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May 7, 2018  

President Teri opened the meeting, followed by Rick Kaiser on the piano leading us in our opening musical number.  Rick did a great job, following in the long tradition of musical accompaniment by Don Anderson.


Board Briefs – May 3, 2018
President Teri reported briefly on the May 3 Board meeting, drawing special attention to upcoming events
The next Board of Directors meeting, scheduled to be held June 14th has been moved to Wed. June 6, 2018 because incoming President Sandy McIntire will be at the RI Convention in Toronto, Canada.  The Board also named Frank (Sandy) McIntire as our voting delegate at the Convention.
The Memorial Day Parade, on May 26th has been mailed in with the requested Insurance Certificate and the Rotary Wheel Float is secured.  Mike Diehl will furnish the truck to pull it. Kids, grandkids, everyone included, and members are encouraged to wear their Rotary garb.  Staging starts at 9:00, Judging at 10:00 and Parade is 12-2.  The social committee is working on a location far from the parade or Fairhaven for a get together afterwards.
June 29th is our “Changing of the Guard” evening event starting at 5:30 for a dinner at Northwood Hall.  The Social committee is again helping organize the event.  Spouses and children will be invited.
Sandy McIntire has all of his 2018-2019 Committee Chairman selected and is having them turn in a “wish list” of members to be on the committee.  We will put sign-up sheets on the meeting tables for the next 2 weeks for those who want to sign-up for a specific committee.
The Sunnyland Memorial Park work party will be held May 19th for a couple hours.  We will only need 10-12 people and he is allowing the committee to sign-up first.
He reminded the Board that we will be redoing the Visioning Process in the fall of the upcoming Rotary Year.  The last one was done in the Rotary year 2010-2011 by Kathy Hughes. 
The Rotary Club Cruise will be held May 18.  Details will come from the organizer, Marty Haines.
President Teri recognized and thanked Charlie and Phyllis Self for their long-time support of the community, support recently recognized by the naming of the new Learning Commons building at Whatcom Community College after them.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Cathy Buckley introduced  Terry Crump, Jim Thomspon and son of our speaker, Jeff Woods.
Dennis Williams brought Rich Krebs, retired physician
Scott Hume introduced Garrett Jeffery and Nathan Conant our two newest members
John Inglis brought Kim Mitchell, our Take a Vet to Lunch vet.
Lynda Hinton introduced her daughter Kirstin Hunt with Chicago Title
Take a Vet to Lunch Kimberlynn Mitchell Bio (Click Here)  John Inglis introduced Kimberlynn Mitchell, a 24-year Air Force veteran, who the Club is helping find employment.  Kimberlynn briefly presented her background and ideas for the sort of employment she seeks.  She emphasized that her interests and skills are quite broad, that she is willing to travel and does not prefer to work at a desk job.
Lynda Hinton was presented with her second Paul Harris Award for support of the Rotary Club Foundation.  Congratulations Lynda!
Scott Hume introduced two new members to the Club, Garrett Jeffrey and Nathan Conant.  Garett, a family practice physician, will fill the classification “Medicine - Family Practice”.  Nathan, an entrepreneur and small business owner, will fill the classification “Marketing.”  The traditional charge and welcome to the Club was delivered by past-president Jan Marchbanks.
Program Chair Cathy Buckley introduced our program speaker, Dr Jim Woods, an eminent surgeon who retired from practice in Wisconsin to live in Bellingham.  Dr. Woods, also a Vietnam veteran, spoke on “Vietnam MASH Units and Returning to Vietnam.”
Dr. Woods began his presentation with the recorded sound of helicopters, a sound that was heard nearly constantly by those Viennam, and a sound that brings back memories for him.  His interest in surgery in difficult places began with a missionary trip to Nigeria, supported by a fellowship while he as a medical student.  After medical school as an Army surgeon he was sent to Vietnam to work in a MASH unit, the battlefield medical services units that dealt in the field with wounded soldiers and civilians.  Although he held the rank of Captain and later Major, he noted that he never really felt like a soldier.  He reminded us that those that fought, the real soldiers, came from all walks of life.  They were not undereducated and were generally quite young.  The average age of soldiers in Vietnam was 19 years. 
Dr. Woods showed photos of some of the wounded, and their wounds, that he worked with.  He described the incredible damage done by the various weapons and the difficulties they often had in saving lives.  The wounded were brought in by helicopter, often at night, in landing areas lit only by jeep headlights.  His MASH unit was located in what technically was a free-fire zone, consequently they were surrounded by persistent artillery fire, the constant sounds of war.  (A free fire zone is an area in which a soldier is allowed to fire without permission from higher authority.ed) He and his team, of which he spoke highly, had to work under the most stressful conditions.  Although the sound of artillery and shooting around them was terrifying, a colleague reminded him that if you heard the sound of gunfire or explosion it had missed you. 
Recently and on more than one occasion, Dr. Woods has returned to Vietnam to revisits sites where he worked.  He remarked that although thousands of Vietnamese were killed by American bombing, and the Vietnamese refer to the conflict as the American war, he was welcomed back.  Although the base camp where he worked is gone, destroyed near the end of war, his memory of the area is still vivid.  Dr. Woods’ experience was life changing, and he has come away certain that war cannot be forgotten and should never be repeated.
Jul 16, 2018
Homeless Crisis in Bellingham
Jul 23, 2018
Homeless Crisis - crime, resource allocation, loitering and justice
Jul 30, 2018
Homeless Crisis - Law Enforcement issues
Aug 06, 2018
Advanced Care Planning Discussions
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