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October 14, 2019    

Opening :
OPENING WELCOME – President Cathy rang the meeting to order at 12:30 PM. She gave the prior weekend's local football report (sorry Cougar fans) and reminded members of our good fortune and obligation with this inspirational quote: “For those who are given much, much is required.” (It is unfortunate that the Cougar defence feels nothing is required of them - ed.)


FOOTBALL POOL NUMBERS:  UW vs Oregon  10/19/2019  Click here
Blood Donation Committee – Steve Ban reminded members that our Club's annual blood donation drive will take place next Monday, October 21, outside Northwood Hall. Signups will continue to be available right after today's meeting in the lobby. Only about half of the thirty time slots have been filled, so Steve strongly urged every member, who is medically able, to donate blood. Not only will you literally help save a life and adhere to today's inspirational quote by President Cathy, but it is a rare opportunity to support a Club project without having to give  money! Contact John Moffat (360-319-5720) or Steve Ban (360-255-1930) is you have not already signed-up. 
Board Briefs – October 10, 2019
New Membership Proposal - The following membership proposal was approved by the Classification Committee and RCOB Board of Directors for Kathie Hardy proposed by Zach von Schneidau and John Inglis to fill the classification of “Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy”.  She will be eligible for membership unless a letter of objection is received on or before October 26th by Exec. Sec. Sandra Lindhout, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229
Paul Grey attended to report on the International Service Committee:
  1.  Request of $2,500 for Hurricane Relief Fund established by the Rotary Club of Nassau–  ($5,500 available in budget) The Board approved the request. A grant will be requested from the RCOB Foundation.  The International Service Committee has voted to request that the RCOB Board and Foundation approve a $2,500 donation to the Hurricane Relief fund established by the Rotary Club of Nassau from the budget of the International Service Committee. Vote was unanimous by those voting, which constitutes over 60% of committee members.  At present, the committee has $5,500 of unspent funds for this year. 
  2. Aldea Nueva Kindergarden classrooms in Honduras - project thru IPA update:  There are no costs to the RCOB
Aldea Nueva - General Description
This project will remodel the two existing classrooms in the Mayan village of Aldea Nueva in the Cabañas municipality of Copán, Honduras. The project will solve various problems:
  • Enlarge the kinder classroom, which is crammed into what was a very small kitchen space.
  • Divide the primary classroom into two rooms, to accommodate a new teacher assigned to the school.
  • Replace existing windows to improve security.
  • Add windows to provide much-needed cross-ventilation on hot days.
  • Refinish the concrete floor.
Note: Club contributions will come from the 10 member clubs of the International Project Alliance (IPA), who combine their resources to support the Copán Ruinas region in the western highlands of Honduras. The 10 clubs: Sedro Woolley, San Juan Island, Fidalgo Island, La Conner, Anacortes, Stanwood/Camano, Mount Vernon (noon), Burlington (sunrise), Bellingham (the applicant) and Oak Harbor. The IPA's in-country partner is the Rotary Club of Copán Ruinas.
Paul also reported that the El Zpota project is almost completed already.
RCOB ByLaws– Recommendations by Chuck Snyder and Sandee were reviewed.  Sandee will prepare a final document for approval at the November board meeting. Changes will be presented to the membership for a vote at our election meeting December 9th
Nominating Committee:  Sandy McIntire reported that Dave Blair and JC Hickman were the two RCOB members in good standing to join the Nominating Committee consisting of Past President Sandy McIntire, Chairman; President Cathy Buckley and President-Elect Gary Goldfogel.  Nominations will be presented to the membership November 4th and published until elections December 9th
Cathy requested that the November board meeting be changed from the 14th to the 21st.
Bellingham Bay Rotary Club is promoting their fundraising event, Grape & Gourmet.  It will be held Saturday October 19th, at The Bellwether from  5:30 - 8:00 pm.  $95.00 per person serving Gourmet Appetizers and over 100 wines to sample.  You can also order wine with exclusive pricing.  Click here for flyer   Rotarians can contact a Bellingham Bay member directly to purchase your ticket and you get entrance into the event 1 1/2 hours earlier.  Curtis Dye -  360-815-3199  to purchase online:
Saturday, November 16, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM, is a work party at the Galbraith parking lot site.
Website and Phone App instructions:
Here is a tutorial on how to login for the first time.  (Click here)  In order to login you need to know your user name and password in your Clubrunner account.  The user name is Yourfirstname.Lastname.264 unless you have changed it.  Example: Sandra.Lindhout.264  The password is initially set by clubrunner at 264 unless you have changed it.  Sandee can see your Username from my computer but not the password.  She can also change your password for you from her computer at your request if you run into problems.
Once you have originally created your User Name and Password you can download the ClubRunner Mobile app on your phone:                                                                
Here is a link for you to take a look at the app:

Please contact Sandee at 360-734-5532 or if you run into any trouble.

Board of Directors October 19, 2019 Email approved membership application.:  John Mahoney proposed by John Macpherson & Tim Farris to fill the classification “Engineering-Design”  He will be eligible for membership November 4, 2019 unless written objection is received on or before November 2nd by Exec. Sec. Sandra Lindhout, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa. 98229
Guests of Rotarians:  
Dick Tucker introduced Bacchus Taylor with Explorations Academy
Mike Plenkovich brought our "Take A Vet to Lunch" veteran Daniel N. Hurley
John Macpherson introduced John Mahoney with Anvil Corporation 

Daniel N. Hurley "Take a Vet to Lunch"  Click Here for Resume  

Take a Vet to Lunch – Mike Plenkovich introduced Daniel Hurley, a Navy Veteran who has interest and extensive experience in Hospitality and Accounting services. Dan summarized his CV, copies of which were distributed to members: Honorable discharge from the Navy as E4 in 1988; AA degree in Business Management from Peninsula College in Port Angeles in 1993; BA in General Studies from WWU in 2016; numerous positions, 1999 – present, as Auditor and Accounting Clerk at hotels in the Northwest.


Peter Theisen introduced Carol Hendricks, President of the Snoqualmie Chapter of Days for Girls (DfG). DfG was founded in 2008 by Celeste Mergens, from Lynden, WA, after a visit to Kenya, when she discovered that girls had no feminine hygiene supplies to use during their menstrual periods, nor menstrual education. This led to significant fear and anxiety, absence from school and social isolation.
So,Celeste and friends developed a non-disposable menstrual hygiene kit which, when properly cared for, lasts 3 years, thus drastically reducing waste from disposable napkins. DfG has since grown to 1000+ chapters in 124+ countries, and has distributed 1.5 million+ kits worldwide.
The DfG Snoqualmie Chapter started in 2013, when they made their first distribution of kits to Swaziland in Africa. The Chapter members sewed the kits according to high quality, closely monitored standards, which are now followed by all chapters. By 2016, they had distributed 2000+ kits. The need was great because, in a country of 1 million+, 250,000 are orphans, and none of the girls had any menstrual supplies or education.
In 2017, Lindiwe, a health care worker in Swaziland, contacted DfG Snoqualmie and a DfG Swaziland was established, along with a Sewing and Resource Center, with Lindiwe as director. There, girls are trained: 1) to sew kit components, 2) to distribute kits, 3) about menstrual management, 4) about self defense, and 5) about avoiding sexual exploitation. An important part of the program is Swaziland Enterprise, which pays girls 22 cents for each cloth shield and 11 cents for each liner they make, thus providing them with income and greatly increasing their self confidence and independence.
The goals of DfG International are:
  • Helping girls stay in school
  • increasing self confidence
  • supporting healthy communities by providing vital health information
  • providing ready access to quality, sustainable feminine hygiene
  • creating income generating opportunities
  • moving to local sustainability
DfG International is endorsed by Rotary International, which has just approved a global grant to DfG
FINAL ANNOUNCEMENTS : Prexy Cathy thanked all speakers at the meeting and reminded members to sign up for the Blood Drive.
Nov 25, 2019
Rotary Membership Growth
Dec 02, 2019
Jeffry and Christine Smith - Motor Vessel DavidB
Dec 09, 2019
Dr. Greg Baker, Superintendent - Bellingham School District
Dec 23, 2019
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