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October 28, 2019    

Opening :
President Cathy welcomed a large gathering to Monday’s meeting, on hand to hear from guest speaker Lee Rhodes, Founder of Glassybaby.  She did smack the bell with a vengence, to be heard over the din.


Saturday, November 16, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM, is a work party at the Galbraith parking lot site.
  1. Cathy said there was still one opening left for the club’s February skiing trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 
  2. Lynda Hinton announced that there would be another social gathering to watch the Seahawks play.  This one will be on November 11 for a Monday night game against the San Francisco 49ers at 122 West Brewing Company at the old Melvin’s location, 2416 Meridian Street.
  3. Ken Marzocco put in a pitch for the Club’s major fund project, the Recovery House on Girard Street.  He urged members to get their pledge forms in.  Click Here
  4. On behalf of the Club’s Membership Committee, Andy Day took the opportunity to address the large number of guests.  He said the time was never better to join a Rotary Club, either ours or one of the other Bellingham ones (though we all know which is the best).
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Teri Treat brought Cheri Shagren, Katy Day, Ann-Fran Sandeen, Kathy Jansen, Karen Kildall, Kim Nakitani, Stacey Johnson, Angie Krzyiek, Jennifer Stiff & Diane Jones
Dick Tucker introduced Bacchus Taylor with Explorations Academy
John Macpherson introduced John Mahoney
Arlie Norman brought his wife Diane
Chuck Snyder introduced his wife Johanna
Cathy Buckley brought Dalinda Race and Julie Moody
Brad Burdick introduced Harold Schot with LifePlan Financials
John Pedlow brought his wife Joyce
Andrew Evans introduced the Founder of Knitted Knockers, Barb Demorest
Debbie Ahl brought Karen Orem and Brenda Strong
Scott Wilson introduced his Mom, Cindy Wilson
Bob Trunek brought his wife Diane
Dennis Williams introduced his wife Robin
Felicity Dye brought Lara Miles with SPIE and Leah Hanson HR Director with IMCO Construction.  Also attending were our Exchange Students Aramis Melgarejo and Emma Starke
Andy Day introduced Lynn Sterbenz, City Emergency Manager
Lynda Hinton brought Andy Brown
Jack Mulhern introduced Virginia Barry and Kristina Jacobs, Sales Mgr. of Comcast Spotlight
Steve Hager brought Jan Smith
Catherine Riordan introduced her daughter Katie Thompson
Monty McAllister brought neighbor Elizabeth Finfrock
Mauri Ingram introduced Pamela Jons
Susie Thomson, Treasurer of the RCOB Foundation, made a presentation to Kathy Hughes.  Coinciding with Kathy’s Paul Harris Fellow award, the Club recognized Kathy’s leadership as a past trustee and president of the Foundation’s board.  The Foundation’s endowment has grown to $1.4 million.  It has now paid out over $220,000 in scholarship awards to students.  Congratulations to Kathy on a job well done!


Teri Treat introduced today’s speaker, Lee Rhodes, owner and founder of glassybaby.  Lee originally came to Seattle as a rower at University of Washington.  She later married and had three kids, when she was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 32, and underwent chemo and radiation treatment.  During this time, she met many people suffering from cancer who could not make appointments, or afford treatment or even parking at the hospital.  She had no idea that people could not pay for these things.  At this time, she was given a small colored glass, into which she placed a candle.  She derived pleasure from the colored light emanating from the votive.  She asked the person to make more, and she started selling them and giving a portion of the proceeds to the UW Hospital to help defray parking costs for cancer patients.
She started glassybaby in 2001.  She hired glass blowers from around the Seattle area to make them for her.  Eventually, they set up a hot shop in Green Lake.  It takes four glass blowers to make one in nine minutes.  She supplied 16 to a dinner party attended by a Microsoft executive.  He took them back to his girlfriend, Martha Stewart.  The next thing she knew, Lee was on Martha’s television show in 2004.  After that appearance, her sales skyrocketed.  She started giving away 10% of her sales profits.  She bought a new building in Seattle in 2007 and they are still there.  Jeff Bezos bought a 20% share in the business in 2008.
The company has now made $26 million and is the second largest manufacturer (to Boeing) in the State of Washington.  They have now given away $10 million.  glassybaby gives away $3 for every glassybaby sold.  She has never said no to a 501(c)(3) company that has asked for money, and gives a minimum of $1,000 to each.  She has helped out over 400 organizations, who she calls her partners.  She loves helping with cancer care. 
The gassybabies contain no lead.  They now have a shop in Berkeley, California, in addition to Seattle.  They also make drinking glasses in addition to the votives.  There are over 570 different colors and styles.
Lee brought a long table of glassybabies to sell to our club and guests.  She said she would match double her usual donation for what they sold today. We have been informed we sold 95!!
Many thanks to Lee for sharing her wonderful story. And her sense of humor…
Nov 25, 2019
Rotary Membership Growth
Dec 02, 2019
Jeffry and Christine Smith - Motor Vessel DavidB
Dec 09, 2019
Dr. Greg Baker, Superintendent - Bellingham School District
Dec 23, 2019
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