Anacortes who drove the one and one-half hours each way to help:
**Angie Lehr
**Bob Baggs
**Blair Estenson
**Matt Follett
**Charles Yousling
**Walt Guterbock
**Susan Guterbock

Without all your efforts this could have been an unbelievable amount of work for a few.
Many, many, many thanks to each and every one of you!

Steve Miller

Greetings to All You Wonderful Volunteers! Richard Curtis 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephen Miller on Feb 14, 2013

Healing the Children

Foot Surgery Medical Mission to

San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala

February 2 -9, 2013

            After a rewarding HTC/Rotary Medical/Surgical Foot Surgery Mission to the Hospital Parroquia San Lucas in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala in early 2012, an invitation was extended by the Hospital Administrator, Pablo Bendicto and the Hospital Medical Director, Dr. Rafael Tun, for a return mission in 2013. The 22 surgical patients from 2012 healed successfully and there were no complications during their follow-up care. The hospital is a community hospital serving the 25,000 residents of San Lucas Toliman as well as the 17,000 people in the surrounding area and beyond as the reputation of the clinic and mission surgery teams continues to expand into the communities surrounding Lake Atitlan.

            This medical mission evolved out of the efforts of Healing the Children volunteers Will and Diane Boegel who served on HTC medical mission teams to Guatemala (2004) and Vietnam (2007) and subsequently felt called to return to Guatemala to serve the needs of the poor, the indigent, the sick and the forgotten in a society, particularly the Mayan community, emerging from the 36 year civil war and its effects. They sold their house in the US and moved onto a finca (farm – Opal House) near the town of San Lucas Toliman. ( They are also both members of the Rotary Club of Panajachel near their home.


Surgical Mission to Guatemala 2013 Stephen Miller 2013-02-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard Curtis on Dec 06, 2012

Club members have been working hard to update and make relevant our bylaws to reflect current needs and practices.  Please take a minute to review and update this important document.

Updated Club Bylaws Richard Curtis 2012-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chris Frost on Jul 31, 2006
Is something missing? Does your business or family have a website you'd like us to link to?
WHERE'S MY WEBSITE!!! Chris Frost 2006-08-01 00:00:00Z 0
THE FOUR WAY TEST! Richard Curtis 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Our very successful auction on March 15th raised donation funds for Rachel's Closet.    This is a special closet full of things kids need during their school year.    It is housed at the Middle School and organized by Counselor Mary Kiser.   Our event raised $5215.00 for this wonderful effort.    The closet is named for Rachel Scott, a teen killed during the Columbine High School shooting.    Her family started Rachel's Challenge as a program encouraging acts of kindness that leave a lasting legacy.   Rachel's Closet meets that challenge for kids in our school district.    The Closet is expanding in size and scope so this donation comes at a good time for them.  
RACHEL'S CLOSET Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Fidalgo Island Rotary will be meeting at the Anacortes Yacht Club at 611 Rotary Park Lane beginning May 6TH
Posted by Olivia Fisher

"Calling all Rotarians on Facebook!!"

And it's a great way for us to get the word out on all things Fidalgo Island Rotary.  Do you have an upcoming meeting?  Fundraiser?  Fellowship function?  Let me know!! I'd love to post it on our Facebook page. It's a an excellent way to communicate meeting dates, times and locations and facebook is accessible from almost any wifi device.  I'm always looking for great content to post, so if you come across an interesting Rotary article or local event that you think our members would be interested in, please email me a link and I'll be happy to post it. 

If you have any questions, please let me know...



Did you know that our club has it's own Facebook page? yep, it's true! Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Richard Curtis

President Alan and the Board will post decisions or procedures that arise from time to time to help clarify issues.  This will be known as the "President's Directives" document, and will be posted on this website under "Downloads."  The first directive issued is on the use of our email system.  Please review this document from time to time to ensure you remain aware of decisions being issued. 

President's Directives Richard Curtis 0
Fourth Mission Accomplished - Ambulance Delivered Stephen Miller 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts

 Please put this on your calendar!   Member Jack Frisk may still have some ticktets for the Saturday afternoon performance.   Tickets purchased or donations made for this event will go toward funding both a Rotary Peace Scholarship and a Skagit Valley College "First Responders" Scholarship.   This promises to be a spectacular musical rememberance and a peaceful hope for the future with the two scholarships. 


A Ceremony of Remembrance

Honor the Past ~ Plant the Seeds for the Future

World Premier of Commissioned Music
Children’s Choir
Brass Band

September Requiem Sample 
Had I Only Known

McIntyre Hall ~ Mount Vernon

 Ticket Prices - $9.11 / $14.11 / $19.11 / $24.11 / $29.11

Saturday, September 10th at 1:00pm, 4:00pm & 7:30pm
Sunday, September 11th at 1:00pm, 4:00pm & 7:30pm ~ 360-416-7727 ext 2

                             In addition to offering a beautiful concert it is the goal of the many volunteers of “Remembering 911” to fully fund the two worthy scholarships described below.  

The first is a “Peace and Conflict Resolution” scholarship.  This is a program of Rotary International which each year selects up to 100 Rotary World peace Fellows.  Those  selected, consist of up to 50 master’s degree  fellows and up to 50 professional development certificate fellows.  Fellows earn either a master’s degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, conflict resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution.  The graduate fellows are each day evaluating aid effectiveness, encouraging businesses to act responsibly, ensuring children have health care and education, monitoring elections, advocating for refugees and immigrants, and teaching the next generation of peace builders.  They undertake this work to fulfill the promise that “winning the war (or rather stopping the war) is perhaps less important than winning the peace”. 
The second is a “First Responders” scholarship at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon Washington.  Every day of our life one is aware of the importance of First Responders in our own localities.  When we think of September 11, 2001 we vividly remember the unbelievable contribution of First Responders as they gave their full effort and lives in helping others captured by the horrible event of that day.  Skagit Valley College provides an outstanding program for those seeking to become First Responders.  


REMEMBERING 911 Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Thanks soooo much to all of you who kept your sign-up dates and monitored our day.   A very special thank you to Pam and her teams of booth markers.   They struggled in the rain to get the spray chalk to stick and spent hours doing what should have been a short happy job!!!    Bravo Rotarians!!!
And can you imagine being at Shipwreck from 4A to 630P???
HOORAY for Pam and Angie!!!
Feedback from the public and the city has so far been very positive!  
Linda Dobbs
Rick Stevens
Charles Yousling
Bob Baggs
Dave Sem
Steve Rutz
 Pam Putney
Bryan Hennessy
Olivia Fisher
Val Tibbetts
Brian Tibbetts
Steve  Miller
Jan Vigre
Graham Read
Chris Long
Richard Curtis
Angie Lehr
Dave Sem
TK Wegg
Richard Curtis
Norm Allen
Peter Fleming
Jim English
Steve Miller or Rutz?
Olivia Fisher
Pam Putney
Val Tibbetts
900a—1200 noon      
 Bill Turner
Bill Rabel
Carol Strandberg
1200 noon --300PM     
Barb Hoenselaar
Matt Follett
TK Wegg   
 Chris Frost
Steve Rutz
Olivia Fisher
Steve Miller
Matt Follett
Graham Read?
Posted by Olivia Fisher

We are collecting much needed PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY for the Salvation Army FOOD BANK for the next two weeks.  Bring lots of jars to our March 29th meeting at the Majestic and on April 5th when our meeting will be at the Library.  Our goal is 100...let's beat it!!!

Posted by Olivia Fisher
Shipwreck Day applications are being mailed for this year's annual garage sale!   Please note that the explanatory letter and application are on our website, lower right corner under downloads.   We are looking forward to our 2nd year of sponsorship.  As this is one of our major fund raisers we know you will all come out to make it a great success.
SHIPWRECK DAY JULY 16, 2011 Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Once again we are ready to award our annual Connie Kelley Scholarship.   Applications are available on this page at the bottom right under downloads.   Applications are also available at Anacortes High School and via any member of our club.   Check with Jim English or Val Tibbetts for application forms.
Charter Night Dinner~ Sat. Feb 19th Olivia Fisher 0
District 5050 Conference 2011- Harrison Hot Springs Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts

It's a party!!   Come see what the elves have put together.   Remember to bring a wrapped $10 gift for you and your guest.   Guests are $9...notify Jan Vigre if you have not yet told her you are bringing someone.  Honored guest will be our Assistant District Governor Scott Dudley and ....Santa????   Last day for food donations too.  Don't miss this one!

DECEMBER 21 MEETING Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Olivia Fisher
The Fidalgo Island Rotary would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Crab & Spaghetti Feed! The event will be held November 20th @ the American Croatian Club building on 7th across from Causland Park. There will be Great food, Great music, and a fun auction. This will be a great night out for Mom and Dad, so be sure to get your babysitters in place. Cost is $35 per person or $60 per couple. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact either Olivia Fisher (360) 293-0591 or Val Tibbetts (360)708-3702.
Crab & Spaghetti Feed Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Olivia Fisher
Welcome Nathan Wallace Follett into the world! Nate was born August 7 @ 12:21am and weighs in at 9lbs 11oz, and is 20.5 inches long. Momma, Baby, Big Brother Travis, and daddy are all doing well. Congratulations Follett Family!!
Welcome baby Follett! Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Jodi Mettler
Bring your family and join us at Washington Park on August 31st for a Family of Rotary Event. We will have lots of food and fun.
Hot August Nights BBQ Jodi Mettler 0
Posted by Olivia Fisher

Ahoy me Lads and Lass's! 


Our June 26th Installation is fast approaching and we have a wonderful evening planned. We will be taking a Sunset dinner cruise through Deception Pass on the beautiful Mystic Sea charter boat piloted by Capt. Monte. Rotarians are welcome to bring their spouse, significant other, or guest aboard this fantastic 3 hour tour around Fidalgo Island and through Deception pass. If you haven't signed up already, please let Olivia know as soon as possible as we need to give Capt. Monte a head count. The club is paying for this event, so that means no out of pocket expense for our members.  Because of limited space, we ask that our favorite little mate's stay home with a babysitter, while mom and dad enjoy the evening.  Please be ready to board @ 6pm sharp on Dock A  just off Seafarers way. (710 Seafarers Way).


You can email Olivia @ or call (360) 708-0522  if you still need to sign up.


Looking forward to seeing everyone there!! 


INSTALLATION Olivia Fisher 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts

This year is our first year as sponsors of the annual SHIPWRECK DAY on July 17th.   Pam Putney is the chair and has been accepting applications for booths for a couple months now.   You will be seeing ads in the American, the Skagit Valley Herald and the Clamdigger for our event.

KANDY is chairing our booth at Shipwreck---call her or TAKE YOUR ITEMS to Steve Miller's garage.   We are pricing next Wednesday the 14th so all items need to be there!! Remember--this booth earns money for our Scholarship so donate the good stuff from your garage and attic!


Booth rentals are discounted until June 1st.   And 98221 residents get a break on the booth rates for the event.  Application form and letter are available on our homepage. See below for rates--- 

Posted by Jodi Mettler
May 8, 2010 is our annual progressive dinner. The evening will start at 5:30 PM at your first house and then your will progress through the menu until you reach our hosts home for dessert with the entire group. Sign up today.
Progressive Dinner Jodi Mettler 0
Val's Voice Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Jodi Mettler
Charter Night began with a strange characters from the Tortellini Brothers Winery greeting the guests. We had two Paul Harris Awards bestowed and a wonderful evening full of good food, great wine, laughter and intrigue.
A wonderful Charter Night Jodi Mettler 0
Posted by Jodi Mettler
Bring a wrapped gift appropriate for either a man or woman. The meeting will be at 7:00AM on the Dec. 22nd at Flounder Bay Cafe. Spouses or your adult guests are welcome. Please do not bring children.
Breakfast with Santa Jodi Mettler 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Do you know any young professional who would like a great opportunity to visit another country and learn how their profession is handled there?   Non-Rotarians (not related to a Rotarian),  between 25 and 40 are eligible for this adventure.  Next spring the team will visit Brazil for 4-6 weeks.   Participants must be free to do vigorous travel for 4-6 weeks, live or work in the District 5050 area, and must pay thier own incidentals.  Rotary covers all other costs for this wonderful opportunity.  Please contact Rob Martin for futher details or check the district website.   See the attached flyer.
GSE team forming for Brazil 2010 Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
Please join us for our annual Rotary auction on October 10, 2009, 5PM at the Port.   This is our fundraiser for our local projects such as supporting the Anacortes Schools, the Family Shelter, Dinner at the Brick, Boys and Girls Club, and the Anacortes 100 food bank.  We also raise funds to support our international projects of bringing water wells to Nigeria and a much needed ambulance to the Rotary built hospital in Nepal.
Fidalgo Island Rotary Auction Oct 10 2009 Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts

You can visit the park if you park at 34th street where the Tommy Thompson trail crosses the street.  Walk south along the big fence and the park is at the end of the fencing.

ROTARY OLD MILL PARK Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Jodi Mettler
The hat and cape made their appearance once again. This tradition was started in honor of Past Presidents Dick Chapman and Marianne Guiney.
Installation Final Version Jodi Mettler 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
On July 10th 2009 our club met with the Visioning Team to assess our ideas for the future of our club.   Rotary International has embraced future planning as a method of creating continuity and leadership goals for themselves so creating a planning vision at the club level seems a good fit.  Here are our goals as defined under 10 headings.
Visioning Club Plan 2009-2014 Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Valerie Tibbetts
THANK YOU to all who participated in our Visioning meeting. We had fun, gave opinions and will now have a good idea what our club wants to be and do in the next few years. If you missed this --come on July 7th for Club Assembly and learn about the results.
Rotary Visioning Meeting June 10th Valerie Tibbetts 0
Posted by Jodi Mettler
The Progressive Dinner is June 6th, 2009 at 5:30 PM Please sign up if you plan to attend.
Progressive Dinner Jodi Mettler 0
Posted by Richard Curtis

Leaving the Garden Nirvana Hotel, one plunges into Kathmandu. The street is a mass of humanity trying to move in all directions with little success. . . 

Thoughts on Nepal, By Jack Frisk Richard Curtis 0
Posted by Stephen Miller
Fidalgo Island Rotary Club and Healing the Children Medical Mission to Nepal Orthopedic Hospital Kathmandu, Nepal September 20-27, 2008 Six members of the Fidalgo Island Rotary Club and 13 volunteers for the Healing the Children Foundation departed for Kathmandu, Nepal on September 17, 2008 on a multi-purpose mission. The Rotarians had combined efforts with the Wheelchair Foundation to ship and distribute 100 brand new wheel chairs to disabled children and adults in Nepal while the HTC volunteers were on a medical mission to surgically treat a number of severe foot and ankle deformities, mostly as a result of neglected clubfoot. Both teams received tremendous support from the Rotary Clubs in Kathamndu and, together, they changed many lives.
Healing the Children and Rotary Combine Efforts Stephen Miller 0
Team Assignments Kandis Dubuque 0
Posted by Pamela Putney
Each year the current board allocates budgets for use in the several avenues of service. This year your International Committee donated $8304 to worthy projects around the world.
International Committee Donations Pamela Putney 0