If you are considering proposing someone for Membership in our Club, this is a general guide for you. Specific details about the process will be found in the Club Policies particularly  under “Membership and Classification Procedures”.
Every Rotarian has the right and duty to seek qualified members.  In this way all members can help our Club achieve full representation of the business and professional life of the community.  (See: Club Policies)
Rotary was founded on the principal that leaders from various vocations best representing the business community form a club.  The diversity of self-reliant personalities is an essential basis of a dynamic and interesting club.  The right person for Rotary is an open-minded, honest, generous person with leadership qualities, who is prepared to share his/her professional knowledge and abilities with others.  Rotary is by invitation.  The most professional groups of people should be considered.  Social status should be neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.  Membership development is first and foremost a search for the right people and not for people with the right classification. (Policies)
     This Club shall be composed of adult persons of good character and reputation.  There are two kinds of membership, namely:  Active and Honorary. 
Benefits of Rotary to Members
Rotary membership provides the opportunity to:
  • Become connected to your community;
  • Work with others in addressing community needs;
  • Interact with other professionals in your community; assist with RI's international humanitarian service efforts;
  • Establish contacts with an international network of professionals;
  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Involve family in promoting service efforts.
A candidate for Rotary membership is an adult of good character and reputation.  Traditionally members hold or have held an executive position with discretionary authority in a business or profession. They should preferably live or work within the local area and be willing and able to attend most meetings. Lastly, they must have time and resources which they wish to give back to their local and world community through Rotary.
IMPORTANT!  The Proposer is responsible for completion of many of the following tasks.
     Approval Process
See Membership and Classification Procedures in RCOB Policies, Item 14
     Obligations of Rotary Members  (From RI Policies & Constitution)
Rotary club membership carries with it certain responsibilities:
  • Members are expected to attend weekly programs of the Club.  Opportunities to make up attendance include attending the regular meeting of another Rotary club, attending various other Rotary meetings, or attending a Club service project authorized by the Club Board of Directors.
  • Members are required to pay annual dues to their clubs, their districts, and to Rotary International.
  • Members are expected to participate in local or international activities or projects of the Rotary club.
  • Clubs encourage members to aspire to leadership or committee roles within their clubs.
Financial Obligations (From Rotary Club of Bellingham Policies)
Dues and assessments and a voluntary donation are billed in July and January, with each billing (as of this writing, June, 2013)
  • $175 for dues,
  • $100 for a compulsory, tax-deductible charity assessment, and a
  • $50 voluntary tax deductible contribution to the Rotary International Foundation;
...the annual total is thus presently $650.  In addition, lunches at meetings cost $11 to $12 weekly (beverage only $2.00). 
New members also pay a one-time Membership fee upon joining of $150.  $50 of that fee is tax deductible and submitted to Rotary International and matched by the RCOB to make each member a Paul Harris Fellowship Sustaining Member.  With a donation to the R. I. Foundation each year (minimum of $100 per year) they will become a Paul Harris Fellow when a total of$1,000 is contributed.
Members also raise and/or contribute significant amounts annually for the Club’s major projects, with $700 annually an average, although some members who are financially limited donate services or substantial labor instead.
Attendance (From RI Policies)
100% attendance is desired, 80% attendance is expected.  However, 50% attendance is acceptable by Rotary International standards.  It is expected that members will meet or exceed the RI minimum of 50%.
Members are expected to make up attendance at other Rotary clubs 14 days before or 14 days after any meeting missed.  Board meetings, service activities, committee meetings and new member Breakfast Club meetings also count for attendance credit.
New Member Breakfast Club Meetings (From RCOB Policies)
New members are expected to attend five monthly new member Breakfast Club meetings in a timely manner during their orientation OR attend a once a quarter Introduction to Rotary meeting that will last approximately 1 ½ hours.  The Membership Committee will determine the material for this introduction.
Committee Participation (From RCOB Policies)
Members are expected to serve on a committee of the Club, attend its meetings and engage in its activities.
The tradition of the Rotary Club of Bellingham is that its members willingly respond to requests for Rotary service, unless there are compelling reasons why they cannot do so.
Member Recruitment (From RCOB & RI Policies)
Members are expected to recruit a new member every couple of years.
Other Obligations (From RCOB & RI Policies)
Members are also expected to understand and comply with the “Object of Rotary” and “The Four Way Test” as described on pages 59 and 60 of this Roster/Yearbook.