There will be no regularly scheduled meeting this Thursday August 24, 2017.  Instead we will be having a fireside at 4:30 at The Bine in downtown Bothell.  Stop by if you're in the area!
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Posted by Pete Berard
The Bothell block party was a fund raiser for the Bothell Fire Fund benefitting businesses and employees of businesses that were damaged by the recent Main Street fire.  A combined effort by Bothell Chamber of Commerce, Northshore Rotary Club, the merchants of Bothell, and Bothell City government put this event together in 3 days. Main Street was completely shut down and pop-up awnings lined the street. There was free food, desserts, and ice cones.  Beer and wine were served in a beer garden, and live music played throughout the event. Attendees were asked to make a donation.  The goal was $50,000.  The running total when we left last evening was
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Instead, we will be having a picnic at Nancy Pipinich and Kelly Downs starting at 5:30ish pm.  See bulletin for their address.  Bring a side dish.  Spouses or significant others are invited.  Please RSVP Gary Anderson is you are attending.
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Katie Loveless is the assistant manager & sales manager for Country Village.  She is a 04 grad Inglemore, and holds bachelor degree in communication from WSU. 
Country Village has been at the same location for 30 years.  The White House was built in 1901 by Erickson Family. It was sold 6 years later and changed hands several times until Alma Green bought it in 1921.  The tried various businesses including a chicken ranch with10,000 chickens to a profitable distillery during prohibition with upstairs accommodations.  The still was reported to be buried in the back field.  Many have searched for it with metal detectors, maybe it will be uncovered as the back field is developed.
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Gary Anderson, cleverly disguised as Tom Broetje, presided over our meeting today.  Joining us were Bob Gene, temp city manager for City of Bothell, and Carman Dalziel NS Education Scholarships.
Tom Broetje is looking for someone to help with club advertising.  Call Tom.
Karl Miller felt compelled to tell a bad joke since Gary wasn’t there.
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Bothell Proposed Levy for Safe Street & Sidewalks.  Erin Leonhart spoke about the conditions of Bothell’s streets and sidewalks. Repair efforts are to find and correct problems before they become pot holes.  Making neighborhoods safer is a top priority of the community and the council.
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Today we were joined by several guests including John Shellol from Maple Valley Rotary, Erin Leonhart public works director City of Bothell and our speaker, Eddie Low, Jason Torrie, Tim Loo, Mike Stromp, Barbara Ramey and Tami Suhackman all from the City of Bothell.  Teresa Starman and Nancy Pipinich were also with us.  I hope we have a problem with food and space to put everyone every week.
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Today's meeting was held at the beautiful Bastyr University, adjacent to Saint Edward State Park, near the Lake Washington waterfront.  Guests today were John Buller's mother, Maybel Buller, and Mac Powell, PHD, President of Bastyr University.  Powell replaced Dan Church, who had been in the position for a decade
Leigh Readdy provided a few inspirations.  One "inspiration" was "I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people...I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."
Gary reminded the group that Dick Chamberlain's service will be held on Saturday February 20th at the Overlake Golf and Country Club from 2 p.m. -5 p.m.
Tom is working on getting the Kenmore Business Incubator in to speak with the club at our next meeting on February 25th.  This may or may not come to fruition.
John went to a disaster awareness meeting in Kenmore, and reports that the community gathering was well attended with approximately 50 people showing up, compared to the 4 they expected!
Later, President Mack Powell spoke to us a bit about his past and his vision for promoting Bastyr University.  Mack is an avid golfer, a pyschologist, and the former president of John F. Kennedy University.  Bastyr University is trying to change the world of healthcare by promoting alternative medicine.  Mack corrected a number of stereotypes about alternative medicine by informing us that many doctors at well-known hospitals around the Puget Sound have ND (Naturopathic Doctor) degrees.  Bastyr University has approximately 500 employees, and 1,500 full-time students.  They strive to source their food from local, organic farmers.
The conversation continues about a possible relocation to Bothell.  Brad, Gary Jang, and Leigh will be contacting all of the members in the coming weeks to clarify a potential move and receive additional input from the club members.
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Joining us at the regular meeting of the Northshore Rotary Club were: Tom Headlee with Sotherby Realty, Kim Aren't with American Cancer Society and Redmond Rotary, Jim Torpin with Northshore Fire Department, Carl Lunak with Northshore Utility District, Drew Ebner with Caliber Home Loans, and ADG Lynn Chenny.
ADG Lynn said that District 5030 has allowed her to award up to $500 to help any club with a project.  Easy form to complete, but get it to her early.
YMCA has donated a 1-yr family membership worth $1,600 for our raffle.  We thank them for their continued support of our Club.
Feb 18 meeting will be at Byster University
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Gary Anderson opened the Jan 7th meeting and informed the Club that his wife's recent tests were negative - greatest gift he ever received.
Bob Stowe found a good inspiration. "We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean and a sea.  Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better." Author unknown.
Lunch schedule for January -
Jan 14 -lunch with Norma Stoutenburg at Riverside East 10315 E Riverside Dr, Bothell
Jan 21 - tour of the new Bothell City Hall and insights to developments in Bothell by Bob Stowe.
Jan 28 - back to IGC. Chief Jim Torpin will share the initiative Northshore Fire Department is proposing.
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