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December 4, 2017   

 President Teri greeted everyone.  Don Anderson accompanied the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner.  Megan Stanfield offered the invocation.
We received the following Email from Bloodworks Northwest:
Thank you for your support of the Rotary Club of Bellingham Blood Drive!
On Monday, December 4, your blood drive registered a total of 23 donors, exceeding the number of donors we had at the blood drive last year! We welcomed 5 first-time-donors and congratulated 2 donors for reaching milestone gallon markers. We were able to collect 18 units of whole blood. Since each unit of whole blood is separated into the different components (red cells, platelets, and plasma), and can benefit three patients, your efforts will bring health and comfort to 54 patients throughout the Pacific Northwest. The blood donations collected at the blood drive are critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.
Thanks to all the donors who took time out of their busy day to donate blood. As we head into the holiday season, there is a great need for donations, as blood centers across the nation struggle to maintain optimal inventory levels during this time.
With great appreciation to the Rotary Club of Bellingham for blood drive sponsorship, John Moffat & Steve Ban for organizing and coordinating the blood drive, and Shannon Rohrbacher at Northwood Hall for providing the location and her continued support. You all play such an integral role in our mission to save lives – we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help!

On behalf of patients in our community’s hospitals, I wish to extend our thanks to you. These are a few patients who recently received blood products from Bloodworks Northwest:
  • Patient with necrotizing pancreatitis, active bleed. Patient used: 6 units Red Blood Cells, 6 units plasma, 1 unit platelets.
  • Patient on extracorporeal life support, cardiac. Patient used: 15 units Red Blood Cells, 3 units plasma, 3 units platelets.
  • Patient with hematemesis (vomiting of blood). Patient used: 16 units Red Blood Cells, 6 units plasma, 1 unit platelets.
  • Patient with recurrent aspiration pneumonia. Patient used: 6 units Red Blood Cells, 9 units plasma, 1 unit platelets.  
Each day, 800 people must donate blood to meet the needs of patients in hospitals. Your blood drive played an important role in helping meet that goal.

Those who donated at this blood drive will be eligible to give again on or after January 29
To find other local opportunities to give, please visit
Thank you for your support,
Sasha Seiden
Donor Resources Representative
Bloodworks Northwest
410 W. Bakerview Rd Suite 117
Bellingham, WA 98226
Cell: (360) 510-4953     Office: (360) 527-3651
Because blood works miracles every day.


Football Pool - 12/10/17 Seahawks vs Jaguars  Click Here

Del VandeKerk, Chairman of the 2018-2019 Nominations Committee  with committee members Teri Treat, Sandy McIntire, Lisa Saar and Scott Hume announced the following Nominations for the December 11, 2017 Elections:  The board, in a special meeting on Nov. 13 met and approved the slate of officers proposed by the committee.

President:  Sandy McIntire

President - Elect:  Cathy Buckley

Vice President/Programs:  Gary Goldfogel

Treasurer:  Steve Gray

Board of Directors (Vote for 2)

Mike Diehl

John Moffat

John Stewart

Roland Trenouth

Bell Ringing Schedule Link for December 16th.  Contact Jim Vos and Jim Wakefield if you have any changes and also be sure to contact your "Partner" to make sure they will be there.

The 2017-2018 Major Project this year is raising funds for the RCOB Foundation Scholarship Fund with a goal of raising $400,000.  You will be receiving phone calls from the committees so be ready to pledge.  Click Here to find the pledge card to return to Sandee.
Greg Baker indicated that currently 75% of our members are participating and the goal is 100%.
Bellingham Alive magazine recently ran an article about our Rotary Club's 100th anniversary.  Be sure to look for a copy to read and keep.
Dominque Zervas informed this reporter that there are currently about 50 I.O.U.s on the Club books and none of them is hers! If you have an outstanding I.O.U (or more) this is your friendly reminder to pay up.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Chuck Snyder brought Rob Olson, Attorney General's Office, Bellingham
Megan Stanfield introduced James Pyles with Wells Fargo
Steve Hager brought Sherrie Turner and Bridget Knutson with the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic
Paul Grey introduced Sommer Cronck & Pam Sankey with Tech Trek
Two Service Fund Grants were presented at today’s meeting:
  1. The first $1,000 grant was for the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic (sponsored by Steve Hager). The grant will go to the “Earn While You Learn” program, which allows expecting parents to take classes during their pregnancy and earn points to spend on items for their new baby.
  2. The second $1,000 grant was for the Tech Trek Service Fund (sponsored by Paul Grey). The grant will be used to sponsor one middle-school aged girl to attend a week-long camp at Pacific Lutheran University. The camp allows middle-school girls the chance to experience STEM labs and classes on a real college campus and hopefully encourage them to consider STEM fields in their future courses of study.
During the grant presentations, Steve Ban was caught in an embarrassing situation when his phone went off disrupting the proceedings. Fortunately, he wisely retained Tim Farris as legal counsel. However, despite his counsel’s advice to keep quiet, Steve claimed a Senior Moment in his defense. Lisa Saar quickly stepped in to represent the interests of the Rotary Club of Bellingham. The parties agreed to an undisclosed settlement.
New member talks:
Felicity Dye found her way to Whatcom County in 1970, after her father, objecting to the Vietnam War, decided to move his family to Canada.  However, upon reaching Canada, he decided it wasn't much different than the United States and he felt that his family should be in the States, so they made their way south to Point Roberts.  As an only child, Felicity attended Lowell Elementary School, commuting daily with her mother who worked at WWU.  Felicity is a 6-foot-tall, half-Spanish, half-German, loud-music loving Rotarian.
Her life has been focused on things that make her proud, and that includes her family, her house and her business.  In 2006, Felicity joined Interconnect Systems, a phone, voice and data consulting business (which despite the name is not a dating system), although through happy circumstances Felicity met her husband and fellow Rotarian Curtis Dye, where he was a technician.
She has been married to Curtis for 30 years and they have two children.  What originally drew her to Rotary was her involvement in the District Youth Exchange, where Felicity and Curtis hosted a foreign student.  She was then further inspired by the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta as well as her husband's own involvement in the organization (He is president of the Bellingham Bay club). However, what really brought her to Rotary as a full member was that someone finally asked her to join.
Dan Cybula is the owner of Mantusunami Glass USA. He is married to Michelle, a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club and the principal at Sehome High School. They have two daughters, Abby and Izzy. Izzy is our District’s Youth Exchange student and currently in Germany with her host family. 
Dan grew up in upstate NY, working on dairy farms before obtaining a degree in Natural Resources at Cornell University. Ultimately, he moved on to study Cytotechnology at Syracuse, NY, working with pathologists to review slides and screens. Dan moved to Oregon in 1997 to start a new pathology lab and again when he moved to Washington in 2003. 
Finally, he started Mantsunami Glasss USA, located her in Bellingham, in 2013.  It is the United States subsidiary of Matsunami Glass of Osaka, Japan, which has been family owned for 170 years and employs 290 workers.  Matsunami manufactures and produces slides, glass, and laboratory supplies for research and medical purposes.  The company recently launched into the equipment and hardware space to complement their glass manufacturing.
Mar 05, 2018
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Mar 12, 2018
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Mar 19, 2018
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Mar 26, 2018
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