Rotary Club of Maple Valley

The Rotary Club of Maple Valley helps the Maple Valley Food Bank Get a Forklift.


Members and Guests of The Rotary Club of Maple Valley were hosted by the Food Bank for their Friday morning meeting and were able to present a check for $10,000 to Director Lila Henderson and Board Member, Lori Guilfoyle for a much needed forklift.  The new grocery store style set up the food bank is using required the forklift for safe movement of product to and from the high storage shelves.  From left to right are Kirk Lantier, Lori Guilfoyle , Lila Henderson, Sean Henderson (no relation), and Bill VanRuff.  Please see the article on page ___ for more information.  Photo and Caption by Sandra Hixson-Matthews


Maple Valley Food Bank Has a New Style

By Sandra Hixson-Matthews

This morning Rotary members and their guests were treated to a tour of the new set up being used by the Maple Valley Food Bank.  The food bank has transitioned to a grocery store style method of delivery for their clients.  This is a positive change in several ways.  It offers dignity to those who have to use the services as well as cutting down on volunteer hours needed.  It also helps clients to educate themselves on good food and nutrition choices as they are given color coded lists to fulfill with their choices of the major food groups.

 Director, Lila Henderson gave us some surprising figures.  For example, the Maple Valley Food Bank alone services over 54000 individual food visits per year.  On each day they are open, they see between 80 and 110 households on average.  On a monthly basis, they give out 75 to 80 thousand pounds of food.  They are expecting at least 1000 children for the holiday gift program this year, and when in-kind donations are included, they handle over one million dollars in food and services annually, of which only about 2 ½% goes toward administration. 

The numbers of people needing the services of food banks is increasing and covering a broader portion of the economy, which actually creates a deficit in two ways.  Need is up and those who used to be able to donate regularly are fewer and in some cases, have become clients themselves.  Donations in the form of food, toiletries, infant needs, Christmas gifts, school supplies, and cash are always needed.  This writer is assuming the food bank could use donations of pet food as well.  If you can help this season, please contact the food bank for information on how and where to donate and/or volunteer.  Their website address is