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July 29, 2019  

President Cathy opened the meeting with the shortest welcome ever.  She must have known people were going to be unusually wordy and generous during Happy Bucks.


Prexy Cathy announced the annual ski trip will be to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in February.  She asked people to put it on their calendars.
Nate Twining announced that the annual District Rotary golf outing will be on August 23 at Homestead Golf Club in Lynden.  Cost is $125 per person for golf and dinner with proceeds going to Rotary International.  Nate hopes that our club can field at least one foursome.
Minister of Fun was presented by Bruce Clawson requiring each table to select someone they could wrap up like a mummy.  The winning table was Andy Day's so they did not get fined.  This edition's reporter did quite a job peering thru all that t.p.   
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Jim Wakefield requested that Club members submit any and all ideas for our next Major Project for the Committee's consideration.  Click here for criteria. 
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Tom Grinstad brought his wife Kris
Cathy invited Shauna Naf and Felicity Dye forward.  After telling us that former co-worker Shauna and she had TP’d a house in their younger days, she presented Shauna and Felicity with scarfs from Rotary International for their service to the club, particularly in leading the Rotary exchange student program.  This truly represents service above self.  (Shauna had apparently not disqualified herself from this award by the TP incident.)
Cathy then called out D. C. Morse for breaking his arm just days before going on vacation.  The story escalated as D. C. claimed he was unable to button his pants with only one hand two days later while they were on their trip.  Jan Marchbanks admitted to kneeling in front of helpless D. C. and buttoning his pants outside the restroom at LAX.  Although it is doubtful anyone saw them in such a secluded location, Cathy still fined DC $130, and coughed up $30 herself undoubtedly for feeling guilty about picking on D. C.
Today’s speaker was Deven Vilar, the Outreach and Events Coordinator for North Cascades Institute.  NCI is located on Diablo Lake on Hwy. 20. 
Deven started her presentation with three trivia facts:  (1) the North Cascades have more glaciers (300) than Glacier National Park; (2) it is glacial runoff that turns Diablo Lake green: and (3) wolverines recently returned to the North Cascades.
NCI is a nonprofit organization focusing on environmental conservation.  It uses education to inspire conservation.  Its programs for both adults and children use shared experiences to strengthen communities.
Saul Weisberg founded NCI in 1986.  He centered it around adult field education.  In 2005, NCI created the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center on Diablo Lake.  The compound has 3 lodges (ADA accessible) to accommodate 92 visitors.  It also has a number of other buildings including a dining hall and amphitheater.  The dining room provides three meals a day to visitors, serving organic, in season foods grown within 125 miles of the site. 
The programs for guests include wildflower hikes, sailing, weekend camping for families, bird tracking sessions, knot tying and canoeing on Diablo Lake.  In the Base Camp program, visitors choose their own way to learn while staying overnight in one of the lodges and eating on site.  NCI hosts conferences, retreats, workshops, trainings, reunions and weddings.  There is a host of naturalists on site ready to augment the experience in any stay.
Youth programs serve many youngsters.  The Mountain School hosts 5th graders, who learn about different parts of the North Cascades natural community, both living and non-living.  For many of the participants, it is the first time they have been to a national park.  The entire Bellingham School District participates in this program.
NCI also sponsors the Mt. Baker Snow School, where 6th to 12th graders perform science data collection for actual projects, such as snow pack analysis.  This program focuses on underserved communities from Bellingham, Blaine, and Mt. Baker districts, as well as Skagit County.
The Forest School, at the south end of Lake Whatcom, serves 3rd graders.  They study different creatures in the forest around them, including the flying squirrel, jeweled beetles and woodpeckers.
The Youth Leadership Adventures is a program for high schoolers, jump starting their engagement with leadership through learning field skills.  It provides an 8-day trip involving back packing, interacting with others and public speaking, where the students report back their experiences.  Although the cost of the YLA is $1300, most participants pay only a fraction of that, rarely more than $100.  Fundraisers through the year and grants cover the cost.  REI and Gear Aid have donated a lot of gear which NCI provides to the participants.
NCI sounds like a hidden jewel in our area.  Thanks to Deven for sharing its story.
Aug 19, 2019
Michelle Judson - Skagit Stem
Aug 26, 2019
Todd Elsworth - Recreation Northwest
Sep 02, 2019
Holiday - Labor Day
Sep 09, 2019
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