Rotary Club of Bellingham
2011 Visioning Process
Strategic Initiatives
Establish a plan to identify and recruit new members into RCOB who have the time, resources and interest in making a difference in the world by joining a great Club.
Club Service
Continue to provide excellent opportunities for members to meet at social events outside of our weekly meetings.  Increase member participation at our service events including environmental projects, blood drives, etc.
Provide educational programs at regular meetings to give the members a better understanding of how our club and Rotary operates, including the RCOB Foundation, so that members better understand the many ways they can get more involved
Create a committee to coordinate programs.  The committee will be responsible for:
  • Soliciting topics and speakers
  • Coordinating program logistics
  • Creating a written “flight plan” that can be used and built upon by future committee members to help ensure a coordinated process of producing excellent programs.
Provide means for soliciting suggestions (anonymous, if preferred) and ideas for new club events, or improvements to existing activities, including social functions, service projects and other club activities.
Vocational Service
Provide an opportunity for our youth to learn and understand career opportunities, ethics and the financial aspects of life, by cooperating with local providers to deliver knowledge important to success in today’s world.
Encourage members to bring family members and friends to meetings when the programs would be of interest to them.
Community Service and Fund Raising
Establish a new annual fund raising event(s) that can generate a significant amount of money by including the general public’s support while at the same time being a fun and entertaining activity to plan and participate in.
Provide sufficient funding to allow the RCOB Foundation Endowment to begin awarding scholarships by soliciting contributions from club members and/or general fundraising activities. 
Provide an annual opportunity for a hands-on service activity for members, and their family and friends.
International Service
Establish a multi-year international project involving our members and possibly including another Club(s) in this project to aid people in third world countries.
Rotary Foundation
Our club will increase our contributions from ~$17,000 to at least $20,000 each year through member donations and fund raising events to one of the three Foundation Funds: Annual Programs Fund, Permanent Fund, and the Polio Plus Fund. 
Increase the opportunities for matching grants from Rotary International to support one of our major projects, either local or international
Achieve 100% Paul Harris participation for members in the club with 5 or more years of service.