Our Speaker this Week is Chris Rabideau - a 17 Year Old Ready to Inspire Us All!

In Chris's Words:

As I was introduced, my name is Chris Rabideau, I am 17 and going to be a senior at Cascade High School. I am a public motivational speaker who is trying to make an impact in the community, especially for our youth, but I want to inspire every age. Here is a snippet of what I do:


I know it tells my story, but it is more meaningful to hear it from a first person perspective. I have learned a lot, and continue to learn a lot in life, and wish to share it to change lives for the better. I hope to give you an outlook on what I do and give you the perspective of teenagers in this day and age. 

I work with teenagers almost daily, so I see the struggles!! I'm really excited to make this opportunity become a reality and expand my platform!! Bigger things have yet to come!!


Thank you

Chris Rabideau