A Message from President Paul Grey
The Power of Rotary
We have all heard the expression “boiling the ocean”.   How can my small financial contribution make a difference in solving world poverty or eradicating life-threatening diseases in Africa and elsewhere?  How can my small acts of kindness or pitching in on a local service project advance peace in our world? Deep down we all want to help our fellow humans who are suffering but how do we help and make some kind of difference in the face of gigantic odds?
As a Rotarian for over 20 years, I found a way of making sense of these questions, and it is Rotary.  Rotary International (RI) is the second largest service organization in the world with 1.2 million members and 46,000 clubs in over 200 countries.  My contributions to my local club are doubled or tripled with matching grants from our District and/or from RI.  My hands-on work in Bellingham and Whatcom County is multiplied by the fellow Rotarians working alongside me.  I feel like I am moving mountains when I do my humanitarian work through Rotary.
One of the most basic needs of humans is to belong.  Belonging to the Rotary Club of Bellingham has opened up new friendships I would not otherwise have experienced and enjoyed.  Each Monday I look forward to catching up with my friends and hearing about the good works being done by our club and hearing about interesting developments from our inspiring guest speakers.  Monday Rotary meetings is a time for me to nourish my body with great food, stimulate my mind with new thoughts and soften my heart for those less fortunate than me. 
We are all humans, but we are not all born of the same circumstances.  This understanding, coupled with the power of Rotary, is the path for me in making a real difference in our world.  Please join me on this path as an active Rotarian or as a person seeking to make a difference.