Our Club was founded September 17, 1917. It was the 331st club to be founded, with over 46,000 clubs to follow! In its long history of service, the RCOB has included many of this area’s most notable people. There were 31 members when the club was chartered and we have had as many as 220 members as membership ebbed and flowed depending upon the number of other clubs in the county and economic and business conditions in our nation. We have also nurtured new clubs in our County by sponsoring them (Whatcom North and the Bellingham Bay clubs) plus sponsoring a new club in our sister city of Nakhodka, Russia.
When you join our Club, you are joining an organization who has given millions back to the local community and has been instrumental in developing many parks and attractions that are utilized in Whatcom County as well as helping those in need. The long list includes playgrounds, soccer fields, parks (including Boulevard Park), YMCAs and YWCAs, Scouts, the city pool, environmental projects, and more.
How much money have we given? Well, one study shows over $4,000,000 donated in recent years since the Club starting keeping careful, annual track. That money went to over 250 separate charities!
However, our Club’s impact doesn’t just stop at the county borders. We are also part of the International Project Alliance which is a collaborative group of local Rotary clubs who made a commitment to helping the people of the Copán Ruinas region of western Honduras with most areas of international aid, including education, health, food and agriculture. We also participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program which sends local students to other Clubs around the world while we host those students from afar!
What an amazing tradition!
In terms of our members, we are a dynamic group that includes new members, seasoned members (some who have been members for over 50 years!), local business, nonprofit, professional and civic leaders and those driven to serve. We form lasting friendships through our shared Rotary experiences including weekly meetings with interesting speakers, committee meetings and projects, social events and group service projects within our community and internationally.
We are honored to have 9 members who have been with the Club for over 50 years:
  • Brian Griffin – member since 1960
  • Herb Ershig – member since 1962
  • Bob Diehl – member since 1965
  • John Mulhern – member since 1965
  • Sandee Lindhout – member since 1966
  • Paul Hanson – member since 1966
  • John Holtzheimer – member since
  • Bob Morse – member since 1970
  • Jack Westford – member since 1970