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December 11, 2017   

Teri wished all of us happy holidays as she will be gone next week.  Don  Anderson led us in The National Anthem and Gary Goldfogel provided a thoughtful poem as the invocation.


President Teri announced the 2018-2019 Election Results as follows: 

President:  Sandy McIntire

President - Elect:  Cathy Buckley

Vice President/Programs:  Gary Goldfogel

Treasurer:  Steve Gray

Board of Directors: 

Mike Diehl

Roland Trenouth

Important Links:

Bell Ringing Schedule Link for December 16th.  Contact Jim Vos and Jim Wakefield if you have any changes and also be sure to contact your "Partner" to make sure they will be there.

The 2017-2018 Major Project this year is raising funds for the RCOB Foundation Scholarship Fund with a goal of raising $400,000.  You will be receiving phone calls from the committees so be ready to pledge.  Click Here to find the pledge card to return to Sandee.
Teri apologized to the club and Felicity Dye for the problems experienced last week during the program due to the club’s very old PC. It will be replaced.  (Felicity jumped to her feet and offered $50 toward a new computer.  So did  Larry Halgren, who was minister of fun and was plagued by the visual PC problem.) Teri reminded us to use the microphone when speaking and to let speakers know when they are not being heard.
There will be a Board of Directors meeting Thursday, Dec. 14 at 4:30 p.m. at the Dorothy Haggen Building, 3rd floor.
Next week (Dec. 18) will be our special holiday meeting and also our annual opportunity to thank our waitstaff with generous tips. 
Guests of Rotarians:  
Steve Ban introduced his Mother and speaker, Noémi Ban.
Chuck Snyder brought Rob Olson, Attorney General's Office, Bellingham
Bob Morse introduced James Pyles with Wells Fargo
Don Anderson brought David Knapp, Past President of the Sitka Rotary Club
Gary Goldfogel introduced April Metz
John Moffat brought his wife Karen
Larry Halgren introduced Brook Hart
Rebound of Whatcom County, sponsored by Jamie Vos, and accepted by Yvonne Cartwright, was awarded $1,000 to support their weekly family enrichment classes and meals.  The award will fund the food for meals in the new program in Nooksack.
The Foster Closet, sponsored by Tom Beaumont, and accepted by Kim Hendrickson, was awarded $1,000 to fund a computer to better reach foster families and donors.  The Foster Closet provides weekly shopping for foster children and families, for shoes, clothes and toys.
Rotarian Steven Ban introduced his mother and Holocaust survivor , Noémi Ban. 
A short movie introduced Noémi as a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher and Holocaust survivor.
Noémi has shared her story for many years in hopes of reminding us of the importance of loving our fellow humans and just how destructive hate is.
She shared with us her horrific experiences of being forced to live in a ghetto, to lose her father (as all men 18-52 were taken to work camps).  She shared what it was like to be transported on a train like cattle for 8 days, with the uncertainty of the outcome.  She shared what it was like to arrive at Auschwitz and watch SS Captain Josef Mengele separate her from the rest of her family, directing them to one barracks (and death) and she to another (starvation and mistreatment).
Later in her captivity she was transported with other young Hungarian women to Germany to build bombs for the Nazis.  The young women chose to sabotage those bombs because they knew they were meant to kill American soldiers (who they hoped would save them).
Years later in America, she learned that their sabotage was successful in saving lives.
She and 12 young women escaped into a German forest and were saved by the Americans. 
Upon returning to Budapest she discovered her father was alive.  She reunited, met a fellow survivor, married him and had two sons, before moving to the United States in 1976.
She earned her teaching degree and holds honorary doctorates from Gonzaga and WWU.  She continues to teach us all with her generous sharing, well into her mid 90’s.
Her message of love and hate was very powerful, as well as the need for us to greatly appreciate the freedom we are gifted with. 
Mar 05, 2018
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Mar 12, 2018
Cycle for Heart
Mar 19, 2018
Samson Rope
Mar 26, 2018
Africa - Conservation at Home & Abroad
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