4-Way Test
Rotary Club of Bellingham Club Committees


Responsible to help maintain our Club's attendance, while upholding Club policies on a diplomatic and consistent basis. Record attendance at Club meetings and provide reminders to members, as needed, that the strength of our Club comes from the full participation of all members. Make recommendations to the board for member terminations when appropriate.  

Audio-Visual Assistance

Help at the weekly meetings with any Audio & Visual items needed

Bell Ringing

Organize Club member participation in the annual Salvation Army bell-ringing fund raising program each December.

Blood Bank

Develop a program for Rotarians to donate blood to the local bank.

Club History

Responsible to maintain the Club history and archives. Prepare appropriate articles for publication in the Tattler. Celebrate an elder Club member’s life with a “short program.”

District Events & Golf

Encourage attendance at District 5050 events by our members, especially the annual Foundation Dinner, District Assembly, District Conference, and “Golffun” Tournament. Present a budget to the President for underwriting some or all of members’ individual costs for such attendance.


Conduct environmental projects that enhance the environment of our city as a place to work and live. Seek to raise the awareness of Rotary members and the business community regarding environmental issues, through programs, awards and other means. Provide opportunities for fellowship and service among Rotarians and their families through “hands-on” work projects.

Finance & Budget

Oversee the financial affairs of the Club, along with the Club Executive Secretary. Work with the Board of Directors to develop and maintain an annual budget that focuses club expenditures in the most efficient and effective way, consistent with Club objectives.

International Service

Identify International Projects which our Club can support while developing long-term relationships with other Rotary Clubs. Structure activities to qualify for District and RI matching grants if possible.


Schedule Club members to give the invocation at our Monday meetings. Provide members with guidance as to appropriate tone and content of messages. Create invocations from which invokers can choose if they wish.

Major Project Fundraising

Responsible for organizing and executing a major fundraising effort to support the project or projects selected by the Community Projects & Development Committee

Major Project Selection

Identify the years Major project

Membership Development & Recruitment

Focus on plans for increasing our membership and handle any website inquiries from new, potential members.

Membership Retention & Classification

Identify concerns among Members and work with the Club leadership to address those concerns. Counsel members about Attendance issues and ways to become more involved in Rotary. Serve as the strategic recruiting arm of our club by carefully identifying potential members who possess those qualities of business or professional leadership and achievement, community service and personal integrity consistent with the membership standards of our club. Seek to /bring these prospective members into the Club, either by directly approaching the prospect or by enlisting the help of other Rotarians. Investigate proposed new members relative to:  character, business or professional standing, community service record and potential to meet the obligations of membership in the Rotary Club of Bellingham—including service, attendance, and financial commitments. Also review the occupation or profession of each new candidate for membership to ensure compatibility with open classifications.

Ministers of Fun/Sergeant-at-Arms

Implement the "Happy Bucks" part of the program involving as many of the members as possible. Help make the meetings fun.


Schedule individuals to accompany the singing at the beginning of each meeting.

New Member Mentorship

Make the first formal contact with each new member of our Rotary Club.  Call on each new member, with the proposer, informing him/her of the opportunities, benefits and obligations of belonging to the Rotary Club of Bellingham. Supervise the member’s education as a Rotarian and completion of the steps to full qualification. The purpose is to educate new members about Rotary and the committee structure.

Past Presidents

Schedule and organize the Past Presidents meetings three times each year, in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  The purpose is to review important issues facing the Club and have an opportunity to provide the Club with guidance gleaned from their past Club experience, as well as lend their influence to accomplishment of Club objectives.

Photography, Social Media & Website Committee

Takes photographs of Club Members, programs, and activities for the TattlerRoster, and Club historical archives. Develop and maintain the Club website. Work with the Club Executive Secretary to update information on a regular basis. Identify and educate members on social media opportunities to further the use of RCOB and Rotary International.

Program & Program Advisory Committee

Plan, arrange, and schedule the main program for each Monday luncheon. Strive to have high-quality, interesting, and provocative programs that maintain the club's position as the most influential platform in Bellingham. All club members are encouraged to suggest potential programs to this committee. 

Reception & Greeters

Welcomes and registers visiting Rotarians and guests. Prepare information and make appropriate introductions. New members may also be assigned to this committee.

RCOB Foundation

Be a liaison between the RCOB Board and the RCOB Foundation

Rotary Cares

Actively communicate with club members whose circumstances—career, family, or health—warrant an expression of caring and concern from fellow Rotarians. Communication may take the form of a note, call, or visit relevant to the circumstances

Rotary International Foundation Committee

Encourage financial support of TRF. Assist the board of directors in identifying members or others to be awarded Paul Harris Fellowships. Help the Club meet its goals for per-capita giving through various projects.  Co-ordinate recruiting and mentoring candidates for the District 5050 Ambassadorial Scholarships.

Rotary Minutes

Give short snippets about Rotary Moments at occasional weekly meetings

Rotation Day

One or twice during the Rotary year we hold meetings at members business locations

Scholarships & Awards

Work with representatives of the Bellingham School District to implement Student of the Month program and End of year scholarship and award program.​

Service Fund

Receive and review all small requests for funds that are sent to the Club. Based upon its annual budget and guidelines, make recommendations to the Board to approve grants of specific amounts or not fund the requests.


Promote acquaintanceship and fellowship at regular Rotary meetings and special activities. Develop "fellowship events" to be held throughout the year.

Sports Pool

Run the fall football pool fund-raiser for the Club, and pools for other sporting events as appropriate or tradition


Write and edit the Rotary Club of Bellingham weekly newsletter, the Tattler, and see to its prompt distribution.  Obtain advertising to offset as great a share of production costs as possible.  Develop and maintain a format and style for the newsletter. Obtain and publish information about members, the Club, and RI, as well as summarizing Club meetings.